Mt Palay-Palay Pico de Loro
Renante MinaThursday, December 20, 2012 18 comments

I need to be back

Parrot's Beak

     This is it… Mt Palay-palay or known as Pico de loro/monolith. This was the first mountain picture I saw in Pinoymountaineer that’s why one of the reasons I want to try mountaineering, to see the beautiful and breathtaking view just like the Pico de loro.

     When that time I’m eager to try in mountaineering, supposedly this mountain should be my first mountain that I will climb but unfortunately when I read the Itinerary at pinoymountaineer how to get there, the passenger car is not accessible in that place you need to hire a car, because it’s my first time I don’t have any buddies that time, so I asked my brother in Law about the trail at Mt. Maculot if it is applicable for beginner because Mt. Maculot also his first mountain he climbed. I convinced my college friend Arman to accompany me to Mt. Maculot because he already climbed four mountains that time so he already know about the safety precautions and how to read a trail signs, I invited all my close friends in college but everyone refused my invitation because they knew how risky it is. We were only four who pursued the climbed but for almost 1 month convinced them hahaha makulit talaga ako. Visit our climb experienced at Mt. Maculot

     After our Mt. Maculot climbed I suggested Pico de loro but their concerned was the expenses going there as we read that time, we don’t know if there’s a trike going there and also going back to bus station. We focused on to the other mountain Mt. Batulao that mountain we experienced a lash of strong winds, very foggy and heavy rains but still we pursued until we reached the summit. Visit our Mt. Batulao experiences

     I met a lot of hiking buddies, I already climbed 16 mountains, But Pico de loro this was the only the time and chance to take it in action. Sir JC made an event for Pico de loro climb and this was my chance to invite all my former buddies because every time we planned to climb Pico de Loro always were not able to continue because of some reason like the availability of others because others have their work and classes, I don’t how many times we planned to climb Pico de loro, and this was the right time and perfect timing all of us. I invited my friend Lloyd he is also my buddy the time I started and Amber I met her in Mt. Manabu that was her first climbed; she was also my buddy in Mt Cristobal climbed. Sayang mga iba di ko na sila nakasama,

DENR Station
"Let us pray"

     We rented a jeep from Manila going to DENR Jump off, 7:30AM when we left Manila supposedly 5:00AM and we are late for our itinerary because one was late hahaha peace tayo sir E.S kakagising lang noong tinawagan ata hahahaha, grabeng pagka late ni sir. Our problem that time was no one of us knew how to get there in DENR Jump off even the driver and also the bridge was not accessible because by Habagat a heavy rain caused flood in Metro Manila, when we’re there in Cavite we asked some locals how to get there in Ternate Cavite DENR Jump off. The alternate route was just like a labyrinth very narrow road, Nakakalito lang talaga more than 30 minutes to found the right way because the direction they gave to us was not so clear.

        10:00AM when we arrived at the Jump-off finally akala ko aabutin kami ng siyam-siyam. We prepared ourselves, stretch our body, and have prayer asking for our guidance and safety of our climb.  10:30 when we start our trek the first leg of the trail was too easy because more on descending and there’s a signboard and ribbon on the trail so you don’t have any reason to be confused or to be lost on the trail. After less than an hour we hiked another registration area we passed and again 20.00 for registration fee aside from DENR. Even we are late and it was sunny on the trail, luckily not to hot it is covered by trees and the main highlight of the trail was the bamboo forest.

     After we reached the Alibang-bang that was the start of steep portion going to campsite hooo grabe kakapagod din tumatakbo kasi kami sa trail. We need to walk fast because we  were delayed with our itinerary we made. Every time we encounter a hiker going down we asked if malayo pa ba and they answered malapit na kunti nalang  kunting kembot at tambling nalang daw hahaha, so were energized again hahaha.

     Past 1:00PM when we reached the campsite yes sa wakas, there’s a mini store selling softdrinks and other foods to buy but expect the higher price, even it was so expensive it’s ok for me because I’m craving for a very cold softdrinks. We took a ‘lil rest and ate our lunch at the campsite. 2:30PM we assault the peak as I noticed the trail was so steep and slippery. The only you can hold on was the grass. When we reached the peak magnificent view welcomed us. It has 360 degrees view from above you can see the campsite and also the beach, and the main highlight of the mountain was the stone structure looks like a Parrots Beak from a far. A few minutes the others went down and attempted to climb the Parrots beak/monolith but Lloyd and Amber only reached the peak of Parrots beak, When I saw the other participants aborted it, I think twice and with the strong winds blew I felt a little fear, my heart beat faster and my feet was shaking, I don’t know why but it was my first time happened to me. I felt disappointed on myself because I said to myself that mountain was one of my list that I want to climb but unfortunately I failed, It was a nightmare for me I hope you can understand what I felt that and that is my passion Climbing mountain. And need to go back as soon as possible and we have term “Revenge Climb”and not showing that I envy with them, sayang pagkakataon ganda ng panahon..

Start of the trail

Start of our trek

Second registration area

Bamboo Forest on the trail

Gate going to campsite

Signboard going to Pico de loro

Near the campsite

We took our Lunch at the campsite

Freeda a cute girl
Daughter of sir Freedie
"kid hiker"

View at the peak
"The monolith look like a Parrot's Beak

Death defying pose on the Parrot's Beak
"Kayo na"
"Ako taga kuha huhuhu"

Alibang-Bang Park

        4:00PM when we decided to descent because majority of us don’t have headlamps so we need to walk fast but still naabutan parin ng dilim ang hirap malabo kasi mata ko. 7:00PM when we reached the DENR. For me the climb was success because no bad incident happened…. ayh meron pala pero di ko na sasabihin nakakatawa lang nakita ko ng dalawang mata ko paano nagtrampuling hahaha but no major injury that happened. I NEED TO GO BACK and we will do it traverse from Ternate to Nasugbu.

Parental Guidance is recommended

Congrats both of you

Ternate, Cavite
Major jump-off: Magnetic Hill, Ternate
Days required / Hours to summit: 1-2 days / 2-5 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-3

20.00 - DENR registration
20.00 - Other registration, Camp 1
4,500.00 - Rented jeep for 16 persons from Manila to Ternate Cavite DENR jump off
30.00 - 40.00 - softdrinks

How to get there: By commute
By Bus - Take the bus bound (Saulog) for Maragondon or Ternate Cavite at the Lawton Manila. Then you may hire a jeepney/ tricycle at Maragondon to take you to the the jump-off.


Genskie said...

Wow ang ganda!.. sobra!
another successful climb saludo ako sayo!

anney said...

Nalula namn ako dun sa parrot's beak! Di ko yata kaya kasi may fear of heights ako. Buti pa si Freeda naka 4 climbs na!

Pink Line said...

at ang dami mo na palang mountains na naakyat ah 16 na! at maculot ang una..

wow! ang ganda ng parrots beak..sarap siguro sa tuktok nun hehe..sayang at hindi mo naakyat yung beak..anyway there's always a next time naman eh go get your revenge climb!


by the way kasama ka sa versatile blogger award..check it on my blog :)

joy said...

I enjoy going with your trips to mountain. Thanks for sharing!

Manong Unyol said...

hahaha successful but i need to go back ma'am di daw kumpleto kapag d naakyat ang parrots beak

Manong Unyol said...

natakot din ako ma'am jan sa parrots beak kaya d ko xa naakyat... hehehe

Manong Unyol said...

uy thanks d ko kc napansin name ko dun hahaha thanks thanks gagawa ako niyan soon after ko sa Mt. tarak this weekdays wala kami pasok kaya dun ko na xa gagawin...

Manong Unyol said...

thanks ma'am :)sa pagsubaybay sa mga akyat ko.. kaya lalo akong walang kapaguran sa pag akyat..

Albert the Backpacker said...

Wow, kasama ka na sa versatile blogger award, congratulation... kailangan makasama na ako sa travel mo, baka dumating ang time di na kita ma reach...

Manong Unyol said...

GAANO BA KAHALaGA YUNG VERSTILE AWaRD SIR albert nagpapatawa ka nman sir albert kaw nga gusto ko makasama d lang nagtatagpo mga oras natin... hahaha idol kaya dita...

Marco said...

Ganda! Maligayang Pasko sayo!

Manong Unyol said...

uy salamt sir minsan akyat din tau sir may climb mga blogger may nag organize dayhike gusto mo sumama?

Untied Escape said...

Namiss ko naman tong Pico, di ako naka akyat sa Parrot's Beak... pagod na ako...haha!

Manong Unyol said...

ako po kinabahan at natakot hahaha nakakahiya nga e :)

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

hanga ako sa inyong lahat...

Manong Unyol said...

salamt sir hehehe :) try nyu din minsan masaya xa

MJ said...

Ang saya naman diyan, at ang ganda ng Parrot's Beak! Pero parang outer space parin ang tingin ko sa mataas bundok hehe na hindi ko ma-reach. Pico de Loro, Mt. Pulag at marami pa, gusto ko rin mapuntahan pero kulang sa lakas ng loob hehe pero soon pagpaplanuhan ko yan!

Manong Unyol said...

dapat mong pagplanuhan yan ma'am hehehe sayang nman ...