Mt. Manalmon unexpected hike
Renante MinaTuesday, May 28, 2013 9 comments

EDSA challenge divert to Mt. Manalmon hike

     We challenged ourselves together with my buddies, we will try to jog and walk along EDSA highway from Monumento to Rotunda near of Mall of Asia (MOA) I think that was the craziest challenge we will do. 

     The road was first called Junio 19, after the birth date of Philippine national hero Jose Rizal. But after World War II, its name was changed to Highway 54. On 7 April 1959, the road acquired its name with the enactment of Republic Act (RA) 2140 or “An Act Changing the Name of Highway 54 in the Province of Rizal to Epifanio de los Santos Avenue in Honor of Don Epifanio de los Santos, a Filipino Scholar, Jurist and Historian. Source: wikipedia

     I’m the reason why our EDSA challenge got cancelled because I didn’t come  at the supposed time of our meet-up because my phone didn’t alarm and I’m tipsy that night because we celebrated the birthday of my sister. I woke up and checked the time my god it was already past 7 o’clock I messaged them where they are if they continue the EDSA challenge while waiting for their message I took again a nap because I felt dizzy that time. I checked on my chikka account (online website free message) that they were waiting in monumento the EDSA challenge divert into Mt. Manalmon climb”. When I call ma’am Weng they were already in the bus going to San Miguel Bulacan without hesitation I requested them to wait me in Kamias San Miguel Bulacan, I took a bath, I’m cramming everything was on my backpack. I think that was the stupidest decision that I made without any preparation.

     At 9:30AM I departed in Cubao via ES Transport going to Cabanatuan I informed the conductor that he will drop me in Kamias San Miguel Bulacan, I’ve been there but not sure if they have still a bus top in that place, the first time I went there last year of August (Mt Manalmon 2012). I encountered heavy traffic in Bulacan at 12:15PM I arrived in San Miguel, my buddies waited for me more than 2hours in San Miguel Bulacan at the trike terminal hahaha sorry guys.

Please huwag na kayo magalit pakainin niyo muna ako :)

     I’m starving for a long hours sitting on the bus without a breakfast, luckily ma’am weng bought me a food “dinuguan” yummy for my lunch one of the specialty dish of Bulacan. Past 1PM we rode a trike good for 5 persons for 50.00 each. Sir Jc and I at the back of the trike driver, for more than 30minutes of riding in the trike my hand got numb because I need to hold on tight on the bar it was also bumpy and dusty because the road was under construction.

      Why there is a toll fee collection in that area, is that a private property? We paid 15.00 although there is a receipt I’m not convinced with that. Almost 2:00PM we arrived in Sitio Madlum the registration is at the other side you need to cross the Madrum river  you can use the Monkey bridge, bamboo raft but you need to pay 5.00 and if you are good swimmer you can swim hahaha it depends in what you want. The registration fee we paid 5.00 each but the guide is compulsory. the guide fee is 300.00 per day aside the spelunking if you want to try the Bayukbok cave. the ratio is 1 guide for every 10 hikers according to our guide.

      I considered Mt. Manalmon one of the easiest mountains that I hiked but still I never under estimate a mountain and I’m always careful all the time. The only challenge in Mt Manalmon, when it is rainy the trail was also slippery and muddy and also the Madlum river have a strong current that we never experienced a river crossing that time the first time we went there. The name of our guide is Dan he is a good and well trained guide giving trivia and idea to us, and he can answer what we asked to him maybe they were already oriented by their officials.

Madlum cave

     My buddies enjoyed taking pictures while we were at the Madlum cave according to our guide at the Madlum cave locals in that area found the statue of San Miguel, where they got the name of the place. I forgot my point and shoot camera and I plead to them to take me a pictures hahaha for my documentation, I think it’s not my day and the battery of my cellphone was also drained I forgot to charge it before I left the house. As I noticed there were lot of vandals at the Madlum cave I think that is made by also locals in Bulacan or may be an excursionist I think they must implement their own law in that area. 

Shallow water of Madlum river

Mt. Gola

     When we reached the peak although it was my second time but still it never fails me. I saw the splendid view at the peak of Mt. Manalmon. At the peak where you can see the other mountains Mt. Gola, Mt. Mabio and the other parts of Sierra Madre. I recommend this place, you can do many activities; spelunking at Bayukbok Cave, hiking at Mt. Manalmon, Monkey Bridge and you can also do a picnic near the river.

Mt. Mabio

Going down to Manalmon river

Manalmon River

At the registration area

How to get there:
  • Ride a bus ES Transport or Baliwag Transit going to Cabanatuan inform the driver/conductor drop you in barangay Kamias, San Miguel Bulacan. For me much better ride an ES transport because they have a bus stop there in barangay Kamias, San Miguel Bulacan.

·    For small group not more than 5 persons you can ride a trike at the terminal you can find the
   terminal along the highway. The fee is negotiable ranges from 200-250 pesos. Inform the
   trike driver your destination is Sitio Madlum.

Photos credit to Weng - Byaheng Jologs (lakwatsera)


Francis Balgos said...

I miss Mt Manalmon!
and you look groggy here. hahaha! :)

Joy said...

Again, a wonderful hike kahit masydo stressed. Thanks for taking me to your hiking trip, di ako napagod:) dyuk. But I enjoyed:)

Manong Unyol said...

hahaha I don't have enough sleep that time :)

Manong Unyol said...

thanks ma'am joy :) try mo minsan ma'am kakawala ng stress..

albert thebackpacker said...

I miss Manalmon, ang bundok na di ako napagod akyatin....

Oman said...

i would choose hiking manalmon over walking on the length of edsa anytime :)

Manong Unyol said...

petiks climb sir hehehe dali nga siya parang park lang hehehe

Manong Unyol said...

hahaha bec of pollution....

rocci lei said...

pwde po mag tric from pasay to sitio madlum?