Long weekend vacation at Claveria Cagayan
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Claveria Cagayan

Claveria is one of 28 municipalities along with one city that comprise the province of Cagayan in the Cagayan Valley. The town is politically subdivided into 41 barangays, and is a part of the 2nd Congressional District of Cagayan.

Claveria today is one of the cleanest towns in the Philippines. It is blessed with a wide expanse of fine sand beaches sprawling along its coast, and offers many other scenic spots including the famous Lakay-Lakay Lagoon, Mabnang and Kilkiling Falls. LakbayPinas 
Governor General Claveria visited Kabikungan during a fiesta of thanksgiving. He docked his ship beside the river. The residents presented their petition that the settlement become a separate town.Kabikungan then was a part of Pamplona, a town 40 kilometers away. It was in June 5, 1865 that Kabikungan finally became a town. As a gratitude to their benefactor from the marauding pirates, the town was named Claveria in honor of the Spanish Governor General Narciso Claveria. Lakay-lakay.com.

Long Weekend Vacation at Claveria
I spent my long weekend vacation in my hometown Claveria, Cagayan. Before the day of the holiday, I was worried because we don’t have a bus ticket because I was still waiting for the decision of my mom if she will come with me to visit my father’s grave or not. The time was running out and we really need to buy tickets. The time I’m going to buy ticket all buses going to Claveria was fully booked. I was a little nervous because I planned this for almost a month because I really want also to unwind from all the stress here in Manila. Good thing the staff of RCJ Lines offered 2 tickets but only to Laoag City. It took me well almost 30 minutes to decide. I grabbed the tickets though I wasn’t that sure if there’s also a bus going to Claveria from Laoag because that day would be holiday and the small companies will also have their holiday. All I can say to myself that time was “bahala na" The time of our trip, it was so crowded it was like you’re in a line to watch a blockbuster movie. HAHAHA. The trip indeed was a “sapalaran” because we don’t know if we will be stranded in Laoag. 6:00 PM when we left Manila to Laoag. It was an 11 hours trip from Manila to Laoag my butt got numb because of that long trip and I was starving because I only had arrozcaldo for my dinner because the food in the restaurant we stopped was so expensive it was double the price. Mmm mapagsamantala. :) when we’re near Ilocos it was sunny and the sky was clear but when we’re near Patapat I saw a nimbus clouds, very dark and it started to rain, it was quite disappointing on my part because I really wanted to see the sights but I think "malas talaga ako".

             Day1: I texted my friend Krizon to fetch me in my aunt’s house to eat Pansit sabaw because I really said to myself that when will I go home first I’ll do is to eat all Ilocano delicacies. Also that day me and my mom together with my cousins went to visit my father’s grave, offer a prayer and attend the mass for souls.

Pancit sabaw
With egg. lumpiang shanghai, fried chicken, and lechon kawali toppings
for only 40.00

         Day2: my friend JayJay invited me to for a jog around Claveria. We decided to pass by along the beach to breath fresh air no pollution at all and refresh my mind from everything and get a rest from the busy city I’m leaving. After our jogging we ate our favourite and common in our town Miki.

My bestfriend Jayjay

Claveria Cagayan
Cottage in Claveria Beach

Claveria Cagayan
Two Stone Structure
Apo Baket-baket and Apo Lakay-lakay
Photo credit to ecka

Claveria Cagayan
This banca need a 6 paddlers

 Miki / Sinanta
With chicharon and egg toppings
the noodles is homemade
for only 20.00 with 2 boiled eggs 

Day3: my friend Krizon fetched me again with his car and our destination for that day was to go Siam-siam and taste one of the popular pasalubong in Claveria the Bibingka and buko pie.

Royal Bibingka
Royal Bibingka at Siam-siam
sticky and cheezy
for only 20.00 

Friends in Claveria.. Krizon, Pat and Rap

Claveria Cagayan
"Daklis" way of catching fish

"Tumbang preso"
Did you remember this during your childhood days?
The children are now in computer generation but they still playing the tradional
"Larong Pinoy"

Day4: my mom decided to go back here in Manila because of our work we have and to get rid of the traffic and again we had a broken trip because the direct trip to Manila was again fully booked. At 10 AM we left Claveria. 1:00 PM when we reached Laoag City. We tried Fariñas Bus if we can find a seat and luckily there was still an available seat for us. We never decided to visit the viewdeck and all the falls in Claveria because of the unpredictable weather and because it was always raining hard when I was there.

Going Back to Manila


Patapat Ilocos Norte
Patapat Ilocos Norte

Bangui Windmills
Bangui Windmills Ilocos Norte

Pasuquin Ilocos Norte

Bantay Ilocos Norte
Bantay Ilocos Sur "Sunset"

Buses direct going to Claveria Cagayan

G.V Florida Transport

Lacson Station
          Lacson Avenue Corner Earnshaw Street, Manila, Metro Manila
          Florida Bus Co., Manila
          – (02) 743-3809; 912-5354
          Telephone No: (632) 781-5894

Cubao Station
Barangay West Kamias, Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Phone: +63(2)3525393

RCJ Lines

Lacson Station
1558 cor Earn Shaw St. and España Blvd, bgy 471, Zone046 Sampaloc Manila

Note: -Night trip is only available bus going to Claveria Cagayan
          -There is also available daytrip but only destination is Laoag City, Ilocos Norte


lakwatserong tatay said...

ganda talaga ng Cagayan actually nasa Tuguegarao & Sta. Ana ako last Nov 8-11, pero bitin parin...hopefully makabalik ulit ako pero roadtrip naman...^_^

Manong Unyol said...

wow sarap nman yan sir :) gusto ko rin sumama sa travel mo hehehe tara cagyan to ilocos tau kung may time at budget si... :) this december albay ako solo travel.. around the city lang ako

Byaheng Jologs said...

...gusto makakita ng actual na "dakilis"...prang ang saya!
Sa movies ko lang ito nakikita...hehe
Gusto ko rin marating ang Cagayan/Tuguegarao...
Aabangan ko mga city tour mo sir...
Mabuhay ka...

Manong Unyol said...

yah astig po ang daklis parang bayanihan paghuli ng isda hehehe :)

Albert the Backpacker said...

Manong Unyol, kumusta ang Blue Lagoon ng Claveria, Any idea?

Manong Unyol said...

I think yung blue lagoon binabanggit mo sir is taggat lagoon hindi po nmin tinatawag na blue lagoon.. kc ang blue lagoon tinatawag sa amin ay yung nasa pagudpod sir albert...

Batang Gala said...

Loong weeekend. Priceless talaga pag umuwi ka sa province mo. In my case ang hirap kasi it took days bago makarating. Well, ang sarap balikan ng nakaraan, andaming magpapabago. Visit tayo jan, tour niyo kame. hihi.

Manong Unyol said...

yap tsambahan natin yan sir mgandang panahon, yaya tau mga travel blogger, promote natin mga province na d pa masyado kilala dinadaanan lang kc sa amin hehehe..

Olivr said...

been to Bangui. Such a paradise.

Manong Unyol said...

yap pls. visit also claveria, from bangui to claveria i think it's only more than an hour... :)

Ligaya V. Bugten said...

salamat sa post mo na to kabayan. nakita ko na rin how it looks in your hometown and kapaligiran. Siguro kung maaraw, mas maganda pa ang tanawin. Nice knowing you more!

Manong Unyol said...

thanks salamat sa pagbisita at pag iwan ng komento.. :)

joanne said...

When I read the words cleanest and beaches sa intro, I got curious about Cagayan.. To be very honest, wala siya noon sa mga places na gusto ko puntahan.. Gusto ko matikman ang pansit sabaw, ang daming toppings e! Yun miki looks different din sa pansit miki dito..

Interesting yun daklis.. so sa pampang lang talaga sila nanghuli ng isda? pano yun? Andami tanong, haha

Nainggit naman ako, wala naman kasi kaming province na pwedeng uwian at pag-unwind-an.. Gaano kalayo ang Cagayan sa Laoag? Matagal ko na pangarap pumunta sa Ilocos e, baka pwede dumaan ng Cagayan di ba? :)

Manong Unyol said...

yap pwedeng pwede pwede ka daan muna ilocos then pa cagayan balik manila sa tuguegarao kana sakay pabalik manila.. daklis mahabang net siya ipapalaot ng bangka then ilalangoy ng mangingisda para iabot sa mga tao naka abang "bayanihan system" Pancit sabaw masarap sayang d ko na ipost yung empanada and Batil patong next time...

Erica said...

hi i find your blog interesting :) so i am following you now :) id appreciate if you follow back :)
The Girl with the Muji Hat

Manong Unyol said...

thanks erica... visiting my blog..

Wandering Beyond Borders said...

I miss the sticky Bibingka! :)

I'm following your blog na. :)

Manong Unyol said...

uy salamat ma'am :) me too I already added ur blog on my bloglist :)....

kris drew said...

i love this game-- dope boys!