Marian Orchard Balete Batangas
Renante MinaMonday, September 26, 2016 0 comments

     There are moments in our life that we somehow feel empty and seems there's a missing piece deep within us or maybe we just wanted to be alone, escape away from anybody yet nowhere to go, then our itchy feet end up to a place we called, home. Home that is not literally a house but something you called home because you feel at peace. Peace of heart, mind and soul--our entire being!

That place called... SAGADA.
Renante MinaSaturday, September 10, 2016 2 comments

"Thank You, God, that I don't have to control or fix or plan or stress or fear or doubt or even wonder how it's all going to work out, because You are in the driver's seat on this beautiful journey we are on. Even when I have no idea where we're going or how we're going to get there, You always do."  ©Beautiful Uncertainty by Mandy Hale

     It's nice to be back in my dear Mountain Province! This is our most travelled place in the Philippines this year and we'll never get tired coming back. It makes my heart smile in so many unexplainable reasons that even took a special part in my heart. It's kinda weird that I get a little emotional while writing this, it's not because we finally crossed-out some nice spot  here on our bucket list but because I was overwhelmed how everything turned out.

Taal Batangas: Pook Makasaysayang Marcela Agoncillo and Basilica of St. Martin de Tours
Renante MinaFriday, August 26, 2016 1 comments

Do you know the one who made the "Philippine Flag" used in Kawit Cavite?

Do you know where her clan originated?

Did you know that they doesn't have a son and so they named their youngest daughter as Marcela Jr?

     History is a series of past events connected to someone or something. As I recalled my high school and college days, studying History was quite interesting and controversial yet so dead boring. Why so boring? Because you have to be keen with the dates, the names involved and most importantly the places. One reason why it was interesting however was this question during our debate, "Is History really repeats itself"? Yes or No? Well, lets not dwell on that.. I will leave the arguments to you. Hehe.

Marcela Agoncillo Historical House

     One weekend, the Bangag friends decided for a road trip and we ended up in Tagaytay and Taal.  Literally up high in Tagaytay! The heavy rain didn't stop us for this barkada trip. We ate bulalo which is famous in this place and just fit for the weather, we slept in one of the transient house and most of all, we had our coffee at SB. Haha. Sometimes it is really better if things is unplanned, right?