Ifugao outreach in Hingyon schools
Renante MinaTuesday, July 30, 2013 11 comments

     I thought my adventures are already completed through my travel in the cities to capture the incredible structures made by human and hike in the mountains to see the splendid view on the summit but I still feel the worthlessness on my adventures and I’m still searching a piece of jigsaw puzzle to complete the image of my adventures.

   Watching documentaries has a great impact with me. The reasons why I opt to watch documentaries were to know better the real life situations of our fellow countrymen. As their always concern is poverty and the children were majorly affected in this circumstances because instead that they go to school or play with the other kids they need to work and help their parents to find food for their family for them to survive and fill their empty stomach. There are also other cases even they want to go to school their problem  was they’re far from the schools especially those at the remote areas, they need to cross a mountains or rivers to reach the school to attend their classes, lack of school materials are also the main cause why students loss their interest to study. I always keep on my mind every time I watch that kind of stories I feel pity on them, I hope I can help in a simple way with those kids who deserve to finish.

     The group of Backpackers they invited me to their precious event, they put my name as a list of their guest in their project in Ifugao as a volunteer. I never think twice if I should  join or not what I said to myself this is the opportunity to experience such things that I usually watch and that  it will remark to my heart and soul because I did a good deeds to other people.

Touchdown in Lagawe
    The project in Ifugao two groups were merged for this event the Backpackers and Kaskwela they’re assigned to distribute the school supplies sponsored by National Bookstore at the vicinities of Hingyon Municipality. July 21, 2013 past 7:00AM we arrived in Lagawe Ifugao at the DepEd main office were we met Ms. Ermie Bahatan with her  warm welcome and she act as also our tour guide giving trivia and ideas about the culture of Ifugao, the funny thing she said was if the locals of Ifugao go to metropolis they walk in a single path because in the rice terraces they practice that, “but take note this is not intend to insult locals of Ifugao, because she is also pure blood Ifugao” I know she was only joking to us hahaha. I will not forget Ms. Ermie because of her expression "ok guys 10, 20, 30 minutes" she was pressuring us with our time when we were there hahaha, she is nice and cool just like a barkada.

     By the way when I heard that we will visit the Banaue Rice Terraces I feel more excited because I thought we don’t have a sidetrip because it is one of my dream destination when I was in elementary because I only seen this in postcards and books. After we took our breakfast at Ms. Ermie house, we went back to the DepEd and there we met the other DepEd officers and school head teachers.

DepEd - CAR  Division of Ifugao
Photo credit: The Backpackers

Tour around the Lagawe

Native house of Mayoyao

Native house of Hingyon

Glimpse to Banaue Rice Terraces


     Everything was settled to our sidetrip in Banaue Rice Terraces we were ready to ride a jeep by topload and I miss doing topload on a jeep because the last time I experienced this was in Benguet, the reasons why I love topload are to breathe more fresh air that you can’t do in metropolis, to capture my camera the magnificent mountainous view while on the road and of course the thrill when you are on the top of a jeep. Just like we are birds that just escaped from our cage and we are free to fly, we will go where we want to go, we were screaming, chatting and laughing and saying hi or hello to the locals we passed by on the road.

Waterfalls near the road

Antique shop

Arch of Banaue

Rice terraces near the road

     I saw signage of Banaue Rice Terraces, this is it and finally, I went down from the top of the jeep, for a long time my dream destination when I was a kid that I only seen this in postcard is already in front of me and witnessed by my naked eye. I gazed for a moment and thinking how they built this rice terraces by their ancestors but as what I read of the history of Ifugao they only used their bare hands during that time without using any machine. The picturesque rice terraces from the view deck was very alluring and I want to go near to have pictures. 

     After we took our lunch we also visited the other side of rice terraces of Banaue where we saw group of old locals wearing their native dress and where tourist take pictures with them, the velvety of music coming from flute played by the old native guy made me relaxed and I feel the tranquility of the place.

Wooden scooter

Hike to Mt. Humalophop

Unload our bags on the jeep, Jump-off Barangay Mompolia

     After we visited the Rice Terraces in Banaue we took our ride again for less than 1hour, going to Barangay Mompolia under municipality of Hingyon the jump off to Mt.Humalophop we were welcomed again other school teachers and barangay officials and where we ate a famous delicacy of pinoy the pancit for long life hahaha.

Descending trail

     At 3:30PM we started our hike the first part of the trail was purely more on descending, when we ask our guide who are also a teacher in Mt. Humalophop, because we are hikers his estimation was 3hours but I’m so worried again as always my concern is I don’t want to be caught on dark on the trail. When we have a rest on the trail with our guide and it’s my chance to have an interview and to learn more because I have many questions to ask that I never know about their cultures. Afterwards I finished asking questions I remember that hindi pala field trip pinunta ko dito, and I asked about the situations of the students in Mt. Humalophop as he said there are only 3 teachers in that school and he is one of them, for every teacher they teach two grade level so they need to teach two grade level at the same time.

    Our guide said prepare your flashlight because we will be caught on dark, 6PM we resumed our hike, here we go again I have trauma if I caught on the dark because I can’t see the trail, when I saw the rice terraces and that will be our way, it adds to my tension because I don’t have a trekking pole it’s hard to balance in a muddy narrow trail there’s a chance that I will fall on the rice terraces and the rain poured that adds to the challenge to our way to Mt. Humalophop. With our determination and patience, finally we reached the school for more than 5 hours of hike, I thought only 3 hours, we underestimate Mt. Humalophop because the locals said only 3hours we assumed that we will reach less than 3 hours.


     We never expected that they prepared foods for us; we thought we will be preparing our own foods. That day we felt we were special because of the warm welcome to their visitors because they prepared foods and toured us around Ifugao.

Second day distribution of school supplies


Joy said...

This is really wonderful. You are lucky to experience this trip. Awesome, although tiring:)

Manong Unyol said...

salamat ma'am joy, memorable sa akin to parang di pa natatanggal hang over ko dito hehehe

The Soul Explorer said...

Congrats to your group!

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ganda talaga ng view pag nasa taas ka ng bundok...
congratz sir mina and to your group...

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maraming sir. salamat grupong backpackers sinama ako sa event nila

Manong Unyol said...

oo sir sobrang ganda, salamat isa sa mga di ko to makakalimutan ng adventures ko.


Ganda ! I si ivan ba un parng kulay chocolate na hihihi! Dream ko din ton puntahan

Manong Unyol said...

puntahan mo na sir hahaha lapit lang to 9hours bus ride hehehe

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Astig! nice one Sir... bucket list ko rin makapunta ng Banaue Rice Terraces/Top Loading at makapag-outreach... sana makasama kami next year! kudos!

Manong Unyol said...

sana mapuntahan mo to ma'am pero sana ang puntahan nyo rin sa Batad mas maganda daw ang rice terraces doon hehehe

Ana Joy Upao said...

One of my travel destination :) Keep it up.. nkaka inspire ang blog mo ^_^