Cross Country Trek - Batangan Campsite to Amburayan River
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Day 3: Black Saturday

     A typical day in a mountain for a mountaineer should wake up early to stretch their body and prepare their food to have enough energy to hike again in a trail, sip a very hot coffee and its aroma that awake every limb in the morning, breathe a cool fresh air that you can never find in the city, wait the magnificent sunrise on the peak of the mountain, greet fellow mountaineers with a great smile. That are the usual routines of being a mountaineer.

Ready to descend

     On the 3rd day I felt irritable because of 2 days without a shower. I’m so messy, with my muddy shoes, malodorous smell on my clothes. I don’t have any choice but to sacrifice and to wait until we reached the Amburayan river that would be our last campsite.

Descending at the Batangan Campsite

     At 9:00AM we left the Batangan Campsite without knowing the trail was too slippery because the stones that they use as stairs have a moss and the was trail almost vertically inclined, for me it's much easier going up rather than going down if the trail is almost 90degrees inclined and trail was very risky for one mistake maybe only a hospital or cemetery only be your destination hahaha… luckily there are railings in some part of the trail and the bad thing was it's too hard to control because everytime I stepped my feet on the trail my heavy backpack was giving me a headache because of its weight also has force on my back, happily I have a trekking pole that I can use as my support.

     My eyes squinted when I removed my eyeglass maybe cause of over fatigue or the heights I guess; I closed my eyes for a few seconds just to recover, the reason I removed my eyeglass was my sweat dropped into the lens and I felt uncomfortable with my sight, and it may cause of my accident on the trail.

At the peak of Batangan campsite which we came from

     When we're near at the village in Sugpon Ilocos Sur, I took my rest for a while on the trail because my knees and my muscles was aching, I look back trying to recognize where we came from where we spent our night at the 2nd day because I can’t imagine we surpass that trail.

Sugpon Ilocos Sur

     Past 12AM we reached the village, I thought the village was where we will take our lunch but I was wrong and I'm starving, fortunately there is a mini store selling softdrinks sir Albert bought 1(one) big size of soda we don’t care even its not too cold and what was important was to quench our thirst but my belly was not contented with the soda because my belly wants me to eat until it full hahaha. For more than 30 minutes of break we started again our hike going to Amburayan River their estimation was another 1.5 hours of trek from the village, I felt the excitement and finally I will take my shower and plunge into very cold water from the river.

Given a chance picture with Karina - Lakwatserang Kuba

The view on the trail

Amburayan River

     Almost 2:00PM we reached the Amburayan river and finally we had long time to rest and to relax our feet not like the first two days of our trek that was very stressful, The first thing I did was I whisked my shoes and exposed it to the sun and  all my dirty wet clothes, unloaded all the things on my backpack so that it will dry easily because I didn't expect that on our second day of our trek heavy rain poured because it's already summer so I didn’t bring my raincoat.

Where we pitch our tents

     Amburayan River has been a part of Philippine history and the life and cultures of the indigenous peoples living along or near it.

     At last for two days without any shower, I took my bath on a shallow river and I felt freshness and turn away all my worries and wash all away my dirt on my body hahaha.

     Did you read or heard about the story of Biag ni Lam-ang an epic poem of the Ilokano people from the Ilocos region of the Philippines. Recited and written in its original Iloko, the poem is believed to be a composite work of various poets who passed it on through the generations, and was first transcribed around 1640 by a blind Ilokano bard named Pedro Bucaneg.

     One of the settings in the story he passed by a river, the Amburayan River and then decided to have a dip. The dirt that came off from his body caused the death of the river's fish. As he was bathing, some of the maidens who were present at the river gladly attended to him.

Summary of the story 

     Don Juan and his wife Namongan lived in Nalbuan, now part of La Union in the northern part of the Philippines. Lam-ang was an extraordinary being, manifesting in his early years when he started to speak, thus enabling him to choose his own name. His adventure began when his father, Don Juan, set out for a battle but never returned. At barely nine months, he went to search for Don Juan in the highlands where the latter was said to have gone. Aware that her child was a blessed, exceptional creature, his mother Namongan allowed him to go. Lam-ang then went off to search for his father, leaving his grieving mother behind.

     When Lam-ang reached the area his father purportedly disappeared to, he was enraged upon seeing Don Juan’s severed head atop of a bamboo pole that was planted in the ground; the scene came to him in a dream prior to reaching that place. Lam-ang then demanded to know the reason as to why that had happened to his father, but did not receive an answer from the locals. Instead, the chieftain of the village demanded that he leave under pain of suffering the same fate as his father. Lam-ang defied the caveat and bravely fought with the chieftain and his tribesmen. The hero emerged victorious from the battle with little effort, finally avenging his murdered father. Source: Wikipedia and KapitBisigcom

Our guides play Tallac

     Our guides performing their native music called Tallac a wooden music which came from the Kankana-ey tribe they perform this when they have an occasions according to our guides, sounds good though I'm not familiar and though it was not commercialized not like the other tribe music.

Our porter teach how to play that instrument

Bonfire at the Amburayan River
Photo credit: Albert the Backpacker 

     That night we celebrated our last day in the campsite, bonfire, social with the other group of hikers I witnessed how they do the traditional Pinikpikan (a dish from the mountains of the Cordillera region in the Philippines. It is prepared by beating a live chicken with a stick prior to cooking).


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