Isaw Haus - Ortigas Avenue Extension, Taytay, Rizal
Renante MinaThursday, August 13, 2015 1 comments

     I have a friend who invited me two years ago to have "food trip" in one of the popular resto in Taytay yet I can't barely recall the restaurant's name. My wife to be once mentioned this good restaurant somewhere also in Taytay because of its affordability and tasty food they served to the customers. It's almost lunch time when we get there with her family after our traditional massage  "hilot" at Binangonan Rizal.

Kubo(hut) minimum of 5pax

Dampalit Falls - Los Baños Laguna
Renante MinaTuesday, July 14, 2015 1 comments

     I was invited by my partner(MaryangLaagan) in their team building in Los Baños Laguna and she mentioned to me that they will visit Dampalit falls, I was excited to witness, because all I know about Los Baños is known for hot spring resorts.

One of the landmarks

Stackers Burger Cafe
Renante MinaMonday, July 6, 2015 0 comments

     Aside from Filipino food, burger also is one of my comfort food, when we were at SM North Edsa with my partner(MaryangLaagan) to try the famous jaw breaker and to take the challenge and beat the record hahaha joke unfortunately the store was full of customers no vacant seat. We decided to walk around the mall and to spot a restaurant that also served a burger with different flavors, fortunately we found one, the Stackers Burger Café the Ambiance is good and our eyes catches our attention because of its concept and design of the restaurant.

Kalinga: Culture - Apo Whang od, Nature - Palan ah falls and Simple life - Living with the locals
Renante MinaMonday, June 15, 2015 3 comments

“…..and then I was really star-struck! OMG! Is it really Apo Whang-Od? The last tattoo artist in Kalinga is in front of me in that very moment! I just said “Hello Po” and did a Mano as a sign of respect. I was speechless and mesmerized as to how will I approach her.”

     A month before our trip to this majestic place I’m still not decided whether to have my skin get inked or not. Yeah, I’m old enough for this once in lifetime chance but still few things need to be considered and questions that are yet to be answered when we get there. First, how painful it is? What symbol will I have? Will my parent get mad at me if I have one? Can I still donate blood even If had it?

     We left Manila by bus around 7PM at Victory Liner Sampaloc with Tabuk signage. Never heard of this place and just reading it is already enticing (parang pagkain lang, haha). Apart from the entire place I’m more thrilled about the culture. It has been a 14-hour gracious travel time; and for a person like me who has a lower back pain issue? It’s already an adventure! Eh ginusto ko to eh! Hehe. It’s almost 11am the next day as we get off at Bulanao,Tabuk; thank God we found that “white carabao” land mark instructed by our dear tour guide/contact person Manong Amboy via SMS. A “white carabao” is quite interesting and I’m thinking of it as a live white one but when we saw it, it’s actually a sculpture of a carabao colored in white! Toinks! I can’t recall though if there’s statue of a farmer beside it and too bad we didn’t have a photo of it. Jeepney in the provinces has schedule time to and from; unfortunately, we missed the time due to some traffic so we waited for a van instead along highway near to the jeepney terminal. 

Not feeling well

El Nido Palawan
Renante MinaMonday, May 18, 2015 2 comments

#El-Nido-WannaMissAThing #El-Nido-ItToMeGently #El-Nido-ItAllTheWay 

January: Pico De Loro (Cavite/Batangas) – Checked
February: Mt. Pulag (Benguet) – Checked
March: Burot Beach (Batangas) – Checked
April: El Nido (Palawan) – Checked
May: ???

     Summer is almost over and we’re nearly in the mid of the year. How is your bucket list so far? Traveling for me is not only learning and exploring about the place but more of rediscovering myself more. I love to travel a lot! Given the chance and “richness” to go out of town at least twice a month, I would definitely grab it! We need some time off away from the metro so to unleash those things that strains us.