Boso-Boso Highlands Resort
Renante MinaSaturday, July 21, 2012 1 comments

     My colleagues invited me for a night swimming because they want to have bonding with other new employees and to unwind for the long month of working without a rest because even during weekend they have tons of work to do due to peak season.

     An officemate of mine suggested a resort in Antipolo name BOSO-BOSO Highlands Resort because there are near to the resort and it easy to carry the food and other equipment that would be use.
Observing the weather at the metropolis

     Even it is not a hiking matter I still enjoyed these experience because of the bonding moments with other colleagues to know them better and also the ambiance of nature is so alluring. This trip is perfect for travelers and nature lovers.
We are waiting our other officemates
     We paid our entrance fee 140.00 per person for night swimming and we rent a Kubo shed 600.00 good 8 persons. Hotel and other activities are available in that resort. for more info click this link to connect to there website www.bosobosohighlands/

I Love Mountain
     Boso-Boso Highlands Resort located is in 10 hectares of land in Sitio Cabading Barangay San Jose Antipolo City. It is located at the top of the ridge along the Marcos highway, facing the Verdant Sierra Madre.

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pano po pumunta dito?? from QC??