Mt. Humarap (Tatlong Krus) and visited the old Paete Church
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Mt. Humarap (Tatlong Krus)

Mt. Humarap

     My college friend Gab asked me if we will still resume our plan to Pico de Loro but according to my sources there’s a problem on the road going to Pico de Loro so we cancelled it again. Another reason why we didn’t pursue to climb was because passenger vehicle was not that accessible in that place you need to rent a personal vehicle so you can have assurance. I asked a favour to my friend Gab to find another mountain that was only a minor climb. A day after I asked him, he suggested Mt. Humarap (Tatlong Krus) at Paete Laguna. When I checked it in PinoyMountaineer it looked so interesting because of the side-trip at Matabungka Falls.

     I knew already the reason why he was very interested with the mountain. It was because of the easy trail, HAHAHA! to practice his photography skill. I think it was also required for him because he was a web designer in their company and he said majority of his officemate was photographer and they encouraged him to do so. It was advantageous for him because he was a mountaineer and he has the opportunity to capture scenic view.

   The day of our climb, our meet up was supposedly at 4:00 AM at Taft Avenue but because of our excitement with my friend Lloyd we didn’t notice the sign board of the bus, it was only going to Mantrade we don’t have any option but to be drop-off at Mantrade and ride again going to Taft. When we are Buendia MRT the "konduktor" didn’t inform us that they change their destination and they are now going to Alabang. I noticed that it wasn’t the right way going to Taft. I asked the passenger where the bus destination and the passenger told me that it was going to Alabang. I called the "konduktor" and asked him why he didn’t inform us and he said sorry and didn’t asked for our fare because he knew it was his fault and he told us that we rode on the same bus and W..T..F when will that bus be able to come at that time so we decided to rode on a jeepney though it was slower we took it and it was more than an hour ride.

Bus going Sta. Cruz at LRT Buendia station

      6:00 AM when we left at LRT Buendia station DLTB was the name of the bus. Our trip was only 1 hour and 30 minutes going to Sta. Cruz and then we rode again a jeep going to Siniloan/Paete. Please and take note we were at Sta. Cruz highway they don’t know Mt. Humarap or Tatlong Krus was. But base on my experience just ride a jeep with a signboard Siniloan/Paete, then ask the driver to drop you at Paete. When you are at Paete just ask the locals the way going to Tatlong Krus because the locals were not familiar of the name of the mountain.

Narrow Street 

Start of our Trek

Bamboo Bridge

Mt. Humarap

Mt. Humarap

Manong who reminded our group to be careful all the time and watch our steps because the stairs was very slippery

Waiting shed on the trail

Water Source near the waiting shed

Cottages at the Summit

Mt. Humarap
Finally we are at the Tatlong Krus summit

Mt Humarap Tatlong Krus
Mt. Humarap (Tatlong Krus)

Sight seeing 

Mt. Humarap
Group of Kabataan at Paete Laguna requesting to take picture

Happy moment

Yeah feeling Photographer

Mt. Humarap

Sidetrip Matabungka Falls

Matabungka Falls at Paete Laguna

 Very cold, Yes.... time to relax and refresh

     8:15 AM when we started our trek. The trail was cemented but quite challenging because some stairs was mossy and slippery. I still enjoyed the mountain because of the scenic view. You can see also the Laguna de Bay. At the waiting shed there’s also a water source where you can refill your bottles. 10:00 AM when we reached the summit. There were cottages which were for rent. This mountain is a pilgrimage destination. 10:30 AM when we had our descent and to have side-trip at Matabungka Falls around 25-30 meters high. The water was refreshing, very cold, and also the ambience was alluring because of the high falls. The shallow water is good for those who don’t know how to swim HAHA! just like me. 12:30 PM we decided to descent the falls.

     Then we heard a bell rang so we ask the locals where the Paete church was and they told us it was straight ahead and it was a walking distance from there. It’s Sunday so we decided to visit the church and took some pictures. This church was very old and was built during Spanish era. 

    The Paete church was built in 1646 by Paete natives under the supervision of Fr. Andres de Puertellano. In 1717, a new church was erected. It was made of adobe bricks and a mixture of egg white and other native materials to "cement" them. The building was constructed in elaborate baroque style with an infusion of oriental artistry. The church with all its ornate designs and architecture was completed in 1840. It sustained major damages in the earthquakes of 1884 and 1937. The only recorded history during this time was written under the auspices of the Spanish Roman Catholic Church. Info taken from Wikipedia

Visited the Paete church

Paete Church

Paete Church
Paete church built during the Spanish Era

Wood Curving Capital

Paete Laguna

Paete Laguna

Paete, Laguna
Major jump-off: Brgy. Ilaya Norte, Paete
Height of waterfall Matabungka: 20-25 meters
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 1/9, Trail Class 1

Fare expenses
140.00 - Bus fare going to Sta Cruz from LRT Buendia (DLTB.Co) "oneway"
27.00  - Jeep fare going to Paete from Sta. Cruz Highway "oneway"

Note:  * No registration fee 
          * Possible half day 

70.00 Small cottage
100.00 Big cottage


joy said...

I love gollowing your hikes to the mountains and seeing the views. Samamat kabayan sa pag share:)

joy said...

I mean following:)

Manong Unyol said...

thanks ma'am Joy, I like also reading ur blog :)

anney said...

Bat nakahubad si Manong tapos naka back pack? hehe! Ganda ng view jan sa Mt. Humarap!

Manong Unyol said...

yun lang hindi ko alam ma'am hehehe :) yap maganda yung view...

joanne said...

Ngayon lang ako nakarining ng bus na nag-iba ng destination, pasaway sila! Ang cute ni lolo na nakahubad pero may backpack! Ganda nga nun falls, sarap maligo! Ganda din talaga ng mga old churches.. Gusto ko yang climb na ang difficulty ay 1/9! haha..

Manong Unyol said...

hahaha 1/9 kahit ganyan lang yan kapag nadulas ka ewan ko lang hahaha sementado ang daan kaya medyo delikado din madulas xa dahil sa lumot.. c kuya astig diba HUNK :)

Pink Line said...

hassle ang bus ride! buti na lang ang ganda nung place na napuntahan nyo..kakawala ng stress..ayos tong blog mo dami ko na napuntahang bundok dahil dito ;)

Manong Unyol said...

madami pang bundok at sidetrip mapupuntahan itong blog na ito hahaha joke :)....

Ako si Batoytoy said...

si lolo na sa twilightish. nice view

Manong Unyol said...

hehehe astig si lolo talga :)

lhonsky06 said...

Pwede bang mag overnight stay sa taas sir?

Manong Unyol said...

pwde cguru kc maluwag yung taas niyan meron bahay at cottages dun kasu ang problema lang cguru kahit cnu cnu makaka akyat kc wala registration at baka tambayan ng mga locals dun. imagine nin mo para umakyat ka sa grotto sementado at hagdan ang trail.

Anonymous said...

Sir . late na ata tong reply ko . i'm aron . from paete . tnx po sa pagvisit sa bayan namin . pwede naman po magovernight sa tatlong krus . haha . Sayang nga lang po at mejo napaaga yung punta nyo, sayang at hindi po kayo inabot ng MAHAL NA ARAW . You will appreciate lahat ng gawi ng mga taga paete lalo na pag Holy week . I'm aron po, curator of st james the apostle parish at paete . :))

Manong Unyol said...

salamat sir sa pagdaan sa aking blog at sanay nakatulong ang info ko at pag promote ng tourismo sa lugar niyo, sir ang ganda ng Paete gusto ko pa siya explore mga hindi ko napuntahan at sana masamhan mo ako minsan email mo lang ako or add sa FB.

Anonymous said...

Sir . kung hindi nyo ikagagalit, i'm only 14 yrs old lang po . pero sa edad kong ito at ng mga kasamahan ko ay malawak na ang aming kaalaman tungkol sa bayan ng Paete at lalo ma sa simbahan nito . pwede rin po namin kayong itour kung saan nadoon ang lahat ng gusto ninyong malaman . at pwede rin po namin kayong icurate tungkol sa kasaysayan ng Inukit na Simbahan ng bayan ng Paete, Laguna .

Manong Unyol said...

Really thanks.... I appreciate that, just add me on my fb mali pala yung naibigay kung una. set natin yan after ng mga climbs ko this june. interesado ako sa mga history ng Pilipinas.

anne said...

kaylangan po ba ng guide papunta dyan? i'm eyeing tatlong krus after my friends and i went to mt. ramelo.. thank you.

Renante Mina said...

hindi na po sundin niyo lang po yung stairs paakyat hanggang sa may Krus maraming salamt sa pagbisita...