Tourist Attractions In Masbate
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Tourist Attractions In Masbate

Located right at the heart of the Philippine archipelago, Masbate is a tropical paradise that attracts an
overwhelming number of local visitors as well as foreign tourists each year. From powdery white sand
beaches and crystal clear waters to vast agricultural landscapes, the province of Masbate is blessed
with a plethora of excellent natural attractions. On top of that, most of Masbate’s attractions can be
accessed without having to spend a lot of money, as most of them are undeveloped and untouched. At
Masbate, tourists will get a remarkable and awe-inspiring vacation without having to spend a fortune.

Catandayagan Falls

With an awe-inspiring length of sixty feet, it is no surprise that a lot of tourists dub Catandayagan Falls
in Tical Island, Masbate as one of the finest and most astounding tourist attractions in the province.
Aside from providing breathtaking and scenic views, this tourist attraction also has lush vegetation and a wealth of exotic flowers and wild animals.

Buntod Sand and Marine Sanctuary

Situated between the sea waters of Barangay Tugbo and Barangay Nursery, lies a two hundred fifty
hectare white sandbar known as Buntod Sand and Marine Sanctuary. Established in 2001, Buntod Sand
and Marine Sanctuary is the ideal tourist attraction for divers and snorkelers since it is the home to
some of the most beautiful coral gardens and unique marine life forms in the Philippines.

Bitoun Beach

Known as the Star of Masbate, Bitoun Beach is by far one of the finest and most distinguished beach
resorts in the entire Bicol region today. With its scenic powdery sands and lush green beach, Bitoun
beach could the perfect beach vacation for those who want to get away from the stressful and hectic
city life.

How To Get To Masbate

There are a lot of ways to travel to Masbate from Manila. By far, the fastest and easiest way to travel to Masbate is through air travel. As for now, only Zest Air and Philippine Airlines offer flight services bound for Masbate. For the most part, the air travel time from Manila to Masbate would take an hour and twenty minutes.

Aside from its world-class tourist attractions, the province of Masbate is also widely known all over the Philippines for its remarkable cattle ranches. Dubbed as the Rodeo Capital of the Philippines, Masbate gives local tourists with a glimpse of the Wild West. So, if you want to see rodeos and real cowboys in person, then Masbate is the right place to be.


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