Mt. Pulag dream mountain
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Mt. Pulag

     I never expected that Mt. Pulag will put on my list to climb this year before the year end 2012 because I knew it’s very expensive to go there you need to join in a large group to lessen the expenses majority of my hiking buddies was been there and  I’m so hopeless that I would climb Mt. Pulag this year.

     When I met Ma’am Weng  during our climb at Mt. Tagapo  she asked me and convincing me to pursue our plan Mt. Pulag but only in Ambangeg trail the easiest trail on Mt. Pulag, but something bother me until now I don’t have a equipment like tent and stove for camping. Hahaha tag-hirap

     More than one month we made our plan to Mt. Pulag with fellow bloggers Weng Biyaheng Jologs (Lakwatsera) and JC readyJCgo but our problem we are only 3, we do researched according what I’ve read unfortunately if we do commute,  bus going to Kabayan we will ride again a Habal-habal a motorcycle use for transportation but our main problem is when the bus pass by if we are going back to baguio I think it’s a limited trip in a day. I asked a favor to Ma’am Weng and JC try to invite because much better for a large group and rent a monster jeep. 1 week before the event many are interested to join with us because of the convincing power of Ma’am Weng hahaha. A big thanks to Ma’am Weng, for organizing and making some research. I think I’m not ready to make a big event such like this but I will try soon.

     Thursday evening the day of our departure at Victory Liner Cubao but we don’t have a reservation tickets we are not expecting that day just like a blockbusters hits on a movies very crowded, people went also their vacation, we only knew that just like a ordinary holiday, Sir Freddie and I tried to find another bus without reservation luckily we found out the Genesis they don’t have a reservation but it’s first come first serve basis you need to fall in line for longer hours, but our concern was other participants are late Filipino time indeed, 2 bus left already, Sa wakas dumating din sila. (Sigh).. 12:30AM when we left Cubao supposedly 10 or 11PM as my estimated time, the important thing was we are already inside the bus and have a pretty seat even our Itinerary are delayed for some reasons that we never expected. 5:30AM when we arrived at Baguio City.

Ready to topload

     The monster jeep fetch us in bus terminal and also waiting other hikers the group of sir Patrick author of Lahing Kayumanggi. As he said they’re Christian they climb for Christ they climb not only for fun or to witness the beauty of Mt. Pulag but they spread the good news of our God to our fellow Kababayan. Hmmm I’m envy with them because they have time to do that although they have a regular job on weekdays.

     When we passed the city we decided to ride on the top of the monster jeep (Topload) very exciting and reminiscing the moment during my high school days,. We are shouting, laughing, taking pictures while we on the top of monster jeep, and everything we saw was magnificent.

Took our breakfast "stop over"

Ambuklao Dam

DENR station

Orientaion at DENR Leave No Trace Principles

     10:00AM we arrived at DENR, we have an orientation about the rules and regulations on the mountain and to register and pay our fees for 200Php(Camping Fee, Environment Fee, Green Fee) I think the orientation took for about 30 minutes. During our orientation the staff of DENR according to her they are still claiming that Mt. Pulag is the second highest mountain in Philippines because until now there’s no official yet that Dulang Dulang in Bukidnon the Second highest mountain in the Philippines according to her.

On the top of the monster jeep

Start of rough road going to ranger station

Everyone is serious for sight seeing

     11:00AM when we left at DENR and our next destination was at the ranger station the major jump-off we are on top of a jeep again, At the start of the rough road was dusty, bumpy and just like an obstacle you need alert all the time because there’s a hose/wire across the road exactly the top of a jeep just like you are playing a limbo rock, and you need to hold tight on the steel not to fall down on the jeep. 12:30PM when we reached the ranger station, I feel the very cold weather when I washed my hands on the water it’s very cold same as the water put in the refrigerator Brrrr,  What I've been noticed the wall of the houses covered with galvanized iron I don’t know what would be the reason even our guide she don’t know it. 1:30PM start of our trek with “heavy fullpack bagpack hmmm looks I need a porter hahaha”,

The wall of houses covered with galvanize

Mt. Pulag

Mt. Pulag mossy forest
Mossy forest

     The trail in ambangeg is easy not like the other mountains with major climb specification are very technical like river crossing, rope segment, rock climbing etc.. but this one in ambangeg trail in Mt. Pulag even the kids can hike on that trail. But one main concern in Mt. Pulag is very cold, even there’s a sun you never sweat just like me I have a winter jacket, gloves and mask but if wind blew I was chilling. There’s two water source in ambangeg trail, very clean and natural mineral water and the mossy forest act as a filter on the spring water. The trail was stunning surrounded by mossy forest and it’s my second experienced saw a mossy forest the first one is in Mt. Cristobal and dwarf trees also on the trail just like I’m walking in the park.

Mt. Pulag
Amazing sunset and view


Mt. Pulag
I want to be alone for this moment...
" I'm Thinking why I climbing "

     4:30PM when we reached the Camp 2 everyone was happy and others have their rest and waiting other participants in the campsite, I asked the guides how long it takes near the radar the guide said for only 15-20 minutes, we decided to wait and to capture the sunset. After we captured the sunset one of our buddies requested we will go to other peak and then we noticed sea of clouds “Wow amazing stunning forms of clouds finally sea of clouds witnessed by my naked eyes, I've only seen this in pictures and in the internet. Not all hikers witness the sea of clouds, swertehan lang talaga. I’m so bless thanks God hear my wish and prayers. Now I know the reason why they love to climb Mt. Pulag.

Mt. Pulag

Sea of clouds

sea of clouds
I'm so lucky witnessing the sea of clouds

     6:00PM we prepared for our dinner but there’s no socials happened because of the very cold weather, everyone sleep early unfortunately I can’t sleep I’m chilling even I have two winter jackets, mask, and very thick socks, Just like I’m inside the freezer, my cough also punishing me and It’s hard to breathe.

 Waiting the sunrise

     Day 2: 4:00AM we are ready to assault going to summit and to witness the sunrise wishing again sea of clouds, I asked the guide if there’s a sea of clouds at the summit as he replied “Sa ngayon po parang wala”. (sigh) ganun po ba sayang naman, I said to myself “ok lang nakita ko na kahapon hahaha”. 5:00AM when we reached the summit and waiting the sunrise.

Sunrise at Mt. Pulag
Beautiful sunrise

     Sunrise in the summit, frost everywhere, I’m such in awe that I never noticed at all, Paradise for me, I want to stay longer but with the hikers going down I don’t want to be caught in the middle of the human traffic. I never let it pass to take a picture on a tree, it is only a tree on the summit range heavy rain and strong winds but remain steady. Leaving the summit the saddest part for me and that’s why I keep coming back.

Group of hikers at the summit

Only tree at the summit range

Mt. Pulag Summit
" hikers going down at the summit"

Thank you guys

Bokod, Benguet
Major jump-off: Ambangeg Ranger Station Bokod, Benguet
Hours to summit / Days required: 4-5 hours / 2 days
Specs: Major Climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-2

Tips and Info s


445.00 - Bus Fare  at Genesis going to Baguio
200.00 - Registration at DENR (Camping fee, Environment fee and Green fee)
150.00 - Souvenir T-shirt at DENR any size
100.00 - Guide fee: for 15 persons 2 guides and 100.00 each
  60.00 - Lunch at Gina Epe "Eat all u can"  (menu:  Pinikpikan, sinigang na baboy and Chop suey)
10,000.00 - Monster Jeep 20 persons capacity from Baguio to Ranger Station back and forth

Bus station at Cubao Going to Baguio

Victory Liner
683 EDSA Cubao Quezon City
Route: Baguio - Dagupan – Lingayen - Iba
Olongapo – Alaminos - Bolinao
(02) 727-4688 ; (02) 410-8986 ; (02) 727-4534

Genesis Transport Inc
704 EDSA cor New York St. barangay E. Rodriguez Sr. Cubao Quezon City
(02) 421-1413, (02) 421-1422, (02) 421-1425

Dagupan Bus Company
New York Street Cubao Quezon City
(02)727-2287, (02)929 6123

Contact person for Mt. Pulag

Gina Epe
Monster Jeep
Cp #: 09999916008

Emerita Alba
DENR Ambangeg Office
for reservation of slots
Cp#: 09196315402
Cp#: 09291668864
(074) 444 2720 – Fax

What to bring to avoid hypothermia
-Winter jacket with hood, thick socks, mask, winter gloves. sleeping bag and tent.


joanne said...

Wow! Breathtaking nun sea of clouds.. ang ganda!

Arnie Monacillo said...

I'm waiting for this post, this will be my guide for our upcoming Pulagventure. I like ur photos sir especially the amazing sea of clouds and the sunrise. Kudos!

gelaikuting said...

seaaaa of clooooouds! kudos bro! kailan kaya ako akyat jan? @.@

JC Sabio said...

ganda!balik ulet tau next year!via akiki naman!

Manong Unyol said...

yap sobrang ganda... grabe ang speechless ako nung nakita ko yan :)

Manong Unyol said...

wow thanks sir sana may info ako naibigay sau goodluck sa Pulag mo sana makita mo rin yung sea of clouds.... :)

Manong Unyol said...

ngayon hindi tag ulan ma'am puntahan mo na xa ganda jan promis ... babalikan ko yan..

Manong Unyol said...

cge ba sir hahaha sayang yung sunrise sau sir huhuhu talagang babalikan mo yan :)

Pink Line said...

gaganda ng mga photos..specially yung sea of clouds..saka lang ako nakakakita ng sea of clouds pag nakasakay ako sa plane pero ibang iba ata ang feeling pag ganyan.. sa unang pic akala ko talaga dagat sya na maalon kaya kulay white hehe.. favorite ko ang sunset..winner! bigla na tuloy akong nainggit sa mga akyat mo hehe..

Archieviner said...

Nice photo. Pagnakarating ka talaga ng tuktok ng bundok paid off lahat ng pagod sa ganda ng tanawin :)

Manong Unyol said...

sobrang ganda makita nyu sa personal grabeng saya madaram mo jan pawi ang pagod mo..

Manong Unyol said...

thanks sir tama sabi mo kapag ganyan view makikita mo..

Albert the Backpacker said...

I never dream to be a mountaineer, but I dreamed to experience sea of cloud of Mount Pulag..For almost two years there's a lot of hesitation in my self because of my age. I always ask my self, if I can do it, considering, I never exprienced any mountaineering adventure. Because of my dream, i tried to join mountaineering group, that I used as my training ground, where it challenge me to extend my limits and improve my worse.Then time come February of this year,my dream has come true. Because of my dream, it changed my outlook in my life, to be a responsible person, in all walks of my life, of course, the love of nature. Mount Pulag is a rewarding experience that I proud of my self...

Manong Unyol said...

wow, sir I salute you.. sa ngayon sir habang tumatagal, hindi pala yung pagiging astig kapg mountaineer kundi ang pakiki salamuha sa mga locals, pagkakaroon ng maraming kaibigan, pagpapahalaga sa kalikasan at mawitness ang kagandahan sa mundo na ginawa ng Diyos. ito ang paraan ko bakit ako umaakyat.. ishare narin sa iba :)


Congrats Mina! :-D
Finally, Mt. Pulag! Sama ka pag nag Akiki ang Backpackers :)


CheeNee said...

wow!!! sea of clouds.. pede bang sumama sa mga pupunta!!!! sama ko!!!!!

Manong Unyol said...

thanks wow akiki excited na ako niyan hehehe kailan kaya sir:)

Manong Unyol said...

yes pwede hehehe cge PM mo lang personal contact mo

Byaheng Jologs said...

Unforgetable experience...
Three person joined together
...just to make dream come true!!!
Very well said...sir Mina...
This is really awesome....
Many thanks to you!!!
You're really one of the best buddies I've ever met!

Marco said...

Nainlab ako sa sunset! Ang ganda! Pati yong clouds!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

good luck lagi sa ganyan na hilig niyo.....adventure talaga..

Ella Dorado said...

Ang swerte lang talaga sa sea of clouds.
ikaw na talaga sir. =)

Manong Unyol said...

thanks ma'am weng nag aantay din ako sa kwento mo dito :)

Manong Unyol said...

yes ganda talga po lalo na kung talgang na witness mo ng personal... speechless ako dto noong makita ko to..

Manong Unyol said...

slamat sir try nyu din maganda at masaya ang umakyat ng bundok kailangan lang ng gabay para n medyo ma experience narin kung na sa summit ka na pawi lahat ng pagod mo :)

Manong Unyol said...

hahaha swerte talga mam uy ano na pico na tau ikaw guide ko:)

CutestPrincess said...

i wish i can climb a high mountain, too! i did climb but only the not so high one in Palawan.

It’s a GIRL Thing

Manong Unyol said...


ken | said...

pulag...o' kay ganda

Manong Unyol said...

oo nga sir gnda ng Pulag. sir tapulao tau :) wala kasi ako mayaya

Sonyboy Fugaban said...

I ennvy you, Ren.

This mountain still frustrates me each time I see it. I almost climb the mountain kung hindi lang ako nagkasakit nung araw na yun.

I will get there soon no matter what.

Manong Unyol said...

dapat mong puntahan to pero mas suggest ko na puntahan mo ito ng weekdays wag weekend para solo mo ang bundok hehehe... nagiging crowded na ang Pulag sa daming umaakyat.