Cross Country Trek - Amburayan River to Tubaday
Renante MinaThursday, April 18, 2013 15 comments

Day 4:  Easter Sunday

     Thanks God for a wonderful day for our fourth day and it was Easter Sunday (Easter is the day when we celebrate Jesus Christ rising from the dead). And that was our last day. Last day of our bonding with fellow mountaineers that I became my close friends in the mountains. I also already miss my family that waiting for me and to get online with my social network and to share with them my experiences.

     I’m tired and sleepy because for a long wakefulness of that night because we celebrated of our last night, after I took my breakfast and after we packed all our things and everything was okay, when I saw the others they're not yet awake so I took a nap for a while but after a few minutes sir Albert woke me up, from that nap I experienced a dream I thought I’m already our home and have a pretty rest on my softy bed.

River crossing

     We crossed the Amburayan River luckily the river was shallow and the current was not too strong. Nothing to worry, after we crossed the river the steep mountain welcomed us and scorching our way to another torture to ourselves I felt so weak because of my hang over and addition to that was my stomach ache I already promised to myself I will limit my alcohol but it happened again (Sigh). Everytime I saw the others took their rest I also  rest hahaha “gaya-gaya lang”. While on the trail I heard from the others that there’s theft incidents that happened last night they don’t know who the suspect was the locals near our area or fellow mountaineers but I thought maybe not my fellow mountaineers because if the suspect were one us, on the first or second day there should have been incident  but there wasn't so I believe not on our group, I guess the locals live in that area, maybe the robbers who attacked during our deep sleep and they got three(3)pairs of hiking shoes and one(1) trekking pole hmmmm their hands must be cut hahaha as their punishment.

Took our rest at the stream
Photo credit: Albert the backpacker

     We assembled at the shady part near the stream, unfortunately the stream it’s not applicable to use as trail water because the water was not clear there’s water deterioration because some part are stagnant. Majority of us have not enough water so we assumed we can pass other water source, when all the hikers are already there at the waiting area we resumed again our trekked going to Tubaday we noticed a pipe we tried to remove the tie and everyone is excited, because of my excitement I consumed all the water left on my bottle but to my disappointment we saw the water were not so clear. I opted not refill my bottles because I don’t want to sacrifice my health. While on the middle of the trail my throat and lips became dry and I don’t know what to do. I’m exhausted and I don’t have water on my bottles I swallowed my own saliva to relieve my thirst.

     We just followed the other mountaineers ahead of us without noticing that the trail we passed through was the long trail, we have lots of rest because we knew that the other mountaineers and guides (sweeper) were just behind of us so there's nothing to worry about, when I passed the fork I noticed the other mountaineers and guides(sweeper) exit at the other fork I was shocked and I asked which they came from, so we reported immediately to them that there were also other mountaineers behind of us. They were waiting the other mountaineers and guides (sweeper) because as they knew the trail we use and the trail use by the guides(sweeper) was the same but we were wrong. Luckily the route trail we used and the trail they used has the same exit. (Sigh).

Kids in Barangay Tubaday Santol, La Union

     Finally we reached the barangay Tubaday La Union, but the jeep can’t fetch us at the barangay because the road was under construction we need to trek again for about less than an hour. Happily there’s already a water supply in that area I refilled all my bottles so that I didn’t have to worry again for my water supply on the trail.

Where to go

Touchdown.... where the jeep waiting us

     When I saw the jeep on the road a big “YES” comes on my mouth that I can’t imagine that our Cross Trek was done for 3nights and 4days. That time I thanked God that I survived and nothing bad happened to me like injuries or severe ache on my body.

     I’m proud to myself that I carried my heavy backpack until we finished our hiked I learned a lot with this exploration I thought I already experienced everything but I was wrong. It developed my patience and confidence. Comradeship a good characteristic I've seen in this exploration. 

No one can explain their happiness

Resort in San Juan La Union

     We sojourn a resort in San Juan La Union for us to relax and clean ourselves. San Juan is considered to be the Surfing Capital of the Northern Philippines, and is known for its consistent intermediate quality surf.

Waiting the sunset 

The sun, skies and the sea

Romantic sunset in San Juan La Union

The Hiker

I take the shady trail ahead of me
By the cold and deep bed of the river,
Looking up to the mountain
Where clouds wreath its crest
And eagles circle free

A land of beauty and still so pure,
Mine to behold,
And watch amazed
The sun’s timeless dance
Through lush, green branches

I let its light enfold me,
Hiking in the thickest woods of ancient trees
With nameless flowers and
Ferns with hazel leaves,
In awe I look ahead of me.

Nature is sacred, these trees are a temple
And the forest a cathedral
Granting me the wisdom of understanding
And learning the language of earth
Carried through time, the gift of life and truth

This is a place where I go to be myself,
To be alone and think things through,
It encompasses the essence
Of what I am and
What I want to be

I climb to find
All my emotions stored here,
My mind, body and spirit need
Wind and rain, moonlight and sunrises,
Mists and music of wind among trees

I gain wisdom and beauty
By resting on the grass, watch the clouds drift and
Listening to the water’s song,
I reach serenity and
Learn the truth about myself

Here, at the top of the world
I am never alone, for Mother Nature
Is holding my hand while we listen
To music of the earth, and I reach
A place where clouds and sky reflect my heart

I relax and know my path is before me,
The earth guiding my senses,
Water nourishes me and
Wind embraces me,
I am conquered
By Nature

Penny M.

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Pondering Paodaolei said...

Namimiss ko nang umakyat ng bundok.

Manong Unyol said...

tara akyat tau minsan with the other bloggers yung madali lang hehehe :)

joy said...

Grabe experience sa pag akyat ng bundok.
Kahit saan talaga may ahas. I mean may magnanakaw.
But the joy naman na experience nyo ay worth all the effort. Dami pala talaga magaganda mountains sa atin:)
Nice poem:)

Manong Unyol said...

ay opo ma'am kahit san lugar may magnanakaw hehehe.. dami nga talga maganda na lugar sa pinas ma'am

Genskie said...

wow ang sarap tignan ng tubig sa batis siguro masarap din ang maligo diyan :)

Manong Unyol said...

ayh oo nakaka refresh sa katawan hehehe :)

Arnie Monacillo said...

Nakarating talaga kau ng La Union, parang Grand Cordillera Trail lang. :)

Manong Unyol said...

Oo sir tatlong probinsiya ang dinaanan nmin :) kaya nakakapagod din

Tigerlila said...

Pang-finale! Thanks Thrasher I came to know Biag ni Lam-ang scene in Amburayan River, Tubaday, Santol and stuff..Nakakatuwa :)

Manong Unyol said...

eto yung moment na para akong nabunutan ng tinik makita ko ang mga jeep hahaha... nalimutan ko lang makwento ang tungkol sa biag ni lam-ang noong andun tau.. :)

The Soul Explorer said...

Kahit saan talaga may magnanakaw no. Tsk! Ingat ingat na lang. :)

Manong Unyol said...

ayh opo d talga maiiwasan yan.. buti nlang nakatago lahat noong natutulog na kmi...

albert thebackpacker said...

Di ko ata alam yung Biag ni Lam-Ang, ano ba yon, he he he

#TownExplorer | @edmaration said...

I suuuuper envy this staggering calorie-depleting trek! I want to do it someday in my life! Ang saya lang! I could not just imagine myself squealing in joy kapag siguro matapos ko ito! Ang galing niyo! :)

Manong Unyol said...

try nyo din sir super ang saya after mo matapos 4 days in the mountains sabhin mong worth it, yun lang di siya biro napaka adventure you need to be careful all the time....