Mt. Malipunyo traverse, Mt. Manabu traverse, Mt. Maculot Traverse
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Year end climb

Mt. Malipunyo
Taken from Biak na Bundok

     I never expected that I have a year end climb this 2012, because before New Year my buddy Sir Helmet cancelled our hike at Mt. Tapulao. He needed to rest his feet because of a long trek that he did when they climbed Mt. Apo traverse, I felt a lil’ disappointment because for almost 2 weeks we planned our hike after he came back to Manila. Friday evening I received a message from Amber asking if our climb at Mt Tapulao will still be pursued and I replied to her that the climb was cancelled, but with her determination she said we will push through our climb at Mt. Tapulao.

     Saturday morning, Amber asked a favor to me that I will buy a ticket for our trip but then a heavy rain poured down suddenly and something bothered me because if we will continue our hike there’s no views at all, I was also discouraging her and to postpone our hike but she always said that there’s no typhoon at northern part hahaha ayaw talaga mag paawat, and as I said to her we will observe the weather.

     Saturday evening supposedly the day of our trip going to Zambales. As what I expected it was very crowded at the Victory Liner at Cubao station and holiday going back to their hometown and we don’t have a ticket yet “sapalaran” again. We tried at the other station at Pasay unfortunately the trip was only in Olongapo we needed to ride again going to Sta. Cruz wondering if there’s also available bus going to Iba Zambales from Olongapo, so we didn’t risk our time because there was no assurance at all.

   That time we changed our plan and we decided that we will hike near Metro Manila and I suggested to try and hike at Mt. Malipunyo traverse to Mt. Manabu but our main concern was we don’t have a guide, luckily Amber called his friend and she got the number of the guide his name  Mang Mario a local hiker guide in Talisay Batangas. We negotiated with him for how much will be his guide fee, his first offer was 1,200.00 we tried to convince him to lower his guide fee and we offered 900.00 and he agreed to our offer.

Mt. Malipunyo
 Peak 3

Image of Jesus on Peak 3 at Mt. Malipunyo

      At 12 Midnight when we left at JAM Buendia station and I think that was the last trip going to Lipa Batangas, they extended the hours of trip because it was holiday. 1:30AM when we arrived at Fiesta Mall Lipa Batangas and Mang Mario fetched us with his trike. 3:00AM when we started our trek it was so dark even we have a flashlights. When we’re on trail, my problem was its so hard to see the trail because I’m a nearsighted and the trail was very slippery; the most slippery trail I’ve ever experienced on my hike. I almost gave up because I can’t ascend on the steep part of the trail it’s too slippery even I have trekking pole. 5:00AM when we reached the Peak 1 of the mountain, I was so exhausted because I need a lot of force for me to ascend on the trail, I think the sole of my hiking shoes is already worn out. I don’t know how many times I slipped on the trail; I got also wounds on my feet. After we rest on Peak 1 we resumed our hike going to Peak 3 where we took our breakfast and took our group picture even we don’t have a view because it was very foggy that time, exactly 6:00AM we reached the Peak 3. For 1hour of rest at Peak 3 we resumed again our trek but we decided not to go through to Peak 2 and directly went to “Tree House” house of Mang Mario in the foot of the mountains.

New trail
We are the first hiker use that trail
Made by Mang Mario

Fruits on the stem of a tree

     While we were walking on the trail Mang Mario was also a good comedian because of his facial expression hahaha giving trivia to us about the leaves and they call it dahon ng Lipa if you hold the leaves you’ll certainly feel very itchy, when he narrates story about the leaves, Japanese soldier said “Mga kasama suko na tayo pati dahon lumalaban” I always laughed when I heard that story of his.

Tree House
Mang Mario called it Tree House because the roof is triangular :)

I slipped on the trail

Civet cat / Alamid

     Almost 8:00AM when we reached the house of Mang Mario “Tree House”, we took our coffee break from there and we met his family, a hospitable and generous family, true trademark of being a Filipino indeed.

     We resumed again our trek from the Tree House to Manabu Peak as estimation of Mang Mario 3-4hrs of trekking, that time I’m so tired hahaha I need to regenerate myself for long hours of trekking again. When we left the Tree House we faced again another slippery trail, I don’t know what to do I walked just like a baby, I always blame the soles of my hiking shoes hahaha. A big thanks to Amber for assisting me on the trail I’m ashamed with her because instead that  I’m the one assisting her but the scenario was she’s assisting me hahaha, when we chatting on the trail as I noticed she always mention our climb adventure at Mt. Cristobal and pretending I ignoring her but the truth was, hey me too I miss our bonding with our buddies.

 Coffee farm

 Shit of Civet Cat
One of the expensive coffee 

 Hut along the trail

 Water Source

     Few hours we passed the water source and the coffee farm, on the trail we saw a shit of a civet cat/Alamid, one the most expensive coffee in the world. 9:30AM when we reached the Biak na Bundok they call it biak na bundok because during the time of President Marcos according to our guide they have the plan to put a concrete road across the mountain going to Lipa. Biak na Bato was one of the best spots because we saw the other mountains like Suso ng Dalaga, Mt. Malipunyo peaks, Mt. Maculot and Mt. Manabu. Mang Mario pointed where peaks we came from grabe ang layo pala kunti nalang matatapos narin namin ang kahibangan na akyat na to.

Biak na bundok

Thanks Mang Mario

Left side:  Malipunyo trail (me)
Right side: Manabu trail (Sir Dennis)

 Group Pict at Mt. Manabu Peak
Me, Amber, Dennis and Mario
"Thanks to my mini tripod"

Mt. Manabu Cross

Grotto Mt. Manabu

     Our final leg was to reach the peak of Mt. Manabu. The trail was dense with high cogon grass and one thing the plants that I don’t want to encounter on the trail they call it “Teka-teka” the plants has a many thorns. When we’re near and reached the junction of the trail going to Mt. Manabu I was surprised and I met Jay Felix on the trail of  Mt. Manabu also a hiker nakasama ko na siya twice sa climb Mt. Manalmon and Mt. Romelo, small world ika nga. 11:00AM when we reached the campsite of Mt. Manabu we took our lunch and waiting the other hikers to descend from the peak. As requested of Amber we descended at the other trail going to Grotto of Mt. Manabu and also my first time to see it, because when the time I climbed there I only had the traditional trail. 1:15PM we reached the Jump-off of Mt. Manabu. Yahoo! Success! Another great experience for us.

 Mt. Maculot

     Our next destination was Mt. Maculot Sir Dennis brought a tent and cookset used for emergency camp in case something happen. So we decided to have an overnight at Mt. Maculot and we’ve have done another traverse again “walang katapusan na traverse”. Before we start our climb we went to Church in Cuenca to ask our safety and guidance to our another adventure. 5:30PM when we start our trekked even we do night trek and I’m confident because I knew already the traditional trail. At the last station of the trail, we saw fireworks and very colorful and the lights from the town were just like stars gleaming on the top. 7:00PM we reached the campsite it seems we were only on the campsite because we were expecting that no hikers would climb because New Year but we’re wrong because they pitch their tents far from the campsite. We ate our dinner and lil’ socials celebrating our successful climb at Mt. Malipunyo traverse.

Station at Mt. Maculot

     Day 2: We woke up early, took our breakfast and ready to assault the rockies peak even it’s my third time went to that place I’m always amazed with its 360ยบ views. 9:00AM we decided to go home but we’ll do it traverse and my first time to do traverse in Mt. Maculot, but Amber had already tried traverse but they started in Grotto as she said she remember the trail hahaha okay there’s no more to worry about ‘kakahiya naman siya naging guide namin”. 10:00AM we reached the summit and the best part of the trail was the rope segment and we do rappelling and I enjoyed the trail. 12:00PM finally reached the main road “touchdown” craving for a very cold softdrinks and I want to take a bath I’m so messy. We went to the house of Sir Dennis and sojourn for a while and to have a sidetrip at Marian Orchard located in Balete Batangas.

Taal lake

 Summit at Mt. Maculot
"Very foggy"


Mang Mario
Hiker guide in Mt. Malipunyo

120.00 - bus fare JAM liner (Buendia Station near Gil Puyat LRT station)
150.00 - Trike fare going to Malipunyo jump-off (3persons)
900.00 - Guide Fee: Mang Mario
100.00 - Trike fare from Mt. Manabu Jump-off to Fiesta Mall (3persons)
    8.00 - Jeep fare going to Robinson Mall
  24.00 - Jeep fare from Robinson Mall to Cuenca
  20.00 - Trike fare to Mt. Maculot Jump-off Rockies
  10.00 -  Registration fee to Mt. Maculot

How to get there:
* From Manila to Mt.  Malipunyo
  -  Ride a bus going to Lipa Batangas
  -  Inform the conductor the drop-off point is Fiesta Mall
     Note: Fiesta Mall you can not see at the main Highway but majority of the buses going to Lipa or
               Lemery knows that.
  - Near the Highway there's a trike terminal, fee is negotiable it depends on trike driver sometimes
    charge you 50.00 each going to Barangay Talisay outpost.

* From Mt. Manabu to Mt. Maculot
  - From the jump-off Mt. Manabu, Sulok barangay Sta. Cruz ride a trike going to Fiesta Mall
  - From main highway ride a jeep going to Robinson, minimum fare 8.00
  - From Robinson ride again jeep going to Lemery inform the driver drop-off point is Cuenca
  - From Cuenca ride again a trike going to Rockies jump-off, fare 20.00 each, registration fee 10.00
Our Sidetrip at Marian Orchard


Lahing Kayumanggi said...

Akoy nahanga sa ginawa mo traverse ng Malipunyo & manabu tapos Traverse ng Maculot ... go lang bro ingat sa trip God Bless You ....

Manong Unyol said...

uy salamat sir napilitan lang pero kinaya nman hehehe kasu sobrang dulas talga

Dong Ho said...

pareho na kayo ni Ivan na di na mapipigilan sa pag akyat ng bundok. hehehe... really cool! made me wish i am as young. normal lang yung mga dulas basta makakita lang ng civet. havent seen one in the wild yet.

Manong Unyol said...

hmmm sir lumalakas din ang loob ko dahil sa mga kasama ko pero ewan kung kailan ako hihinto pero kung minsan nag iisa ako nag iisip din ako kc napaka delikado ang ganitong hilig hehehe pero kaya to nasimulan na :)

Byaheng Jologs said...

Wow...sabi ko na maganda magiging tandem ninyo ni inaanak na diwata eh (Amber)...
Pareho kayong excited sa bawat bundok na aakyatin nyo...
Go lang na go buddy...Sigurado ako marami ka pang mararating at matutuklasan...
Always stay safe....
BDW...kung pinaka expensive man ang coffee na galing sa "shit" ng civet cat...
shit ayoko na mag coffee...hehe...(I know its true)
Have a happy climbing always....

Anonymous said...

galing nmn! sir,pasama naman nxt time =)

Manong Unyol said...

oo nman ma'am walang problema mas malupet nga mga climb nyu :)

Manong Unyol said...

grabeng pahirap din jan ma'am dahil sa dulas grabe d ako maka-ahon sa dulas umulan kc kinagabihan nun sabi ng guide...

Albert the Backpacker said...

hala, mga hardcore, paano pa ako makasasabay pa sa inyo...he he he

Manong Unyol said...


joy said...

Grabe ang determination st stamina nyo. Halos la tulugan pero may lakas pa rin kayo umakyat ng bundok. Well, maybe becsuse it is your passion and everything is worth naman. Thanks for the pictures. I dont need to climb the mountains. Hi hi
Happy New Year and I wish you more successful climb this year:)

Manong Unyol said...


xoxo_grah said...

wow! what a nice way to end the way for you sir! Good thing everything is good kahit na slippery yung daan....parang maliit lang yung mga sugat mo....narinig ko one time yung most expensive coffee...ganun pala ung mukha ng cat?...hihi


Manong Unyol said...

oo ma'am napaka wild daw na cat na yun kaya niya putulin daliri mo kinagat ka niya.. yung sugat tumama sa mga bata ang sakit...

anney said...

Anong prutas yun parang paakyat ng puno? Happy 2013!

Manong Unyol said...

yun din po d nmin natanung ma'am e ang dami nming na encounter kakaiba :)

Marco said...

We also had our year-end climb at Mt. Talamitam and Mt. Batulao.

Good job sir!

Manong Unyol said...

congrats din sir goodjob galing ipag patuloy lang ang pag akyat at makatulong din tau sa kabundukan :)

Paula O said...

Sarap magbalik-tanaw sa nakaraang taon ano :-)

Manong Unyol said...

OPo hahaha :) minsan makasam din kita sa travel or pag akyat ng bundok... :-)

Beth said...

Wow. Dami nyo naakyat! If I were that young naku e sama siguro ako sa inyo! :) ang galing ng post mo na to. Kumpleto! Pati mobile # ni Mang Mario. E itatanong ko pa nmn sana. For sure, natulungan mo siya madagdagan customers niya. I'm your newest follower now! :)

P.S. Please don't call me Ma'am. Kahit yan ang practice sa mountaineering, as what Joni said. Just call me Ate Beth. Have a happy week!

Manong Unyol said...

uy salamat po wla nman sa edad ang pag akyat importante gusto nyu gawin normal lang yung pagod at may pagka risky pero rewrding nman marating ang tuktok ng bundok.

Beth said...

I know wala sa age. Kaya nga natuwa ako at pinost mo na un contact number ni Mang Mario. That means, baka gawin ko yan pag nagbakasyon ako diyan next time. :)

Manong Unyol said...

cge po ingat kau sa inyong magiging adventure sa kabundukan :)

Tal said...

ang ganda talaga ng view sa maculot rockies! nagpunta din kami dyan last October, sulit ang hirap at pagod at takot ko sa pag-akyat sa ganda ng view. :)

Manong Unyol said...

ayh oo sobra ganda ng maculot yan ang first climb ko :) ksu yung campsite daming kalat na plastic..

Anonymous said...

sir, san ang jump off ng malipunyo-manabu? tama ba na sa 'sulok'??? plan ko umakyat bukas kaso sa sobrang dami ng blog na binasa ko, nalito na ako kung san talaga ung jump off. ;) Thanks and more power!

Manong Unyol said...

hi grace san ka ba magsisimula kc manabu - malipunyo ay traverse po yan. ang jump off ng manabu ay Sulok brgay santa Cruz at ang Mt. Malipunyo naman ay barangay Tallisay... kapag sumakay ka ng bus na mga papuntang batangas lipa sabhin mo ibaba ka sa fiesta mall alam na lahat ng mga bus yan then sa highway may makikita ka na tricycle dun sabhin mo kung san ka pupunta mga trike drivers dun karamhihan dun alam na nila sabhin mo lang san ka pupunta. para sa akin kung mag tratraverse ka much better kuha ka guide kc d masyado establish ang trail at malayo na lakaran. salamat

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

lupit ng year end climb mu sir.. nice.. -gel

Manong Unyol said...

salamat po isang challenge sa sarili at buti natapos naman kahit mahirap :)

josh kilabot said...

kuya mario called it tree house because the roof is triangle

Manong Unyol said...

thanks to the info sir I will edit it, I have no idea why he called it tree house, I forgot to ask him that time.

Beibi Balana said...

grabe sir.. mejo natakot ako tomorrow kasi mg traverse din kme mt.malipunyo to mt. manabu ee. pero wala ng maculot.. hehe galing nyu ni mam amber walang kapaguran.. GODBLESS

Beibi Balana said...

weee sir. hehe na contact ko si mang mario ang kaso hindi sya pwede tom para mag guide so binigyan nya nlang ako no. para sa ibang pwedeng mg guide hehhe salamat dun s no. hehhe

jayo said...

Good day po sa lahat ng Mountaineer who will be plan to climb malipunyo/manabu traverse huwag niyo po kukunin si MANUEL ang name na ibibigay ng brgy, we climb yesterday N0v 20 Malipunyo/Manabu traverse around 4 to 6pm ppo naligaw na kami at hindi alam ng guide kung san na papasok, nag butas pero negative almost 6 hours po kami nag hahanap ng trail even pa balik slighlty were lost nag hahanap pa kami ng mga yapak ng dinaanan namin para makabalik, we just thank God kasi kahit paanu may mga extra food pa kami and head lights, just always bring your head lamps and extra food alwas anticipate na pag nasa bundok anything can happen. sad to say lang po na even we report this to brgy e parang wala lang po nangari. ask lang po ng credibility ng guide always kungfamiliar ba siya sa mga trails kung aabutin ng gabi.pinalitan po kasi nila yung kinuha naming guide na si MARIO dahil di siya kaalyado ng new brgy captain. we just thank God kahit na almost 12am na kami nakababa pa rin kami, thoug may mga sugatan kasi naabutan kami ng ulan at nag kadulas dulas kami. we give back all Glory to God.

Manong Unyol said...

hi sir pwede mo ba kami bigyan ng any picts as evidence para mabalaan din ang any sign na nawala kayo sa trail, paalala narin sa ibang mga mountaineer. maraming salamat at safe kayo nakababa..

jayo said...
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jayo said...

Sige sir ask ko yung ibang kasama ko, umuulan din kasi nun kaya nakatago mga camera namin, tinawagan din namin kanina yung brgy at nag sorry ang brgy at inamin na bago din daw tung guide na ipinalit sa kay Mario, nag suggest kami sa brgy na i organized nila mga guide nila at bigan ng mga seminars on how to hnadle pag may mga ganung sitwasyon.

Dan Calanoga said...

Sir may kilala po b kayong contact person sa Malipunyo?