Cross Country Trek - Kibungan to Veto Campsite
Renante MinaFriday, April 5, 2013 12 comments

Day 1: Holy Thursday

     For long months of preparations I forgot to check the status of my backpack I load everything all the necessaries we need for our long hike, when I carried my backpack I heard something on the strap, when I checked the stitches it was almost worn out I’m so worried about my backpack but it’s too late there’s no time for a repair. Past 6PM I left the house, I went to the house of Sir Albert my buddy to this climb and to manage everything we need to bring especially our foods good for 4 days and our tent. We rushed and put everything in our backpacks because our call time was 9:00PM. While we were going to LRT station my shoulders start to ache because it’s too heavy unfortunately the escalator was not functioning, and I have also a muscle pain on my feet. I asked myself “can I survive with this 4 days hike on the mountains?” because in the metropolis I already feel the pain but I motivated myself I need to finish this exploration and to have something to share to the others.

     We arrived in Baguio and it’s already 6:00AM and the off-road bus was waiting us at the public terminal going to Kibungan Benguet, and it was my first time rode that kind of a bus with high wheels that looks like a monster truck which doesn’t care how steep, zigzag or dusty the road is and I think if it only can speak it would say “I’m the king of the road”.

Touch down at Kibungan Benguet

     According to the documentary that I watched Kibungan is a Kankana-ey word which means large monkey. They name the place Kibungan because the Americans and locals can’t understand because of the language barrier. We registered at the town hall of Kibungan and prepared ourselves, refilled our bottles, put sunblocks and also stretched our body to avoid muscles pain. 12 noon we started our trekked and it was very hot and the bad thing was I forgot my umbrella, and that time my skin was not yet fully recovered from the sunburn I had from our side-trip in Sombrero Island with fellow bloggers. From the first 1 hour of our hike going to lunch area I can already feel the pain on my skin because of the heat from the sun because I don’t have any protections from my skin and I dragged myself and had uncontrolled steps because of the heavy backpack. That moment I said to myself this is one of the biggest challenges for me; I need to survive in the mountains for 4 days.

Concrete road in Kibungan Benguet

Rice grain
Farming source of their livelihood

Start of the trail and we are descending

Pine trees on the trail

     While you are on the trail you will not be bored because of the splendid views from afar, you can see the mountainous part of Benguet, the rice terraces from the side of the mountains, the pine trees near the trail that will serve as shades against from the very hot sunlight and you will feel the fresh air while you take your rest.

Picturesque view

The first hanging bridge I crossed

     For a long time, I experienced again to cross into a hanging bridge because when my first time I experienced to cross the narrow hanging bridge way back I was in highschool, I have a fear of heights (Acrophobia) strong winds also added to my tension, but now I already conquered it. For me that is the main highlight the first day of our hiked we crossed 2(two) hanging bridge for our first day.

Magnificent view

Exhausted "don't give up your mountain is waiting for you"

Stairs on the mountain

     When we are near already at the ridge there are parts of the trail that was very steep luckily there are railings and some portions they made as stairs, also best spots to take pictures. 4:00PM we reached Veto Campsite and the others already pitched their tents those who are ahead of us maybe 10-20 minutes. Good thing we still have nice space.

From the last step of the stair I took a picture to the other hikers.

Veto Campsite

     Dinner time this is what I’ve been waiting for after a very tiring hike. A big thanks to sir Albert he cooked Papaitan one the best dish in the mountain I ever tasted, walang katulad sa bundok lahat masarap, 2 thumbs up good job lahat na sarapan sa luto.

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June said...

The stairs reminds me of a scene from Lord of the ring where frodo and sam together with gollum ascending via the secret stairs towards Shelob's lair, wala naman siguro kayo nakasalubong na giant spiders?. heheheh! at nakakalula yung mga views :D

Manong Unyol said...

hahaha ganun ba d ko alam e d ko pa napanood yung lord of the rings, promise ang ganda dito. worth it pagod nyu dito mapuntahan nyu tong kibungan..

joy said...

Grabe ang layo ng inakyat nyo, but it was worth. Ako siguro maka survive lang ng 1 hour sa pag akyat ng bundok:)
Thanks for sharing. Para na rin akong umakyat ng bundok:)

Manong Unyol said...

ah opo super duper lau hahaha pahirap po ang sobrang init mabigat na bag.. worth it nman :)

Arnie Monacillo said...

Ilang oras na hiking to sir? Ganda din jan..rehas tau Benguet ung route natin on the Holy Week.

Manong Unyol said...

4days na lakaran sir exit ng la union eto yung isa sa basagan ng tuhod na sinasabi complete package ang hike.

Byaheng Jologs said...

Congrats Mina...
Miss na kitang kasama sa climb...
ingat ingat din pag may time...hehe

Manong Unyol said...

salamat ma'am... hehehe cge po sa susunod...

tigerlila said...

Thrasher!!bakit now ko lang to nabasa?hehe..Trip down the benguet lane..huwaaw

Manong Unyol said...

kasi lage kayo busy sa travels nyo hehehe... antayin ko din kwento mo dito..

MIGS said...

next year ulit!
ibang ruta naman. pero xc pa rin


Manong Unyol said...

cge sir aantayin ko yan hehehe :)