Survivor Zambales Bacpackers vs. Guest - Potipot Island and Beach House ni Dok in Candelaria Quezon
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Who is the Ultimate Survivor?

Photo credit: Backpackers

     Are you a fan watching a reality game show the Survivor? Actually they shoot in different countries and Philippines belonged in that list. Yes the Backpackers organized an event entitled Survivor Zambales Backpackers vs. Guest. I received a message from Ivan (lead of the group) asking me if I want join the said event in Zambales I think twice if I go because I don’t have enough budget for that time. I do research first what should I expect in that place when I saw some pictures in the internet it looks nice and it’s good too because I can spend weekend vacation this summer in meaningful and challenging way. I confirmed that I will join them and to support my buddy ma’am Weng, Without knowing at the last minute I’m also part of the event OMG I don’t want to be stress, all I want is to enjoy the trip and to relax. I have no choice but to accept the challenge. Hahaha

     At the day of the event the van fetch us in EDSA Balintawak, everyone was excited and I felt nervous and I have no idea what will happen in that game. Majority of the guest was my first time to meet them. For 5 hours of travel we arrived at Beach House ni Dok located at Barangay Sinabacan-Uacon border in Candelaria Zambales.

Main house "Tribal council"

     We spent our first day at the resort we rent the main house. It was nice and all facilities were in good condition. The organizers used the main house as tribal council where the groups will choose whom they gonna vote out on their team

From left to right: Nickson, Kenjie, Angel, Ralph, Mon, Ghei, Jane, York
From left to right: Red, Isabel, Gino, Kaye, Weng, Rommel, "Me", Aron 
Photo credit: King Aguilar

     When we arrived in the resort, we change our clothes have our li’l rest. They gave all the instructions all electronic gadget is not allowed and started the game. I feel the intensity of both groups cheering each members of the team. The games are not only physical but also need mental to solve the puzzles. Majority of the games were held at the beach we don’t care the scorching heat and the important thing was we win the competition with our team against the Backpackers.

     When we are there at the tribal council my heart was pounding faster I can’t decide yet whom I’m going to vote out in the member of our team. For me this is the saddest part of the game and to say goodbye to your team.

     After the fourth round of the challenge the organizers they made a twist that we didn’t expect they shuffle all the players, our strategies were all gone because we promise to ourselves we do our best and the ultimate SURVIVOR will be from the guest it can be anyone of us that is our objective.

Ganito sample pag tribal council lahat naka upo, bawat isa ini-interview at papasok sa loob ng bahay para bumuto sino gusto nilang tanggalin, diba naka-kakaba? 

Beach in-front of the resort

Social at the main house

     On the middle of the night on our deep sleep we were shock when one the participant got mad to other participants they did not control him he is like a wild beast hahaha they got in trouble luckily no one hurt. I thought it is only on the TV show. When he calm down he ask an apology to us why he did that because he was teased by the other participants maybe the cause of his anger, he was provoked. “isa lang daw siyang tao na nagkakamali”. Well maybe that’s acceptable but I think he needs to control his temper because that can cause of his accident. After that incident we drank and have our social and to have fun we want to forget the bad memories happen that night. Chill lang guys.

Banca ride going to Potipot Island

     Second day in Zamabales I felt sleepy that day for a long wakefulness because of our social good thing I’m not drunk hahaha our next destination was Potipot Island it’s only 10-15minutes of banca ride from the beach resort to the island.

 Potipot Island

     Only 5 survivors left at the second day 2 girls and 3 boys, Everyone guessing who’s gonna win in this event but it’s hard to predict because all survivors left were competitive. After 2 rounds of challenge at the island 2 survivors voted out until it was down to 3 survivors left and that is the end of the challenge. I thought the challenge will end until only one left that is the ultimate survivor but I was wrong. There were jurors who decided who they want to win, the jurors were composed of 5 members.

     The ULTIMATE SURVIVOR is at the hand of the jurors and before the jurors start to vote they asked the 3 survivors some critical questions that can change their decisions, one of the jurors react during question and answer portions and as he said 3 survivors left they were not deserving in that positions and he asked each of the survivors left who is more deserving in the final 3 aside from them.

Who is the Ultimate Survivor?

The first person who will guess the Ultimate Survivor will win a surprise prize from me :)

Here the simple instructions how to join:
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  • At the Facebook Page click the LIKE button.
  • After you click the Like Button, click the MESSAGE button leave a message who is the Ultimate Survivor.
Note: Isang beses lang puwede bumuto, di puwede sumali may mga close friends ng mga survivors.
         Thanks Enjoy.. Valid until May 31, 2013 only.

Coming soon the whole story, Please don't miss it: The Backpackers


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