Mt. Batulao Traverse
Renante MinaFriday, January 25, 2013 24 comments

Bloggers Climb 

Sunset at Mt. Batulao

     I had an invitation with the travel bloggers to climb Mt Batulao and I confirmed to join them, but I didn’t expect that it will conflict to my first fun run in 7eleven because I’m not updated with the date posted by the 7eleven because they postponed the event twice.

    January 20 the day of the event my first fun run supposedly and my invitational climb with the travel bloggers. I woke up early and decided not to attend the fun run instead meet my hiking buddies there Ma’am Amber and Sir Peng of KOG (Kalog Outdoors Group), and to support the advocacy of the fun run of 7eleven indeed “Takbo para sa kalusugan” wherein cities within Luzon (where 7-Eleven stores are located) have a chance of receiving support for its feeding programs and medical missions.  and “ to wear my race kit siyempre sayang eh para may remembrance”. As I checked the time it’s already past 6am I’m rushing out time I need to go there quick to our meet up at Taft Mc Donald beside of MRT Taft station, thanks God I’m not late... I met the other bloggers and our itinerary was adjusted because some problems it’s okay it can’t be avoided. 8:00AM we left the Metropolis going to Nasugbu Batangas via BSC(Batman StarExpress Corporation) as what I expected 2hours of traveling time going to Evercrest Jump-off  luckily there’s no any major traffic that time.

Fun run of  7eleven

Mt. Batulao

     Mt Batulao was my first mountain I climb this year 2013, the first time I went there last June 2012 we encounter the first typhoon name “Ambo” I promised to myself that I need a revenge climb with that mountain because we didn't saw the spectacular view. Check my post our experiences in Mt. Batulao encountering the typhoon Ambo year 2012.

     For me, this was the right time to revisit and do revenge climb because the weather was perfectly good with the cool gust of the wind in the month of January to February. Some of the participants they’re new in this kind of adventure, mountain climbing, so we need to guide them, some technical part of the trail like the slippery steep portion of the trail and even though the specification of the mountain is minor climb. 10:30AM we start our trek from the jump-off Evercrest everyone was excited for this adventure as always prayer is being part, lead by Ms. Claire and followed by Ma’am Sha. When we were on the trail with the over looking spot of the mountain and they started their photo ops and I’m one of them as always hahaha. We took our rest to a hut and the locals selling Halo-Halo and Buko juice for 25.00 each, After 30minutes of rest we resume our trek again but our group didn't know yet what should be our trail first the New or the Old trail but majority of us wants the old to new trail, as what also I read it is more applicable rather than New to Old trail because it is easy to descent in new trail than old trail. So the group decided the Old trail first then descend to New trail. 1:30PM we reached the registration area of Old trail and took our lunch there and in front of the registration area camp 1, you can see the peaks of the mountain. After we took our lunch and have li’l rest we resume again our trek and the start of the steep portion of the trail. As what I saw others exhausted and nervous and the heat also was punishing us. I salute these guys even they’re a new in this kind of adventure they made it and we do it traverse, when we reached the summit we’re all happy, emotions can’t be explained, 360 views and with amazing and stunning view, this was I didn't witness the first time I climbed Mt Batulao. 

Manong with his horse on the trail of Mt Batulao

Station... took our rest

Going to registration area

Selling Buko juice and Halo-halo

Trail sign 

Peak of Mt. Batulao

Stone wall, rope segment

Assault to summit / Rope segment


   When I checked the time It’s almost 4:00PM we need to descend fast because not all of us have a headlamps, me and the others don’t want to be caught on dark, when I saw they have their photo ops and I checked my headlamp, when I saw it was switched on and I notice have enough power of the battery, I decided to walk faster trying to meet Ma’am Angel and Sir Nil at the junction of Old and New trail because they decided to go back because the feet of sir Nil in pain, luckily they waited there, and we took again our rest and craving for the Halo-Halo. After we rest we decided not to wait them at the junction instead at the Jump-off Evercrest and to have our wash-up past 6:00PM we reached the jump-off.

View at the summit


Dinner Time

Bulalo point at Mendez Crossing

    After our climbed everyone is hungry, craving for Bulalo, perfect for the cold weather and to sip a hot soup, we found a good location at Bulalohan in Mendez Crossing, before the climb actually we already planned where to eat Bulalo for our dinner.

     Much better if you can do a side-trip at daytime if you want to have a food-trip because you can see the alluring view of Taal volcano.

     When we’re waiting a bus going back to Manila, cold wind was punishing us, we were chilling and I don’t know what to do I don’t have a jacket or sleeve, what we did was we think of human heat because it was the best thing to do we're really close to each other hahaha just like a penguin in Antarctica protecting each other from the cold wind. What a funny moment that time. Other participants rode a bus a fully loaded standing at the aisle and the destination only in Pasay we’re assuming that there’s also other bus passing by going to Cubao as the other locals said until10-11PM the last trip of the bus. What we do was we ride a jeep until we reached Baclaran.

Thanks to all the travel bloggers

Trail guide:  Old trail and New Trail

Old Trail – if you will see a wooden signboard “Welcome to Mt. Batulao” near to the last                                             
       hut take the left downward for1.5-2hrs going to summit.
* If  you will notice a rope to the stone wall you are already near the summit.

New trail – Take upward path/middle for 1-1.5hrs going to summit.

 How to get there:

-Ride a bus going to Nasugbu Batangas
 There’s a bus terminal at Mcdo taft beside of MRT Taft station.

-Inform the konduktor drop-off point is Evercrest Golf Course,

Note: Base on our experience going back to Manila, 10:00PM there’s no already available buses, what we do was we rode a jeep going to SM Dasmariñas Pala-pala, after SM Dasmariñas ride again a jeep going to Bacoor Cavite and ride again a jeep going to Baclaran, the best option we do rather than waiting a bus because there’s no assurance.


106.00 -  Bus fare (BSC) Taft to Evercrest "oneway"
400.00 - Rented jeep Evercrest to Crossing Mendez
  40.00 - Crossing Mendez to Dasmariñas Pala-pala
  27.00 - Dasmariñas Pala-pala to Bacoor Cavite
  18.00 - Bacoor Cavite to Baclaran

  20.00 - Registration fee Old trail
  20.00 - Registration fee New trail

Other expense:
  300.00 - Bulalo
    25.00 - Halo- halo
    25.00 - Buko juice
    20.00 - Shower / Ligo


Rix said...

dito pala galing yung bagong DP mo sa FB ehehehe. ganda ng kuha sa tuktok ng bundok

Anonymous said...

Kaya pala binilisan mo during the traverse. Sa Birthday Climb ulit!

Cyron Agustin said...

maakyat ko rin to.... balang araw~

Byaheng Jologs said...

Another successful climb for you buddy...
Getting better and better ....
Keep it up....You're doing great!!!
two thumbs up for you....

Arnie Monacillo said...

As always my mother mountain. Historic first climb. Gotta back here someday! Nice one sir.

Anonymous said...

Wwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh buti ka pa di mo na itinuloy 7-Eleven Run ako tinapos ko ayan di tuloy ako nakasama sa inyo sa 21K run basag na ako ahaha.

Manong Unyol said...

oo sir ganda talga kapg nasa summit na hehehe kakatanggal ng pagod freeom ang nararamdaman hehehe

Manong Unyol said...

oo sir talgang binilisan ko saka hirap kc maabutan ng dilim sa trail wala sariling ilaw

Manong Unyol said...

ayh oo dapat mo tong puntahan sir mganda diyan sa batulao :)

Manong Unyol said...

oo ma'am weng dapat mo narin tong akyatin hehehe congrats sa tapulao mo wow hardcore ka na hahaha

Manong Unyol said...

walang kupas ang batulao sir kaya madami parin umaakyat dito :) ganda ng panoramic view...

Manong Unyol said...

wow runner ka pla sir astig... meron pa susunod sir na event bday climb daw hehehe sana maka join tau dun hehehe... salamat pagbisita sa blog ko :)

Pao Kun said...

Pag katapos natin umakyat sa Mt. Batulao, nagutom ako. At masnagutom ako nung nakita ko yung BULALO! Hahahah!

gelaikuting said...

Nice one! pareho tayo... first climb of the year! Sa uulitin... We'll be back sayang at di kami nakapagsummit... Nice meeting you Sir :)

Jherson Jaya said...

Wow Mabilis kang magsulat hehe... My blog is wala na yung jpjaya hehe... Thanks =)

Jherson Jaya said...

Wow Mabilis kang magsulat hehe... My blog is wala na yung jpjaya hehe... Thanks =)

Genskie said...

grabe another akyat uli...saludo talaga ako sayo,,,
Natakam naman ako sa bulalo na kinain nyo... at ang mahal ng tinola ha..isang buong manok ba ang ilalagay nila doon.. :)

Manong Unyol said...

elow sir cnu to nakasama ka ba nmin sa climb? hala sori d kita maalala pwede makuha real name mo?

Manong Unyol said...

salamt ma'am sa pag imbita :) sa uulitin po... next time socials nman sa kabundukan...

Manong Unyol said...

salamat... cge sir palitan ko yung url mo kaya pla ayaw hehehe :)

Manong Unyol said...

ewan ko lang ma'am mahal talga yung order dun kc pang tourista kc yung presyo... :) masuap po yung bulalo sulit..

Albert the Backpacker said...

Your integrity depends on your words, Now I understand you, better luck next run...

Albert the Backpacker said...

Your integrity depends on your words, Now I understand you, better luck next run...

Manong Unyol said...

hirap kapag naka oo na sir, para d sila madismaya sa akin.. naging masaya ang climb may mga bagong kaibigan nakilala :)