Cabongaoan / Cabo Beach and Batog Beach in Burgos Pangasinan
Renante MinaTuesday, May 7, 2013 35 comments

Batog beach with the rock formations

     I received an email and she commented on my blog about my write-up in Bolinao, she invited me to visit her hometown in Pangasinan for us to experience to swim in their undeveloped and untouched beaches in her hometown but as she said don’t expect too much. Without hesitation although I’m not a big fan of beaches I still created an event for me to invite also my other buddies in climbing for us to spend our summer vacation in the beach unfortunately 1 week ago before the date of the event I got sick high fever and dry cough, I think twice if I will go or not because more than five participants confirmed they come they texted me that they will push the event even without me, the doctor said to me I need to rest. A day before the event my body was already in good condition, my body temperature was stable and normal I’m glad that I can join them. I think we had less than a month for the preparation for this event.

     Our first option was Victory Liner but unfortunately fully book and the next trip was 3AM, luckily they have a book guide for travelers hahaha they found out that Five Star they have a route to Alaminos Pangasinan, we went to Five Star Terminal luckily first come first serve basis so we patiently waited the bus going to Alaminos. At 11:30PM we departed at the Five Star terminal by their ordinary bus, for 5.5 hours of traveling time going to Alaminos Pangasinan, at the Victory Liner Alaminos terminal we rode again a bus going to Sta Cruz and our drop off point was Burgos Market another 20minutes of ride. At the Burgos Market you can hire a trike going Cabongaoan because the trip of the jeep is very minimal.

     Ms. Evelyn welcomed us; I felt we were like tourists hahaha they were waiting for our arrival in their house. I’m so glad that everyone was enjoying even the travel was too long and very tiring but worth it and I felt just like I'm in my hometown.

Rockies seashore of Batog Beach

     Our first destination for that day was the Batog beach we hiked for about less than 1hour to reach the unpopular and unspoiled beach. We saw Awe-inspiring huge rock formations. The sea breeze took my calmness and turned way the sickness of my body. There were also cave in that place with different rock formation which you can see. These are the main attractions in Batog Beach.

Crystal clear waters at Batog beach

Huge rock formations

Rock climbing ang peg


Hydrophiinae also known as coral reef snakes or sea snakes
majority of the hydrophiinae species are highly venomous 

Chilax time

Ms. Evelyn preparing our foods for lunch

Our nutritious foods 

     We took our lunch there in that beach I miss the foods they served to us the fresh adobong pusit, flower of katuray, kamote tops and the “dinengdeng” vegetables dish of the Ilocano, using your bare hand while eating one of the best hahaha true trademark of being Pinoy.

Kuliglig on the go....

It's more fun ride in the Philippines

     After our lunch at Batog Beach the group decided to have a rest in Cabo beach where we will pitch our tents and to celebrate the birthday Blast of Ms. Evelyn for that night. One of the most memorable of this trip was we rode a Kuliglig going to Cabo beach, we don’t care the scorching heat of the sun and dusty road and even though we were overloaded on the kuliglig but still we enjoyed, because all of us were first time to ride that kind of transporation here in the Philippines. 

Cabongaoan beach powdery white-sand

Waiting the sunset

     At 2:00PM we arrived in Cabo beach the first thing we do was we pitch our tents and have a rest for us to relax on the shady part covered with the trees. The powdery white sand and crystal clear waters of the beach dazzling in my eyes and witnessing the dramatic sunset of Cabo Beach. Perfect place to those they want to escape from their hectic schedules, for them to unwind. Person love beach bumming I recommend this place because it's not crowded, not common to other tourist and very peaceful. We spent our summer vacation with their pristine beaches in Burgos Pangasinan in the cheapest way, if you want more comfortable at the Cabongaoan beach there also resort offers presentable rooms for their guests check this FB link Cabo Beach Resort

Pristine beach of Cabongaoan

Powdery white sand

Chasing the sunset


     We were thankkful to Ms. Evelyn for inviting us in their hometown and we experienced a true life in the province even in a short time. thanks also to all my buddies especially to weng of Byaheng Jologs.

Fisherman dock his boat after he caught fish

Simple life in the province
Where you can experience eat fresh sea foods and vegetables and also to hobnob with the locals.

Goodmorning Cabo beach

This huge tire they use as landmark


Going to Cabongaoan 
   300.00 -  Five Star - Cubao to Alaminos (Ordinary bus)
     30.00 -  Victory Liner - Alaminos to Burgos Market (Ordinary bus) 
   250.00 -  Trike Burgos to Cabongaoan good for 2-3 persons
1,500.00 -  Space for tents, rent for the cottage and table (group expenses)

Going back to Manila    
    26.00 -  Burgos to Alaminos (jeep)
  390.00 -  Victory Liner - Alaminos to Cubao (Aircon)   

How to get there:

  • Ride a Victory Liner or Five Star Bus in Cubao going to Alaminos Pangasinan.
  • From Alaminos Pangasinan Victory Liner terminal, ride again a Victory Liner going to Sta Cruz inform the driver/conductor drop you in Burgos Market.

      Other options at the Alaminos Pangasinan there also jeep going to Burgos   
      Market if you can't wait the Victory Liner because base on our experienced we
      waited the bus for about 30minutes.

  • At the Burgos Market hire a trike going to Cabongaoan the fee is negotiable but the regular fee is 250.00 good for 3 persons. There also jeep that is cheaper but the trip is minimal.

You may contact this person arrange your transportation going to Cabongaoan:
Rhoy Bonsay - 09275322861


LakwatserongOpisWorker said...

Ayiee!, di mo na pwedeng ikaila, isa na itong travel Guide :D

tara manong Pahiyas Festival tayo.

Riz said...

gs2 ko ma experience yang kuliglig ba tawag jan. :) nice place never been to Bolinao.

Phioxee said...

;-) ang ganda nong second beach anoh. powdery talaga yung sands. sarap relax/ at ikaw ha, buti di ka nasinat.

lyn52 said...

rhoy,the contact person changed his number to-09275322861.thanks.

Manong Unyol said...

hahaha, Pahiyas weekdays yun diba ngayong May?

Manong Unyol said...

Yap kuliglig tawag dun saya nga eh hehehe mabilis din :)

Manong Unyol said...

yap maganda talaga hehehe... medyo sumama pakiramdam ko ulit noong pauwi na hahaha baka siguro ayaw pa umuwi ang katawan ko...

Manong Unyol said...

salamat :)

wanderlust ON THE ROAD said...

saya saya gusto ko to puntahan :D this weekend

Manong Unyol said...

go sir puntahan mo na beach hopping ka nrin sa Pangasinan daanan mo nrin ang hundred island

byaheroilonggo said...

ganda ng beach!daya di malang nagyaya!

byaheroilonggo said...

nice blog manong unyol.di mo cnama un sexypic ni diwatang gala na nag eemote habang palubog ang araw!

Manong Unyol said...

ayaw ko baka lumaki ulo nun hahahaha :)

blissfulguro said...

wow! i love the beach (hindi yungbundok. haha). pero scary ang snake na yun. nakakita rin kami sa palaui niyan dati nagtakbuhan kami. hehe

Manong Unyol said...

nagulat din ako sa snake nabasa ko nga yung palui nyo nun hahaha... maiba ako saan na yung Calayan island nyo inaantay ko na kwento mo dun.. :)

Genskie said...

waaaaaaaaaah ang linaw ng tubig sarap maligo. Ikaw na ang biyahero ng taon :)

Manong Unyol said...

d naman nagkataon lang naimbitahan hehehe try nyo din magbiyahe minsan kapag may time hahahaha

bagotilyo said...

rock climber oh! hahah

Picture of sunset never fails to amaze me :))

Pondering Paodaolei said...

I really wanted to come with you here but we had a family affair! :-(

Manong Unyol said...

hahaha pwede kasu natakot ako pagbaba akala ko mababa lang taas din pala :)

Manong Unyol said...

ok lang yun, there always a next time hahaha maybe in the mountain siguro tau magsasama hahaha... set na yan :)

Phioxee said...

at bz din. bz sa kagagala ;-) looking forward for your new trip manong ungol

Bernardette T said...

what a beautiful scenery. hope to go there someday.

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Manong Unyol said...

try to visit m'm :)

Manong Unyol said...

thanks Pm me if u are here in Manila i will guide you hahaha...


so talagang tent accommodation lang sila :D

lyn52 said...

again,thank you mina and to your group for wonderfull writeup about our beaches. there were several people who came to visit the place. fFOR ALL THOSE WHO WILL VISIT OUR BEACHES,MAY I ASK FOR LITTLE HELP FROM YOU,PEOPLE.BAKA PWEDE PO MAGBIGAY KAYO NG KAHIT ILANG PENCILS OR ANY SCHOOL SUPPLIES FOR OUR DAY CARE CENTER.SALAMAT PO.

Manong Unyol said...

aha isa tong napaka interesado sunod na project... don't worry ma'am hanap tau maging sponsors na pwede makapag bigay ....

San Josenyong Gala said...

willing po ako rito... By next year, pwede po bang ihahatid na lang jan sa inyo? Thanks! Bili ako ng maraming pencils at notebook... :)

lyn52 said...

thank you so much po.pls coordinate with manong unyol.why not go to our place na din.

lyn52 said...

i can arrange yout trip to our place.from transpo-accomodations. contact-09275322861.salamat po.again thanks to manong unyol.

Leonard Francis Kabigting said...

manong unyol,thank you so much for your writeup about batog,cabongaoan.since then,there were lots of new friends/tourists came to see the place.
so,i am again inviting people to see /visit Batog Beach,using kuliglig.checkin at cabongaoan beach to see the sunset, you might even be lucky to have lobster for dinner or sea urchin,ready for grilling.hope to see you me to arrange your trip.ROY BONSAY-09275322861

lyn52 said...

Thank you,manong unyol for the writeup about our beaches.since then people come to visit the place.

lyn52 said...

ma'am Riz,
try nyo po me ,if ever,dala po kayo friends para mas masaya.
Roy Bonsay-09275322861

lyn52 said...

it's almost summertime again.come visit our beaches.enjoy the clear water and powdery sand(but not as fine as boracay po).still,i am prud of our beach.if are ready for some hiking,go see the rock formations of batog beach and take a look at the cave.bring cover from the heat of the lyn @09275322861.thanks manong unyol,makiusap din po sana ako na kung pwede hingi po ako kahit anong school sullpies for our daycare center.thanks.