Cross Country Trek - Veto Campsite to Batangan
Renante MinaMonday, April 8, 2013 14 comments

Day 2: Good Friday

Catching the sunrise at Veto Campsite

     We woke up early around 5:00AM and prepared our food for breakfast and also for our lunch we really have to maximize our time. Sunrise welcomed us for our second day in the mountain. The town of Kibungan Benguet which we came from and where we started our hike can be seen from the Veto Campsite. We asked sir Migs (organizer) “saan daan natin?” he pointed a mountain rocks “diyan tayo daan sa gilid niyan”. Because we don’t have any idea I felt li’l bit of nervousness. 9:00AM we started our trek, the T-shirt I used on the first day I used it again for the second day because “pagpa-pawisan lang din ulit ako sayang lang ang bagong palit.” Hahaha.. My always complain when I have a hike was the very hot weather while on the trail and I even consumed 1.5L of water sometimes but still it’s not enough for me.

Coffins near the trail

     We noticed a coffin near the trail, when I took a picture our guide said “magpa-alam muna bago kayo kukuha ng picture” kinabahan ako bigla without asking why to our guide and without any hesitation I asked  forgiveness and it was not my intention to disrespect his/her grave.

Water source
"Our Guide - Kuya Octavio"

     Our guide advice to us that refill our bottles because the next water source is still far and we have no choice but to refill again luckily I’m on the first line hahaha. One of the cause of our delay.

We took our rest

     After the water source, the trail is open expose to the sun, you can only count by your fingers the trees you can see near the trail, I trudged because of the heat and my sweat irritated my eyes. Everytime I took my rest I’m whistling because there is a belief if you to whistle through your mouth a strong wind will come, I don’t know if there’s a scientific explanation about that or maybe it’s a coincident or superstitious belief.

     Finally we reached a shady part along the trail, huge rock curves made by the natures maybe thousands or hundreds years ago and it looks like a waiting shed, for 5 minutes of rest (take 5) we regenerate ourselves and enough for us to continue again our trek to a very tiring steep trail.

Steep and rockies surface of the mountain

Railings at the side of the mountain rocks

The surface of the rock mountain

A.k.a "Tiger Lila"
A breathtaking view on her background

Heading up to view deck
You need a rock climbing skills...

View deck

     At the view deck, a knife edge part of the mountain I was confused why they’re shouting when I’m near that location, I heard their echo at the same way I also shouted and to express my feelings why I’m doing this. When I’m sitting on a cliff edge, I had mix emotions, I don’t know maybe this is the last or maybe this is the beginning of my adventures, I’m  too lucky I experienced this one a kind adventures in life and I have two strong feet that will take me on the peak of the mountains and have great stamina.

Nimbus clouds form in Tacadang

     When we were at Tacadang where we took our lunch it drizzled and after a few minutes we resumed our hike again heading to Batangan campsite the rain poured heavily the bad thing was I don’t have an umbrella and raincoat, luckily I had all my stuffs water proofed. But my concern was hypothermia because it’s too cold while we’re on the trail.

     Sir Albert, Ma’am Tiger Lila and I decided rest at the hut after we passed the rice terraces and the others decided to continue their trek, we heard rolling stones that came from the top of the mountain, we all knew that there’s a hiker on the foot of the mountain. After that we saw them got panic and they ran as much they can. Thanks God they’re safe.

Rice Terraces

We walk at the side of rice terraces

One of my favorite part in the trail the rice terraces

Longest and deepest hanging bridge we cross

I'm brave and I conquered my fear of heights

The toughest porters in Kibungan, Kankana-ey tribe

Lovely faces with a sweet smile (Photogenic)
These kids are selling yummy pancakes

     I never heard any words from them only their laughs, I tried to speak them in Ilocano, and Tagalog or maybe didn't understand me they are more fluent in English hahaha baka hindi ko kayanin dudugo ilong ko.

School in Batangan
 I can't imagine there's a school at the middle of the mountain. I salute the teachers sacrifices their time and efforts in this school and to teach the children of Batangan.

     After we crossed the hanging bridge we asked our guides, “Malayo pa ba kuya?” as what they said malapit na and we are not aware with the time we are pretty sure that we will reach the campsite as early as 6:00 PM but unfortunately iyong malapit na iyon na sinasabi malayo pa pala we were caught on the dark on the trail, they deceived us, and worst thing was I don’t have a flashlight because I packed it on my backpack and sealed it on my dry bag because I don’t want it to be ruined by the rain. That was worst, I don’t want it to happen again on the trail..  

     Past 7:00PM we reached the Batangan campsite, when I look at my feet I noticed a leech and I have no reactions when I saw the leech because I'm very tired and the others were screaming hahaha actually that is my first time bitten by a leech, what I do was I sprayed it with my perfume directly to the leech in a few seconds the leech willingly get rid off my feet. One of the best solutions to remove the leech it must have alcohol content the liquid you will spray. That night I slept early because I felt sick because the changing of weather.

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June said...

Woah rice terraces.... na-miss ko tuloy ang sagada.

Manong Unyol said...

hahaha favorite spot ko din po itong rice terraces

Genskie said...

woah...kalula ang tulay ah.

Manong Unyol said...

oo sobra kaya isa isa lang nag crocorss magalang kasi yung bridge. kaka lula talga d nga ako makatingin sa baba deretso lang ang tingin.

Marco said...

Nakaka-nervous yong tulay. Nakakatakot! :)

But I am so excited with your adventure. Congrats!

Manong Unyol said...

salamt sir hehehe.. kaktakot talga yung tulay parang nakakawalang tiwala tumawid

mark said...

lovin' the trek ;) hope to set foot these moutains!

yccos said...

i can only imagine the wonderful feeling of being there :) i love it and i totally miss it.

Manong Unyol said...

try these mountains sir we crossed 7 mountains in 4days approximately 50 kms.

Manong Unyol said...

you can't describe ma'am everytime you see a beautiful views and waiting the sunset and sunrise in the mountain.

Di Rosapapan said...

Galing, Sir! :) Kasama nyo din pala si Kuya Habyo (Octavio, the guide)! :)

Manong Unyol said...

ah oo bait mga yan hehehe :)

Tigerlila said...

OO, ang aming pinaka mamamahal na si Manong Octavio(if we're talking about that porter carrying an overwhelming 1000-ton's my porter.. I called him Tavio..Habyo lang pala sya,..:)

Manong Unyol said...

grabe ang lalakas parang wala lang ang bigat.. pero tiba tiba after ng akyat hahaha bka naka iphone 5 na sila :)