Mt Sembrano
Renante MinaThursday, August 23, 2012

Climb with the Backpackers at Mt. Sembrano

     When I'm browsing pictures on google I saw a picture of a group in Mt.Talamitam, and when I read the post, the blog caught my attention because I'm a big fan of those who love nature specially in hiking and other outdoor activities, after I read their blog I checked their profile of each member and I was so amazed because they already climb the mountain that I want to climb. I leave a comment on their Mt. Talamitam post and I gave my FB account and also my blog site and for them to check my profile. A day after I received a message through FB that I join one of their climb at Mt. Sembrano, I gave my personal number to sir Ivan of BP "BackPackers" for us easily to communicate regarding the said climb.

     A day before the climb sir Ivan gave to us the final itinerary; what to bring; what to do and what to wear. On the day of our climb the group decided to meet at Mcdonalds Crossing and the group was divided into two the other group led by sir Ivan and they have a private car, and our group led by Sir Heinz and Sir Ralph and rented a van going to jump-off in Pililla Rizal.
     While were on our trip sir Mon was asking an advice and sir Jojo more willing to do so when I'm listening with them as I observed to sir Jojo he is a good adviser and also a joker hahaha, It really seemed that sir Mon is very emotional that day about his lovelife:) 1300H when we reached the Pililla Rizal we waited the second group because they bought all the necessities needed. But to my surprise, they suddenly blindfolded sir Mon to surprise him. I didn't know it was his birthday, they gave him a cake and her special someone was their too. Sir Mon his eye going to teary because of that surprise given to him. And that is why all of us was wearing red because that is his favorite color, and he also said that he never experienced to have a birthday blowout he only celebrate his birthday by going to church and pray according to him. 1500H we started our trek the trail was to easy going to campsite but there is a portion rocky and muddy and we also cross a stream but it is shallow. Almost 1700H when we reached the campsite and set a tent and preparing a food for our dinner.

Blow the candle sir Mon

Group Picture

 Group picture Backpackers and Guests

Group picture Backpackers and Guest



      After we ate our dinner we had our little gatherings, we chatted introduced ourselves  specially me because it's my first time accompany with them with the group"BackPackers" I met also the other guests ma'am Alexi, ma'am Melai, ma'am Sheryline and sir Jojo, and finally I already met sir Freddie and sir Lean because when I post on Pinoymountaineer who want join with my climb they text me but unfortunately they cancel it for some reason. It was dawn when we finished and also others had taken their rest, I didn't sleep because of some negative feedback about theft and slashing tent in that area. Sir Wilson and I stayed outside and to secure our things. Before we start our trek the barangay chairman gave a briefing what to do to avoid any incident, so all the time we are alert.

Manggahan Campsite


Assault going to summit

     Day 2: 0830H when we started our assault on summit, the first part of the trail was very hard for the reason nothing for you to hold on, I think almost 70 or 80 degrees elevation one mistake can cause you death, and that trail is not advisable because it's to dangerous, but there is other trail going up more safer than other one. And when we reached the peak it was so foggy and the wind start blewing and sad to say that we didn't saw the view when we are on the peak, but it's all worth it..


See you again
      Thanks to all the members of The Backpackers for giving me a chance accompany with your mountain adventure's specially to sir Ivan and sir  Heinz author their blog and also to sir Mon who always entertain us as a guest and celebrated his birthday with us.

     Please visit the website of Backpackers: for more interesting story about our mountain adventure and also BE ALAERT ALL THE TIME ABOUT THE THEFT INCIDENT IN MT SEMBRANO