Camp Sandugo wall climbing at Market Market Taguig City
Renante MinaMonday, September 28, 2015 1 comments

     Five months ago was the time when we visited the ROX, an outdoor boutique in Taguig. She saw a little kid do a wall climbing, she was amazed while watching that little kid, I felt that she wanted to try. After we leave the area she mentioned to me that wall climbing is one of her bucketlist and said that she want to try that soon and asked me to promise her that it will be my treat. Hmmm, demanding na partner, hehehe joke lang.

      Our monthsary is already near, I want to surprise her and I've been thinking long what’s the best activity we can do aside from travel and hiking. Fortunately, she mentioned again about wall climbing so I got an idea to surprise her with that kind of activity. Perfect for rainy season, indoor activity--safe and also extreme!

     I deceived her that we will jog in BGC Taguig and so she wore her jogging outfit, honestly I don’t have any idea if there’s oval or park for runners in BGC, hahaha. When we arrived in Market Market Taguig we went inside the mall and she said ano gagawin natin dito, I didn’t answered her, she was clueless while walking inside, all she knew we will jog around BGC. I already knew Sandugo Camp offers indoor wall climbing in Market Market and it is one of the highest indoor wall climbing in Metro.

Tourist destination of Real Quezon - The Park Pacific Recreation Park, Balagbag Falls and Nonok Falls
Renante MinaMonday, September 7, 2015 10 comments

     It was August 28, 2015 when we first visited Real Quezon which is a long weekend for all of us as we celebrate Ninoy Aquino Day, thanks to him!  We already packed our stuff before weekend but with a little hesitation because of the weather. The typhoon Ineng brought heavy rains, strong gust of winds and hit the northern part of Luzon a week before our most awaited vacation.

     Fortunately the last weekend of August (29 & 30) was good to us; me and my partner had the chance to explore the area. Each adventure and travel is more memorable when we meet new friends and be with some old friends for a quality time. As the saying goes "the more, the merrier". Sad to say, it's just the two of us and no one was able to join us because they had prior commitment. But it’s okay because I’m with her and we got all the time together and consider this trip as our post monthsary celebration. Ayeeeee so sweet! Haha


Isaw Haus - Ortigas Avenue Extension, Taytay, Rizal
Renante MinaThursday, August 13, 2015 1 comments

     I have a friend who invited me two years ago to have "food trip" in one of the popular resto in Taytay yet I can't barely recall the restaurant's name. My wife to be once mentioned this good restaurant somewhere also in Taytay because of its affordability and tasty food they served to the customers. It's almost lunch time when we get there with her family after our traditional massage  "hilot" at Binangonan Rizal.

Kubo(hut) minimum of 5pax

Dampalit Falls - Los Baños Laguna
Renante MinaTuesday, July 14, 2015 1 comments

     I was invited by my partner(MaryangLaagan) in their team building in Los Baños Laguna and she mentioned to me that they will visit Dampalit falls, I was excited to witness, because all I know about Los Baños is known for hot spring resorts.

One of the landmarks

Stackers Burger Cafe
Renante MinaMonday, July 6, 2015 0 comments

     Aside from Filipino food, burger also is one of my comfort food, when we were at SM North Edsa with my partner(MaryangLaagan) to try the famous jaw breaker and to take the challenge and beat the record hahaha joke unfortunately the store was full of customers no vacant seat. We decided to walk around the mall and to spot a restaurant that also served a burger with different flavors, fortunately we found one, the Stackers Burger Café the Ambiance is good and our eyes catches our attention because of its concept and design of the restaurant.