Mt. Banoi
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 2nd official climb with the Backpackers

     The BP organized again a climb at Mt. Banoi last September 22-23, 2012 led by Sir Ivan team leader of the group I was invited again by the BP. Before our climb I received a message from sir Peng KOG(Kalog Outdoor Group) member that one of his friend from Baguio also join the climb, I asked sir Ivan if they have a guest aside from usual guest he said yes, I got the personal number of Sir Gerald from Sir Peng. I texted him and to confirm if he is the other guest of BP because I was also worrying because the weather is not that good that is always raining. That week the weather is unpredictable because he is coming from Baguio maybe he will not enjoy the climb if it is raining, he will travel 5-6hrs to reach Manila.
     The day of our climb, supposedly our meet up will be 8:30AM on KFC Buendia near in LRT Gil Puyat station, Sir Freddie and I are late because of the heavy traffic, It was almost 30 minutes late. I thought we are the reason of the delay going to  Lobo Batangas. "Filipino Time" indeed Joke. I was so ashamed because we have also a Spanish National as guest, past 9am when we left Manila. More than 3hrs we travelled going to the jump off, my butt and legs got numb because we were fully loaded on the car. we can't stretch and relax our feet. I'm really starving that time, We also got lost in Batangas City because no one of us knew how to go to Lobo Batangas because we are on the private car. Though we are not comfortable in the car, Sir Mon was always entertain us and make some jokes he didn't fail to make us laugh, we didn't get bored because of that.

     When reached the town of Lobo Batangas we took our lunch and take some rest for our preparation for a long trek. We registered afterwards at the police station, We also coordinate to Barangay Balatbat and to pay our registration fee 20.00 per person and to guide us again how to go to the chapel and end of the road of barangay Balatbat, at the side of chapel there is a space to park the car at 3:30PM we started the trek.

Chapel at Barangay Balatbat 

     When we were at the middle of the trail Sir Ivan suddenly got confused and he said "Parang hindi tayo umaakyat" I also got nervous, but we still continue our hike, I lost count on how many times we cross a stream but the trail is establish has no confusing trail going to Malabnig Villge, At the trail we also encounter cows and horse that they use for farming, At the village we set our tents. The People at the village were all nice and very hospitable.

Signboard going to Sitio Malabnig

Start our trek


Shed and take our rest

Before the campsite there's a mini store at Sitio Malabnig

     There's a guy at the campsite that so persistent, he tapped me on my shoulder, I was shocked and he said "Penge pera namamasko po" I gave him 5.00. Almost all of us he asked for money and he demanded for a paper bill. "nagrequest pa ang loko" his name Leandro I don't know his real name.

Sitio Malabnig at the village they have a source of electricity


     After we ate our dinner we tried to send him home for us to prepare for our socials but he refused he told us "Bakit niyo ako pinapaalis e lupa namin ito" then he started to narrate a creepy stories, he told us he ride on a "Tikbalang" back  and there's also a flying coffine in that place "confirm meron nga tama" but I wasn't afraid of his stories, I was afraid of him because he has machete on his buckle.
     During our socials everyone introduced and say something about why they join the climb, about their careers, and personal life, etc.. and also the others also asked some questions and we need to speak in English because Sir Nacio can't understand Tagalog "hahaha nosebleed ako dun" Ma'am Anna also our translator because she can speak in Spanish because we have a Spanish national who also joined the climb. I learned a lot from them because they share also their experiences about their work because some of them work in the government and NGO, Sir Nacio also share his personal background and also their culture. 3:00AM when we finished our socials and  I was kinda tipsy, I was controlling myself not to be drunk so that I will have more energy to go there in summit. 5:00AM when I woke up I still feel sleepy, we prepared for our breakfast and got ready to assault the summit.

Preparing to cook our food for our dinner

 During our Socials Sir Mon ang tanggero cheers

Nice pose Leandro 

Assault to summit

     The trail was muddy and there was also a confusing trail before the summit but the right trail was at the right upward.

        I never expect any spectacular view in that mountain but I was caught in awe. lesson learned never judge anything kung hindi pa nakita at na experince.

Confusing trail

Sir Freddie gathered guava for his trail food

Take nothing but pictures
Leave nothing but Footprints
Kill nothing but time

Ripe guava very sweet

I can't imagine that all my efforts to climb a mountains I always say

Very peaceful

Thanks God another wonderful adventure I expereinced.

Lobo, Batangas
Major jumpoff: Sitio Malabnig, Brgy. Balatbat, Lobo
LLA: 960 MASL (Main Peak) 850 MASL (Two Towers' Peak)
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 3-5 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-3 


     After our climbed at Mt. Banoi we went Malabrigo Beach Resort 30mins away from Barangay Mabatbat, It is a private resort very clean and also their facilities were well maintained, There are also rooms, cottages and also hall that you can celebrate any big events.

Punta Malabrigo Beach Resort

Siesta time for a long hour of trekking

Guest of Backpackers
Photo credit to Sir King Aguilar BP

Participants joined the climb
Pretty Girls and Handsome very hot boys (ehem)
 Photo credit to Sir King Aguilar BP

Wacky pose
Photo credit to Sir King Aguilar BP

For more info about there location, contact number, map to guide you, services they offer. 
Please click this link: WOW BATANGAS DIRECTORY



Bonzenti |Con Tour Blog said...

Ang ganda pala ng Mt. Banoi. :-)....

Manong Unyol said...

opo maganda sir maganda rin ang trail paakyat tamang tama lang :)

joanne said...

Ikaw na walang kapaguran na umakyat ng bundok! Natawa ako kay Leandro, hehe.. Sabi mo sagot mo akyak ko sa Mt. Pulag, kelan yun?

Manong Unyol said...

OO nman basta may kasama na madami mabigat kc yung jeep at kung bus nman bihira daw hahaha :)

MacVB said...

Thank you for the comment! :)
Seems like a great climb! :)

Pink Line said...

bakit most of your solo pic nakatalikod?...

Manong Unyol said...

kc pang wacky kapag nakaharap e hehehe joke para mas mganda :)

Manong Unyol said...

yes ma'am ur right :)

anney said...

Gusto ko yung picture na nakatalikod at naka taas ang kamay!

Manong Unyol said...

thanks ma'am ang sarap ng deeling ko po jan napawi ang pagod ko jan sarap pa ng hangin :)


I enjoyed reading this, Sir Mina! Hope to see you again! =)

~BP Heinz

Anonymous said...

nice blog sir.thanks for mentioning our group on your blog...KOG..

Peng of KOG

Manong Unyol said...

thanks sir Heinz sa uulitin po...

Manong Unyol said...

salamat sir Peng next time sana makasama ako sa akyat niyo ng grupo niyo :)

xoxo_grah said...

job well done!....congrats for another successful climb...:)


Manong Unyol said...


Genskie said...

ganda namang experience yan ... masarap talaga mabuhay sa mundo! :)
Congrats and more mountains to climd :)

Phioxee said...

ipa member nyo si leandro sa BP. para me libre na kayung guide. lol

u know what, i always wanted to join a climb. my cusin often joins this type of activities, coz her bf is a climber from Cebu. but last week or the other week, three groups were rescued from Mt. Talinis in Negros Oriental (accordingly a major climb). they were lost. it's almost 24 hours before they were found. most of them were girls. I was really scared, because what if my cusin belonged to that group. her nanay scolded her, and that never to join a climb anymore. so erase ko na sa isipan ko yung mga ganitong klaseng fun

just me,

Anonymous said...

mountaineering is not a game or for fun, we do this because we love what we do even it is dangerous, normal na ang mga ganyan na pangyayari hindi na bago ag issue na ganyan.. ang pag akyat ay hindi para sabhng mountaineer ka na kung na akyat ka na kundi disiplina sa sarili at mahabang preperasyon at pagreresearch.. at instinct ang paganahin sa dami nila bakit ni isa walang nagbigay ng paalala or naglagay man lang ribbon kung alanganin na sila sa dinadaanan nila..

Manong Unyol said...

Opo sobrang saya po jan.. thanks tama ba ako ma'am masarap talga mabuhay sa mundo kung ganyan mga tanawin nakikita mo :)

Rachelle Ramirez said...

Can i join ;)

Rachelle Ramirez said...

Can i join .i love travel... :)such a wonderful place ng inupunthn nyu.

Renante Mina said...

Yes you can join with me Rachelle just email me at renantemina©