Mt. Ulap Traverse Itogon Benguet + Hydro falls in Camp 6 Tuba Benguet
Renante MinaMonday, February 1, 2016 3 comments

     It's our first adventure with my partner for this year 2016 and we set this trip the day before our 11th monthsary as our celebration. Due to rampant promotions in social media, the undeniably beautiful rock formation in this mountain became one of the best spot for photo op. We decided to hike this popular mountain in Cordillera, the Mount Ulap which located in Itogon Benguet. This scenic view of famous rock formation the "Gungal Rock" is one of the landmark and "stop over" before we reach the summit.

     We also invited some of our hiking/travel buddies who liked low budget trip. Fortunately they're interested with the destination that we chose. Friday night January 22nd, our group met at Victory Liner bound to Baguio, we left by 9:30PM and arrived around 3:30AM, it was almost 6 hours of travel time. I’ve been in Baguio for many times, sadly I can’t memorize some part of the place because I’m dependent riding a cab. After our light breakfast in 7'eleven, we went to Lakandula Street, it's beside Centermall and Jollibee where we found the terminal jeep going to Barangay Ampucao Itogon Benguet. The challenging part by commute especially when you are in tight budget is that you need to wait the jeepney until its filled with passengers and occupy all the seats.

Briefing with our Guide

Caleruega Church
Renante MinaThursday, December 10, 2015 2 comments


     I am not surprised why Caleruaga is the top choice when lovers pick for a wedding venue. Its foliage of greenness around, famous for retreats and to those who want a solemn atmosphere, this Church administered by Fathers and Brothers of the Dominican. 

Falls Hopping in Laguna - Talay falls, Hulugan falls and Taytay/Imelda falls
Renante MinaFriday, December 4, 2015 8 comments

     I saw the stunning picture of Hulugan falls in flicker a year ago, then I researched in google if there’s a blog about this waterfalls but unfortunately I can’t find any travel guide going there. So, I emailed the owner of the picture and its almost 2 weeks before he replied to my message. We had a short conversation then he shared to me his complete travel guides and tips on how to get there yet I’m a bit hesitant if I'll go since I don’t know who I will invite for this adventure. Few months of planning for this trip, I received a message from sir JP and he asked me if I want to visit Hulugan falls. Luckily he's also chasing this waterfalls and as he said "bago dagsain ng tao itong lugar na ito dapat puntahan na natin ito." We always planned this adventure even before but we encounter bad weather whenever we intended to set our trip, and sometimes our time conflicts due to prior commitment and different set of travels.

     I was disappointed when I saw a picture of Hulugan falls in a facebook group, a viral promotion of this waterfalls. And the sad part is, the place is crowded according to a traveler friend.

     I received a message in facebook from Juyviel-girlfriend of my friend, Gab. Gab is my friend since we were in college, he is my hiking buddy when I was newbie. Juyviel wanted to surprise Gab by visiting any waterfalls that is accessible so I suggested the Hulugan falls and sent her the sample itinerary I have.

     We set the birthday surprise to Gab with his close friends since high school. He had no idea who will accompany them going to Hulugan falls. We set the event in November 22, 2015, just 2 days before his exact birth day. A pre-celebration with his close friends and his sweet partner.