Tarak Traverse (Bataan)
Renante MinaSaturday, December 29, 2012 12 comments

     This was my second time in Tarak but I only trekked the traditional trail Sir Sky call the F1 trail. I knew about it because I directly asked some question to him regarding the mountain they explore with his group. Sir Freddie invited me but we do it traverse, actually that time I have also an invitational climb at Mt.Tapulao but for some reason I need to explore the Tarak because I’m curious with the traverse of Tarak because I don’t have any idea, to be honest this was my first time to experience to do traverse because all of my climb was traditional trail, 2 days before the actual date of our climb I tried to invite Ella Dorado also a hiker blogger and gladly she didn’t refuse my invitation. Sa totoo lang pinilit ko siya hahaha joke..

     When everything was set 1:00AM the specific time of our meet-up, supposedly the bus we should ride was Genesis but they change their plan it’s better at Bataan Transit it is nearer. We got some info that their operation was 24hrs  because it was holiday; no need to worry. 4:00AM when we arrived at barangay Alas-asin and we waited sir Jay for so long hahaha, he is our close friend in Bataan and our guide for this exploration. From highway we walked for almost 30 minutes going to Nanay Kording’s house, took our coffee break and also to register. Please take note you should register also to barangay first.  6:30AM when we started our trek I didn’t expect that the first highlights of the leg was we saw a woods land on side of trail it is align and very organized I think this was a tree planting project. When we met other hikers on the trail they always asked where we pitch our tents but our only answer was we don’t know yet hahaha, we are not selfish but actually we did not to say the truth because we want to preserve the cleanliness. Not all hikers or locals know the F2 trail “traverse trail” because some hikers/locals they know the Leave No Trace principles but they don’t how to practice it, I’m not saying we are perfect hikers but we have a concern to our nature even we don’t have BMC(Basic Mountaineering Course).


     We assembled at the GATE and noticing if there’s a other hikers following us when everything was clear we started to walk and enter they call it the Gate as I noticed it has a high cogon grass after we passed the Gate, after few minutes we took our rest at the stream and the start of the steep trail going to PANIQUIAN Falls the first falls we reached we are on the top of the falls I was so amazed. 

 Paniquian falls

     Near the falls there’s a small catch basin it’s like a pool the water was so clear while we are walking I saw a lot of colorful butterflies around flying anywhere, imagine if you are a fan of watching fairytale movies I can say it was something like that it; was so majestic!

SLLAJ falls

     Next to our destination was SLLAJ Falls, going to the falls you need to walk into a huge rocks, just like an obstacle you need to be alert all the time because some of the rocks was slippery and usually moving when you step at it. 12:00PM when we reached the SLLAJ Falls, I was mesmerized every time I see a falls and “the silence of that place was so deafening” and the scenery was peaceful.

     From SLLAJ Falls we took our lunch and  li’l rest and take some nap and to prepare ourselves to another destination going to campsite because from SLLAJ Falls another 2hours of trekking going to summit and they call it Magellan’s camp.

     The trail going to campsite was so steep and rocky and it has 2 water sources you can pass by. 4:00PM when we reached the campsite and everyone was exhausted, the campsite was also forested covered with high trees, the space of the campsite is limited space to pitch the tent.

     Day 2 almost 9AM when started our trek again going to peak one of the exciting part was we will see the breathtaking view from above and I’m excited when we reached it. They call it Japanese garden at our back the Bataan Peak it’s a perfect structure of a mountain from a far. 10:00AM when we reached the peak we met other hikers from there, one of the hiker knew what trail we came from as he said very technical. He is right very technical.

Bataan peak


     From the peak we passed the mossy forest and it’s creepy just like there’s a leech on the trail until now that I never experience bite a leech and I also experienced the gust of the wind that I never experienced before the first time I went there.

Scaj Falls

     We decided that we took our lunch at SCAJ Falls, I’ve been there already nothing new for me, the first time I climbed the Tarak SCAJ Falls part of my sidetrip. After we ate our lunch another exciting and challenging trail again as sir Jay said yah he’s right this was the steepest so far I experienced I think 80-90degrees elevation of the trail I need to be careful all the time and to be alert because of loose rocks and soil erosion that can cause accident luckily there’s a roots to hold on.

 Nuts landing

 Clean up drive Papaya campsite

Papaya river

     At 3:50PM when we reached the Papaya River as requested by sir Jay to us, we will do the clean up drive, I was disappointed to what happened to the campsite of Papaya River because of these irresponsible hikers/locals I saw empty bottles, cans, plastics etc. also vandals on the stones, I can’t imagine why they don’t care to our mother nature as my suggestion rehabilitate this mountain, For those who don’t have cares to our natures that place do not belong to you, and for those who did good deeds like tree planting, clean up, and other outreach program kudos and I salute you all.

267.00 - Bus fare (one way)
 20.00 - Registration Fee Nanay Kording (Optional)
 20.00 - Registration Fee Barangay

How to get there
* Ride a bus going to Mariveles Bataan. - Bus going there: Bataan Transit and Genesis at Cubao Station
* Inform the Conductor drop off point is Barangay Alas-asin Mariveles Bataan (Tarak.rigde)
* The barangay located only in main highway where you can register.

Bus Going Mariveles Bataan

Genesis Transport Inc
704 EDSA cor New York St. barangay E. Rodriguez Sr. Cubao Quezon City
(02) 421-1413, (02) 421-1422, (02) 421-1425

Bataan Transit
five Star Bus Terminal EDSA
Cubao Quezon City
(02) 415-55-76  /  (02)722-92-35


Ella Dorado said...

Very informative. Kudos!!
Hanggang sa Muli Sir. =)

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oaylabet..need ko na talaga mag ipon for gears para maka mountain hiking na din ako.. i wanna be sporty this year

anney said...

Nalula namn ako dun sa picture na kasunod ng mossy forest! parang malalaglag. hehe! ADvance Happy New Year!

Dong Ho said...

ganda talaga ng trail ng tarak. sipag mo ding kumuha ng pictures while on trail. cheers to 2013. trek tayosa 2013!

Ella Dorado said...

Ooppsss!! share. haha.



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salamt sa uulitin po na pag akyat ma'am:)

Manong Unyol said...

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Manong Unyol said...

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Manong Unyol said...

talga sir.. uy aantayin ko yan na pagkakataon sir Dom.. :)

iamnoempty said...


Yung Guide nyo po ba ay taga Bataan? Can we contact him para magguide sa amin?

Manong Unyol said...

ask ko muna siya kung gusto niya ipamigay ko number niya kc di siya guide na naniningil eh d niya kabuhayan ang pag guiguide... kumbaga tropa sir

Oliver John Soriano said...

Where should we hide the guide going to those water falls?