Potipot Island and Beach House ni Dok in Candelaria Zambales
Renante MinaMonday, June 10, 2013 11 comments

     I thought Cabo and Batog beach in Burgos Pangasinan would be the last beach I would explore before this summer 2013 end but I didn't expect that the group of Backpackers would invite me in their event Survivor Zambales Backpackers vs. Guest and the location of the event is in Candelaria Zambales. It bothers if I’d go or not because I heard from the other travelers and read some articles that Zambales have stunning and unspoiled beaches and some of it had been witnessed by some of my friends. I did a research because I don’t want to waste my money and time to a place that’s not worth it, I’m guilty with this and I admit I consider myself as a poor traveler, majority of my trips are budget wise, As I checked in the internet with the pictures and what I've read in their blogs that island have a clear water and powdery white sand, the reasons why attracts me a lot just like whispering on my ears “go and explore  the hidden beauty of that island in Candelaria Quezon”. I grabbed that opportunity because I've never been in Zambales.

     I think I’m in love and become fan with the beaches and I want also to try to explore awe-inspiring beaches in the Philippines not only the mountains. Aquaphobia is one of the hindrances why I don’t have beaches in my itineraries but I learned to love it anyway. I don’t know how to swim and that the reason I put on the top on my bucketlist learn how to swim, lot of disadvantages I can’t do like when I’m riding a boat I feel uncomfortable always thinking a negative side sometimes I become paranoid, I’m afraid to try a famous water sports like surfing and wakeboarding even snorkeling I never tried it. Still hoping and one day I will overcome my phobia, I really envy those who knows how to swim.

Beach House ni Dok

Main house

   For 5hours of travel we arrived in Barangay Sinabacan-Uacon border in Candelaria Zambales we stayed for 1 day at the Beach House ni Dok. The organizers rent the main house it has good facilities comfort rooms, two rooms are fully air condition and also the kitchen area. For 1 day at the Beach House ni Dok we had many activities, swimming, singing in the videoke at their canteen and of course the survivor challenge that I’ll never forget the intense rival of two teams the group of Bacpackers and the Guest hahaha definitely awesome adventure with mix emotions for every tribal council one member of each group will left.

Huts at the Beach House ni Dok

That is the Potipot Island

Potipot Island

     At second day we went to Potipot Island 10-15minutes ride of banca at the Beach house ni Dok have their own banca maximum of 8 persons for only 500.00 roundtrip. The entrance fee in Potipot Island is 100.00 per person only for the day and 300.00 for overnight. There’s no resort in Potipot Island, but there is a vast space that you can pitch your tent near the shore, if you don’t have a tent there’s also hut that you can rent for only 500.00 according to the caretaker. Powdery white sand surrounds the island and calm crystal clear water, indeed perfect place those who love beach bumming, it has also a unique identity that’s Potipot Island have and very accessible. But for the months of summer expect the crowd of tourist going there just like what we experienced.

     For two days in Candelaria Zambales I enjoyed a lot and I found new friends from the guest group and I also met the new member of the Backpackers Kenji, If im not mistaken the last time I joined with them was in Mt. Tagapo 5 months ago and I really miss having bonding with them the social and our hike in the mountain. One thing that I didn’t expect was I found out that one the guest named Aaron is my Kababayan in Claveria what a small world we bumped into each because of our passion, his cousin was also my classmate when I was in Elementary. 


Hut in Potipot Island

How to get there:

If you’re commuting, you may take a Victory Liner Bus. The Caloocan and Cubao Taking the Sta. Cruz bus will pass by Candelaria Town Proper, and you may take the tricycle from there. However, if you’re taking the Iba bus, you have to alight in Iba then ride a jeep, or a bus going to Sta. Cruz. Bus fare cost from P400.00-P500.00 depending where you will be coming from.

Private car
Driving there will take around 4-5 hours. Take NLEX, exit on Dau then take SCTEX exit to Subic. Enter SBMA exit to Kalaklan gate. Take left to Subic. Then just follow the straight main road for around 2 hours. (approx 120kms) Follow the signs "to Sta Cruz". From Subic to Candelaria, it's just a straight path. You only have to turn right once at San Marcelino. When you pass by a Truss Bridge “Vertical Clearance 5.8M", that means you're in Candelaria.

For more info check this site: http://beachhousenidok.blogspot.com/


Joy said...

Must visit this place one day. Awesome!

The Soul Explorer said...

Hmmm, i'd love to visit this island. I will suggest this island to my group for our weekend getaway.

Manong Unyol said...

go ma'am joy pag balik mo ng Pinas :)

Manong Unyol said...

yes sir u can suggest this island to your friends but don't expect too much :)

blissfulguro said...

grabe! 100 na ang day pass?! grabe ang mahal naman. pero atleast enjoy naman kayo di ba? :)

Manong Unyol said...

oo enjoy nman kahit papaano hehehe may kunting dismaya lang dahil kapag crowded di maiiwasan na madami kalat pati sa shore.

xoxo_grah said...

Hang ganda ng island...sana mak punta din ako dyan...and i hope ull learn how to swim...its never too late...hihi


Manong Unyol said...

sana nga hehehe :)

kingsly yadao said...

magkano po ung rentals ng rooms sa kanila ung good for 8?

George Washington said...

how do you get to rent "bahay ni Dok"

monika singh said...

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