Mount Purro - Barangay Calawis, Antipolo City
Renante MinaSunday, January 1, 2017

     We climbed different mountains, we've been to many waterfalls and we went to different beaches. Even tried scuba diving, visited century old churches and historical sites. Given the chance to explore the unexplored and discover the farthest point anywhere in the Philippines, we will definitely grab it. As the days goes by, the urge in us gets higher and higher to see places we've never heard before or visit the not so common spots. We are always excited to experience whatever that place has to offer. However, things change as we get older. There will come a point that you just wanted to sit back, relax, eat and enjoy the simplest moment in your life. Sign of aging? Haha. Just breathing out the negativities, laid back and spending time with Mother Nature. 

     Few weeks ago we decided to visit a nature reserve in Antipolo. Saw a friend tagged in that post and by just looking at the picture we knew that the place is solemn. It's called Mount Purro Nature Reserve (MPNR).  We met TJ, COO (Child of the Owner) as he said. Hehe. He shared some history of their place and it was nice of him very approachable to the guests.

Discover Scuba Diving at Anilao Scuba Dive Center
Renante MinaThursday, November 24, 2016

     Have you ever thought of exploring the underwater world? Got even curious how to breathe using those diving equipment?

Parish of the Immaculate Heart Of Mary and Hinilugang Taktak - Antipolo Rizal
Renante MinaFriday, November 4, 2016

     I remember the movie but I can't recall the scene in this place, really! Thanks to a very close friend who suggested this church to us that with no hesitation we visited it rightaway. Yes! We've been to another "home". We're always fascinated seeing different churches and this is another spectacular one!