Cordillera Adventure 2014
Renante MinaFriday, August 8, 2014 3 comments

     I’m planning a Cordillera adventure for 4 days for this year 2014 and try to attempt again the Luzon 3-1-2 challenge, the three highest mountains in Luzon, (not in chronological order the Mt. Timbac estimated elevation 2,717 MASL, Mt. Pulag estimated elevation 2,922 MASL and Mt. Tabayoc estimated elevation 2,842 MASL). On my 4th day in God’s willing, I want to have my city tour and I’m planning to buy some clothes online for this trip and I found a great selection of cool Vans t-shirts and shoes at Zalora that can I use for my city tour.

Mt. Timbac

Tourist destinations in Sison Pangasinan - Elias Cave, Tawa-tawa Cave and Antong Falls
Renante MinaFriday, July 11, 2014 1 comments

     I received an invitation from BP Resty if I want to join him to explore his hometown in Sison Pangasinan and we’ll hike. I’m hesitant to join him because all I know in Pangasinan was plain and more on rice fields. He said he will scout the area if it is worth the visit. He went home to his hometown and he uploaded some pictures and gave the name of the waterfalls, I researched and gave the link to my hiking/climbing buddies that I also invite to his event, as they said just like an ordinary waterfalls because we’ve seen other waterfalls in other provinces that amazed us. Because of the world “exploration” I got interested and surely I’ll have this guilt feeling if said no to him because that was his first time to make an event and he always update me about the event and he prepared it for almost 2 weeks and for sure I’ll regret if I will pass his invitation. 

     My buddies and 2 other participants was also invited by Resty, we met at Victory Liner, Cubao and we leaved at the terminal exactly 4:00AM unfortunately we have only 4 vacant seats available we have no choice but to grab that opportunity and I sacrificed myself to sit at the aisle  because it would be much better to be early than to be late hahaha.
Our sample itinerary:
Sison Pangasinan

28-29 Saturday and Sunday
time: 8:00-9:00AM.

Day 1: Explore new mountain in Sison, Pangasinan
Day 2: Side trip to Antong falls, lunch and swimming.

Group picture with barangay Captain Richard

Wawa Dam and Pamitinan adventure
Renante MinaTuesday, July 1, 2014 0 comments

    My group created an event in Wawa dam in Rodriguez (formerly Montalban) Rizal because my group wanted a destination that is budget friendly and not far from Metro Manila, I already visited the place with my other buddies but we didn’t explore all the areas, only the dam, and I got an idea my first (visit the link Wawa Dam). When we talked with one of barangay staff in Montalban, Mr. Joni Delos Santos, he said that the place can offer caving, hiking and rock climbing. At first I’m hesitant to join with them for the reason that they don’t have an itinerary which means they don’t have specific place to visit. Sir Albert mentioned to our group page they will visit the waterfalls and the huge rock formation popular as rock climbing and rappelling in the area.

     Because of my 22days of being a Tambay mode in our house (Jobless) and no choice but to escape from the boring world in our house, I gave an idea to our group if we can visit the cave and the mountain, as they said they will check if swak pa rin sa target budget because we’ll need a guide.

Alibijaban Island San Andres Quezon - The hidden paradise of Quezon
Renante MinaMonday, June 9, 2014 10 comments

     Almost 2 years ago I was amazed after I read the article of sir Dong Ho of Escapeislands because of his great discovery and how he narrated what his experience are in this unspoiled beach of Alibijaban Island, although there are some bad reputation in this place like poisoning anyone who’s new face in the area, even the locals in the mainland they remind the other tourist to be alert all the time and they are very suspicious to other tourists but i'm not sure if this is true and I think this is only a rumors.

     I met Billy one of my trips in Bulacan and he mentioned to me he accidentally visited the Alibijaban Island because instead of climbing Mt. Batulao in Nasugbu Batangas with his co-mountaineers he detoured in the island without any itinerary and contact person and I became interested to his story about the island. The first thing I asked to him was if the tell-tale was true and his response was just like me that even the locals in the mainland reminded him about that rumors. Hmmm I think this is not safe for me to visit but as he mentioned to me the family who accommodated to him was very generous and very kind. I request to him if he can accompany me fortunately as he said to me I will set a date that we are free.

     I made a request to Billy if we can visit the island at the end of the month of May fortunately he agreed with that date, almost 2 weeks of preparations a lot of time to invite but to sad to say majority of my friends are too busy, and I remember Pim Red one of my friends in FB that I never met before because she messaged me if I have trips I will invite her, fortunately the island I mentioned to her also in her lists to visit.

Goodmorning Kuya