Mt. Gulogod Baboy
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Bloggers Climb 2

Peak of Gulogod Baboy

     After our Mt. Batulao last January 20, Nil suggested Mt. Gulogod Baboy to celebrate the birthday climb of Jherson a travel blogger author of Lonely Travelogue. Gulogod baboy is considered as one the easiest mountain for beginners, and has scenic views of Batangas Bay and Balayan Bay.

    For 2 months and 2 days of preparation to be exact all has been set. The team had been divided in 2 groups because other participants from South area their meet-up was in Alabang and from North area in Buendia DLTB terminal. At Batangas Public Terminal was our final meet-up, and it’s my first time to meet Kat and Nathalie, also a travel blogger member of PTB. At the Batangas Public Terminal we rode a jeep with a signboard going to Anilao but the barker negotiated with us for 9 persons directly to Philpans dive resort the jump-off point, we paid for only 600 pesos not too bad and so that it will not be hassle for us to find again another public transport going to jump-off. 1hr and 30minutes of travel time from Batangas Public Terminal to Philpans dive resort  a very long hours sitting on the jeep but I didn't notice because I enjoyed listening with their topics about their travel adventures. I wondered why they can do solo travel because until now I never tried do a solo trip to a place that I never been before because as always I have buddies, for me my main reasons are to lessen my expenses, not to be bored while on the road and I feel safe if I have buddies. 10:15AM we arrived at the jump-off we planned to have a side-trip at Sombrero Island. We met kuya Globert (local organizer and guide in that place) at the jump-off. We tried convincing kuya Globert to lower the price rate of the boat rental but he didn't had deal with us because the fix rate is 2,500 capacity of 10 persons, so we think twice and our group will decide after our climb at the Gulogod Baboy.

Start of steep trail going to Gulogod Baboy

     After we registered at the jump-off instead we will start our trek, the team decided took our early lunch at the cottage and to standby until 2PM so that when we reach the campsite not already hot because that time its to hot when I looked on my temperature of my watch it reached 37°C may also cause of heat stroke.

     From the start our hiked I got tired easily because it was too hot and also steep portion, luckily for every station there were selling softdrinks, Halo-halo and ice candy to refresh and to quench our thirst.

     This climb as my training to my Cross Trek 2013 (Kibungan Exit to La Union) 4 days on the mountains I load everything on my backpack even is not necessary para lang hindi mabigla katawan ko. When we were walking on the trail Kat and Nathalie as always they mentioned “hindi para sa amin talaga ang bundok” pang beach lang daw talaga sila they didn't know even me I’m tired because of the heat.

From the mountain of Gulogod Baboy you can see the Sombrero Island from afar looks like a hat

Please help this house they need a tarpaulin to cover the wall of their house when it's raining.

Splendid view 

Yes we did it we reached the peak
Thank you guys being part of your adventures

     Almost 5PM we reached the peak. At the peak it has 360degree views and you can see the other town of Batangas and the wide sea. We witnessed magnificent sunset and breezy fresh air from the top of the mountain.

Thank you God for the great weather and we witnessed the wonderful sunset.

Chasing the sunset

Social is one of the best part, sharing ideas, experiences, relationship and also showbiz hahaha

     That night at the campsite we saw the other part of Batangas participated the earth hour exactly 8:30PM they turn off their lights.

We woke up early and we want to witness the sunrise but :( after a few minutes waiting it becomes foggy

How to get there:

By Commute

-Ride a bus with a signboard Calabarzon via DLTB in Buendia or ALPS in Cubao drop-off point is
 Batangas Public Terminal.

-From the Batangas Public Terminal ride a jeep going to Bolboc going to Anilao then ride a Trike going to
 Philpans Dive Resort or for a large group you can rent a jeep direct to Barangay Ligaya Philpans Dive  

Kuya Globert
Local guide
contact number: 09179877755

Click this link: Side-trip in Sombrero Island


Kat said...

Nahiya naman ako, ikaw pa nagdala nung mga tubig ko. :( Akala namin ni Natz, kami lang ang hingal-kabayo sa pag-akyat hehe

TheKidWanderer said...

Isa sa pangarap kong marating ang Gulogod Baboy! Sana may next time pa. :)

nathellelumabad said...

Natz na lang, Mina! Hehe :D Maraming salamat sa pasensya! Sa susunod ulit :)

Manong Unyol said...

oo pagod din ako kc mainit hehehe kaka ubos ng lakas.. :)

Manong Unyol said...

ganda rin peak nun 360 ang view..

Manong Unyol said...

thanks at na meet ko rin kau ni kat :)

yccos said...

hay.. Mang Unyol!!!! Wala pa din akong comeback climb...huhhu...loser me :(
Ayan, with this, para na rin akong nakarating ng gulugodbaboy :)

Manong Unyol said...

makaka akyat ka din don't madami pa nman time hehehe