Mt. Tagapo (Talim Island)
Renante MinaWednesday, November 7, 2012 28 comments

Climb + Liquor = Hangover

Sir Freddie and I planned to revisit Mt. Sembrano because when we climbed the mountain with the backpackers the peak was very foggy and no views at all and I was also suffering from stomach ache when the time we’re going to assault I really felt so apprehensive because of the pain. I didn't have the time to enjoy the climb because of that.  After the supposed revisit at Mt. Sembrano we will join the Backpackers at their climb in Mt. Tagapo, Sir Freddie already made our itinerary to manage our time but unfortunately it was cancelled because of the typhoon Ofel. Though the Ofel is not already on the Philippine area of responsibility, but we decided not to revisit Mt. Sembrano anymore because of the non-stop rain that time. It useless to spend our time to revisit it if there’s no rewarding view that you can see from the mountain.

Saturday morning, October 27, 2012 the schedule of our climb in Tagapo the sun started to shine. All the participants met at the Mcdo Shaw Boulevard, this event is official climb of the Backpackers(BP) at Mt. Tagapo  once again I met a new BP’s guests, Sir Paul and Ma’am Weng author of the blog Biyaheng Jologs (Lakwatsera). We don’t have any regrets that we didn’t push through our revisit at Mt. Sembrano even though it was sky was clear and sunny I think there’s a reason behind it.

10:30 when we left Shaw Boulevard and we rent a jeep going to Binangonan,Rizal. The terminal of the jeep was located at the back of Teleperformance Building Edsa Shaw Boulevard. 11:50AM when we reached Binangonan, Rizal Proper. We took our lunch at Jollibee to prepare ourselves and also waited for other participants Sir Nickson and Ma’am Chons. From Binangonan Port we rode on a passenger ferry and our destination would be Talim Island at Barangay Janosa. From the port in Binangonan to barangay Janosa it would took you about an hour or less depending on the speed of the ferry and weather also.

 footbridge at Binangonan Port

 Ferry Boat

 Exactly 3:00 PM when we reached Janosa and we registered at the barangay at 3:30PM we started our trek. I’m really excited because it’s my first to go to that place and I don’t have any idea on what would be the main highlight of the trail but to my dismayed because we pass by a piggery it was so stinky and I think the waters were polluted because it was turning grayish. 

 Barangay hall at Barangay Janosa


 Take a rest
I heard the word “take 5” and thinking what was the meaning of that and they said that “take 5” was taking a 5 minutes rest. HAHAHA! A new word for me, that I encountered from a mountaineer. Well there's always a first time and I guess we should really take 5 because everyone was exhausted.

There's also a group that was lost for an hour because of the confusing trail and luckily there was local on the trail that now serves as their guide. What if we decided to continue our revisit in Mt. Sembrano with Sir Freddie and we will go after Backpackers on Mt. Tagapo. It would really be confusing for me and Sir Freddie since it is our first time on that mountain. I really think now that was the reason why we didn't push through our revisit.

6:00 PM when we reached the campsite. It was already dark when we pitched assembled our tents at the campsite while the others were preparing our foods for our dinner. I was amazed by the city lights because it looks like a Christmas light gleaming 

 Social with the Backpackers

During our socials we introduced ourselves and shared our ideas and past experiences. When it was Ma’am Weng’s turn she also shared her experiences and gives her advice to us younger generations. I salute her because though she was a single mom she never forgets her responsibility to her daughter, She said she was a cool mom and I can’t argue with that because that was she really was. Time was really fast I noticed that I’m drunk, really drunk and only 3 of us were remaining the others took their rest. 

Mt. Tagapo
 Mt. Tagapo

Views at the summit

Mt. Tagapo

Mt. Tagapo

Mt. Tagapo
 Manong Unyol at the Summit

 Manong Unyol and Ma'am Weng of Biyaheng Jologs (Lakwatsera)

Backpackers and Guests


When I woke up I saw the mountain and the sun rise I was so energized though I’m sleepy suffering from hangover. With astonishing view in the summit I was caught in awe because you can see the Laguna de bay, blue skies and from a far you can see the buildings in metropolis, the view was priceless another great experience that I gained because I saw a 360° view.

10:00 we decided to descent. I can say that time hangover was really punishing me because I’m suffering from dry throat and I really want to lie in my bed. I always said to myself I won’t drink liquor again and that was the worst scenario I experienced aside from having a stomach trouble HAHA. I feel so dehydrated and bad thing my water supply was not enough. When we were in the middle of the trail everyone was shouting and craving for cold softdrinks and water. Ano pa kaya ako? I felt that I was climbing a very steep mountain because of that hangover I’m suffering that time. Every time we’re taking a break I’m trying to steal some nap to regenerate my energy and relax.

 Cemented Road.... Yahoooo!

When we saw the cemented road everyone was so happy and each one of us took their own seat on the cemented road and don’t mind if there were a vehicle passing by because we’re all tired because we exit in Barangay  Sapang not the traditional trail in Janosa.

Craft Products made of bamboo


At the Talim Island, the island was also promoting their bamboo crafts like household furniture, decorations and many more. We visited the fellow organization of Ma’am Chons “San Damiano”in Barangay Sapang. San Damiano the one that gives scholarship to the deserving students and other charity work.

Wayback Home

Laguna de Bay
Manong Crew of the ferry

Laguna de Bay
Don't be sad :)

Laguna de Bay
Sunset at Laguna de bay

Mt. Tagapo
Major jump-off: Brgy. Janosa (Talim Island) Binangonan, Rizal
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 2 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 2/9, Trail class 1-2

Edsa Crossing to Binangonan
50.00 per head -  FX fare 
40.00 per head - Jeep

Binangonan to Barangay Janosa (Talim Island)
30.00 per head - ferry boat

Registration Fee
20.00 per head - Barangay Janosa

Jose Rizal, aboard the Salvadora, wrote in his diary that on their approach to Singapore, there was a long chain of islands forming a sort of mountain range. They remind me of Talim Island with the Susong Dalaga. This entry was dated May 8, 1882. In El Filibusterismo, Rizal also mentions Talim Island, as well as Calamba Island - a smaller island in the Lake visible from the peak of Mt. Tagapo. Geologically speaking, Talim island was once a stratovolcano, and now it is part of what is known as the Laguna caldera.

Mountain specifications and trivia taken from:


joy said...

Ang galing nyo naman. Ilove your pictures and that is a nice hubby:) have a nice week:)

Manong Unyol said...

thanks ma'am :)

Byaheng Jologs said...

Panibagong dagdag koleksyon ng karanasang bundok...don't worry sir, di ka nag-iisa dun sa "take5" hehe...Salamat sa positibong komento...comrade/kasama...yan ang tawagan namin nuon...ngayon sir at mam...kya medyo ilang ako sir...hehe...
Mabuhay ka sir...
God bless!

Manong Unyol said...

thanks ma'am sana madami pa tayo pagsasamahan na bundok at magandang destinasyon na pwedeng puntahan :) goodluck sa mga adventures mo :)

Arnie Monacillo said...

Nice one sir. You guys seized another mountain, an additional to yer victims. Hope I got a lot of times to do this. Maybe next year, I put myself into real climbing. Btw, love the pictures, never tried to ride across the island via boat in trekking proper. Kudos brotha!!

Manong Unyol said...

thanks sir soon sana makasama din kita sa climb or travel...

Pink Line said...

wow mukang ang dami mo na nakakasamang umakyat ah..ganda ng bundok sana may shortcut papunta jan hehe..

Manong Unyol said...

dumadami na talga akong nagiging kaibigan sa pag akyat hehehe :) ikaw ayaw mo ba itry :) ?


I have just read the writeup! Climb and Liquor ~ ho ho ho!
You taught me something new too! Manong means Kuya in Cagayan! ^.^
Cheers! Thank you for joining The BACKPACKERS again Sir Mina.


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Genskie said...

ang galing! isang successful climb again... saludo ako!

Manong Unyol said...

yes ma'am another succesful climb :) panibagong karanasan na nman at hindi na uulitin masaklap na hangover hehehe..

Phioxee said...

grabeh ano? nagawa mo pa talagang uminom kahit may lalakarin pa kayo? so ngayon na lesson learn kana. hehehe. pero at least mas challenging yong descent kasi me hangover ka eh. hahaha. peace

Manong Unyol said...

masaya kc uminom hehehe :)

Ella Dorado said...

My tinatagong pa lang produkto ang Talim island.
Interesting, sana mabista ko din sya, pagbalik ko jan.
Great photos!! =)

Ano feeling ng nagtetrek na may hang over? hahaha!!

Manong Unyol said...

masaklap ang may hangover pamatay sa katawan hehehe :)

joanne said...

Ang ganda talaga ng Mt. Tagapo. at malapit lang samin.. Kaya lang katakot yun mga talahib, parang makati sa hita..

Nakakaloka naman ang pag-iinom ninyo sa climb.. na-imagine ko yung feeling na uhaw na uhaw dahil sa hangover tas kulang ang inumin, hehe..

Manong Unyol said...

ang sarap kaya ng feeling akala mo d ka na mabubuhay sa hirap hehehe

gelaikuting said...

ayos! nice one sir... naexcite naman ako para next year... wohooo..

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Sonyboy Fugaban said...

Kudos for the write-up, Manong! And, for the great, great picture of the sunset. I am a lover of that view and that one is just stunning.

CheeNee said...

na excite ako mag mt climbing.. hmm..pede bang sama ako nextime??

Manong Unyol said...

yap pwede :) basta meron invite kita minsan...

Manong Unyol said...

thankyou sir :) uwi ka na akyat tayo minsan :)

CheeNee said...

sabi mo yan ha.. asahan ko yan..:)

Manong Unyol said...

cge ma'am:) PM me on my email...

Isabelle Iwarata said...

May contact po ba kayo ng guide ?

Manong Unyol said...

wala po eh pero approachable nman mga tao dun kaya makakahanap kau agad dun :)