Experience and Explore the Outdoors
Renante MinaFriday, April 15, 2016 1 comments

     Philippines is beyond beautiful and magical in its own way that you cannot deny to see, explore and experience yourself. It's summer time of this year and people are heading to different beaches, others exploring waterfall while some are fond of mountain hiking. Just like what I do and will always love to do.. for the rest of my life as long as I'm still fit to do it.

     I started my outdoor activities since I graduated college and started working in a corporate world. Anything you know in the field of I.T industry? To me it means a lot of mental strain that's why I make sure that every weekend or at least once a month I give myself a reward to go out and just relax in the beach and feel the beautiful scenery, or plunge in a very cold and clear water of waterfalls with peaceful surroundings. And, if I like to be an adventurous one and do a bit extreme, I do climb mountains to release and sweat out my stress and ofcourse to witness the wonderful view from the top.

     To me, doing outdoor activities is one way of knowing myself more, breathing out all the negative vibes and most of all reconnecting to our Creator.

Here Are Some Of My Most Memorable Adventures

A breathtaking view at Itogon Benguet

Unspoiled Paradise of  San Andres Quezon 


A mystical waterfalls of Sison Pangasinan

     For the outdoor enthusiast like me we need a better gears and apparel that fits to our interest and it is better to choose well-known brand because of its quality and durability and Columbia has a neat set of sports clothing and durable backpacks at ZALORA.

Live life and be comfortable. Life is short. Make the most out of it.

Anilao Scuba Diving Center, Mabini Batangas
Renante MinaMonday, April 11, 2016 1 comments

Bonding with her family

     Adventure is extraordinary when it is best shared not only with friends or special someone but most importantly when you enjoy it with family. Yes! I am with her family.

     Anilao is found in the Municipality of Mabini, Batangas. The water area is rich and amazing in the diversity of fishes and marine life that’s why this place is best known for diving and snorkeling. I got the chance to be here when we climbed Mt. Gulugod Baboy 3 years ago and stayed at Sumbrero Island but only had the chance exploring the beach area when I go with my partner’s family summer vacation.

ASDC - Anilao Scuba Dive Center 

Spelunking at Balete Cave Minalungao National Park - Gen. Tinio Nueva Ecija
Renante MinaMonday, March 21, 2016 1 comments

     There's always a reason why we are coming back to a place... it brings back all the memories and even remembering the people we met. Yes it's also people.

     The reason why I came back in Minalungao? To see again our good friend Darine, our guide and also our trike driver the first time we visited Minalungao back in 2014. He's not a guide or resident in Minalungao actually, it just so happened that while we were looking for a trike to take us in Minalungao he was the first one who approached our group. At first, I doubted on how he looks while we're haggling with him going to Minalungao... sorry sir Darine. Hehe. But as the saying goes, "looks can be decieving", because of his good service during our Minalungao trip we mentioned to him that we will post his number and name in my blog.

This photo taken  year 2014 Minalungao Before