Mt. Batulao: My Anniversary Climb
Renante MinaSaturday, June 1, 2013 8 comments

Hike with my new friend and my buddies

     I have no idea how we became friends with sir Sev on facebook maybe through that mountaineer group or he just followed me on my facebook fanpage or maybe he is also a reader of my blog. But it is not a big deal anyway how we became friend on facebook hahaha. He messaged me on facebook if we can hike, when he’ll come back here in the Philippines for vacation, I’m wondering why he choose to hike with me and my concern was we don’t know each other personally yet, second, he doesn’t live here in the Philippines he was raised in other country although he is a pure Filipino I was thinking maybe he adopted some of the culture of that country and I’m afraid he’ll discriminate and he cannot appreciate that mountain and he will comment negatively. When he gave the specific date of his vacation I gave my personal number and waited for his response, if he responds it only means he’s interested. After a few days I got a message asking me if I’m free on weekend I agreed the date he proposed because I don’t have any invitation that time.

     We planned to hike the Taal Volcano in the province of Batangas but unfortunately some of the active volcano is under the monitor of PHIVOLCS (Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology) because of what happened in Mt. Mayon, the surprise eruption turned into a tragedy for 27 foreign mountaineers and their local guides when Mayon spewed hot rocks, killing five of them.

     We change our plan. Sir Sev suggested Mt. Batulao, I agreed with his request because it would also be my opportunity to celebrate my 1 year anniversary climb although that was not my first mountain I climbed. I invited also my close buddies I thought they will not come with my invitation because no one of them confirmed my invitation, at the last minute they messaged me asking the time and place of the meet-up, a big thanks to them they sacrificed their time with me to celebrate my 1 year anniversary.

Mt. Batulao

     Saturday morning we had our meet up at 7-8AM in Evercrest but I’m not expecting that we encountered a heavy traffic we were stuck for almost an hour in Bacoor Cavite because the road was under construction, I texted immediately sir Sev informing him that we will be late due to heavy traffic and I felt ashamed when I met him because he waited for almost 2hours luckily they stayed for a while in Tagaytay and took their breakfast and they standby in Picnic Grove, I hope they didn’t get bore waiting us.

     We took our early lunch in the restaurant and we opted to ride a trike instead of walking at main jump-off because we’ll wasting our time and it will delay our itinerary because my concern was the friend of sir Sev waiting us until we come back at the Evercrest and also our sidetrip in Mahogany Tagaytay to eat bulalo, one of the reason I came back in Mt Batulao hahaha joke.

Start our trek

     Past 10AM we started our hike as I expected large group also climbed that time because it is fully accessible and also the mountain is good for beginners for those who wants to try this kind of adventure. And again we experienced traffic not only on the road also on the trail hahaha we have no choice but to wait the other hikers ahead of us, what we did for every station was have a long rest so our distance to other groups will be far enough from them, that is our option we do so we can enjoy our hike and sightseeing on the trail.

At the Campsite infront of us the peaks of Mt Batulao

At camp 1 (old trail) Ma'am Weng and Sir Sev

What's up guys.... kaya pa?

     When we were ascending near the peak, I look back and have a rest, I was amazed when I saw the view that I didn’t notice the last time I went there, I thought Mt. Batulao will not amaze me anymore because it was already my third time there but I was wrong. I was surprised when sir Sev comes on his mouth that “Parang hindi sa Pilipinas” he didn’t expect there are beautiful scenery like this. He always say thank you with us and he enjoy a lot as he said. 

Splendid view

Rope near the summit

Thanks God I witness again

Group pict at the summit

At peak 10

Thanks Amber you reached us at Peak 10 "ang bilis mo ikaw na talaga hardcore sa akyatan IDOL"

Yeah..... Success thumbs up for this sir Sev

     All the speculation that I’m thinking to him were all opposite. He is nice, generous hahaha and of course he loves the Philippine destinations that are the reasons why some of his friends on facebook are travel bloggers as he said "Kahit wala ako sa Pilipinas parang napupuntahan ko narin” American accent hehehe. This hike one my memorable experience because I never expected that sir Sev will appreciate this mountain, and it’s my pleasure he chose me as a guide and he considered me as a new friend and I’m grateful being part of his adventure here in the Philippines as he said he never know when he will come back again.

Food-trip in Mahogany Tagaytay

Waiting to our food craving for the bulalo and tawilis

     This celebration treated by sir Sev but he didn't come with us because he is vegetarian hahaha joke. Until next time sir thanks to your gift.

Bulalo "hahaha pasensiya ubos na buto nalang natira"

Crispy Tawilis... yum... yum...

Unlimited banana "walang bayad libre lang to"

Note: The new name of Evercrest is One Asia

For more info check this link how to get there in Mt Batulao


Balut said...

Congrats again!

Joy said...

What a nice experience with a new found friends and the olds:)

joanne said...

Congrats! Ang ganda ng view sa taas.. At hindi mo ni-mention kung anong anniv ito? Hahaha. Happy anniversary pa din!

Manong Unyol said...

thanks ma'am hehehe

Manong Unyol said...

thank you ma'am joy someday sana makasama rin kita minsan :)

Manong Unyol said...

hahaha salamat, tara tagay tau hehehe

naks said...

sana makasama din ako sa mga akayat mo kapatid...
happy anniversaty nga pala sir mina...

Manong Unyol said...

maraming salamat sir just PM me sa email, invite kita pakilala ka nalang sa akin name mo at yung name mo sa account mo.