Mt. Daguldol sidetrip to Naambon falls in San Juan Batangas
Renante MinaThursday, October 24, 2013 15 comments

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     For more than one month without climb, I felt so weak and bloated. I promised I want to be back in climbing because recently my trips for these months were more on cities, beaches and food-trip. I never expected Gilda to ask me if I have a climb for this weekend because she needs training for her Mt. Talomo traverse to Mt. Apo one of the challenging climb of being a mountaineer. I suggested to her Mt. Daguldol because I want a mountain that I never climb before, and the truth is I want also to witness the magnificent rainbow that had been witnessed by Batang Lakwatsero the first mountain he climbed and close to his heart.

     Saturday morning we met at the JAM terminal in Buendia we don’t have an itinerary and we only have a guide how to get there in San Juan Batangas. We were chatting for a long hours of our travel going to Robinson Lipa. Gilda said she will take a nap “kasi malayo pa daw” and I’m busy texting on my mobile phone. Bloopers happened; we didn’t hear the conductor shouting it is already in Lipa Robinson. I was curious because we were the only left inside the bus, I went in front and I asked the driver Kuya malayo pa ba Robinson Lipa? Lagpas na kayo I just smiled to the driver sige ibaba niyo nalang po kami sa tabi. The driver instructed us; across the road there’s a mini cab directly to Robinson mall. And it was my first time, I can’t imagine, it was more than 10 times I’ve been in Batangas but until now the I’m not sure where Robinson Lipa is, so shameful.

     Because we were starving that time we took our breakfast at Jollibee, favorite fast-food chain of Gilda with “sparkling on her eyes”. At the Robinson terminal we rode a jeep going to San Juan 50.00 each, I thought it is only 30minutes but I was wrong it took an hour for our travel going to San Juan, At San Juan we rode again a jeep going to Barangay Hugom another 30-45minutes of travel I’m not expecting we will travel as far as that because our first plan we will do it dayhike fortunately we have a tent, for me that is the farthest Batangas trip so far.

President of the association at the Barangay Hugom

     Almost 12PM when we arrived in Barangay Hugom, we registered and paid 35.00 each for registration fee and 350.00 for guide fee. I’m not sure if the guide is compulsory even if you are been there for many times and you already know the trail. After we registered we took our lunch at the carinderia to have energy before our hike start.

Resorts at Laiya San Juan Batangas

     At 1:00PM when we started, we hiked at the shoreline and I forgot to wear my arm sleeve, for more than 30 minutes we walked the long stretch of the beach of San Juan, scorching heat what we experienced it was like my skin were being stabbed with needles; very painful.

Rockies along the shore

     After we passed the shoreline, we entered into a Sitio, lots of trail made by the locals that was confusing without a guide, after passing the houses the steep trail welcomed us. I thought the trail is gently sloped because no one mentioned in their blogs there are steep portions of the trail and they rate it as minor climb. I deceived my self this is gonna be easy hike for me hahaha but I was wrong maybe that was also effect without an exercise and carrying a heavy backpack.

Take 5.... nakakapagod talaga

     Just like other mountains Mt. Batulao, Gulogod Baboy, Mt. Maculot etc. there’s also stations that you can rest after the steep portions and an usually there’s a vendors selling halo-halo, buko juice, and a mountain dew that can quench your thirst.

 Very tough girl, please wait for me....

Gate along the trail


     At 4:00PM we reached the campsite I’m so happy while we pitched our tent, because there’s a chance for me to witness the magnificent rainbow.

I think it is nice to play golf here hahaha

Where's the rainbow?

     For longer hours of waiting the magnificent rainbow did not appear to me, I was saddened that time, one of the reasons why I like Mt. Daguldol was because of the rainbow.

Our dinner

     While I’m cooking for our dinner I’m in panic mode because of the strong winds, the fire of the stove we used was always blown by the strong wind and indications of heavy rain is coming fortunately we cooked the sauce of our pasta, thanks God we have a food for dinner.

     After our dinner we start our social fortunately I bought a small brandy so our night will not be boring and counting a sheep’s to have deep sleep. even we were only two I still enjoy our social that night lots of topic that we were arguing when she starts talking what I only do to zip my lips hahaha, hindi talaga kami magka sundo sa topic, at 11:00PM we finished our social.

     Before our guide left he gave an advice, after we eat he instructed that we will put our foods inside our tent because there are stray dogs at night at the campsite hunting for a victims to get left over foods. After our social we turned-off our lights in a few minutes I heard a sniffs, I checked I saw the dog trying to get our utensils. I threw a small piece of wood to get rid off them from our tent it was dawn I decided to have my sleep.


     It was 5AM we woke up and to capture the dramatic sunrise at the campsite and to cook for our breakfast unfortunately the stove was not working I don’t know happened because last night it was still functioning, I’m disappointed because I don’t have coffee and to sip a hot soup for our breakfast.

our breakfast

     We have no choice but to eat the tuna in a can and her favorite TAHOOS instead TATTOOS hahaha we were arguing with the font style of the junk food.


I'm free

Do I look like a mountaineer?

     After we ate, we packed up and ready to descend, and our guide kuya Victor he fetched us at the campsite to have a side-trip in Naambon waterfalls. We were very fast going down only in Buko station we decided to rest; still we chose the mountain dew   “Ang sarap talaga ng mountain dew” I can’t count how many times she mentioned that hahaha more than 10 times I think. You can describe her reactions just like a little girl and you bought her favorite candy that she can’t get over.

Naambon Falls

     Before the shed at the last station before going to Sitio, we turn right going down to the falls, when I saw the falls same reactions again it never fails me I like the huge rocks formations although the water not too clear but still it mesmerized me and also good for the not swimmer because the basin is shallow, we stayed there for less than an hour to have our photo ops and reviving our body into a exhausting hike.

Relaxing water massage

Thank you Gilda having a great adventure.
Goodluck to your Talomo - Apo challenge

How to get there:

  • Ride a bus going to Lipa Robinson like JAM or JAC Liner at Buendia terminal or Kamias terminal.
  • At the Robinson mall there’s a terminal going to San Juan Batangas, 50.00 each.
  • At San Juan Bantangas find the terminal of a jeep and ride again going to Laiya inform the driver you will drop you in Barangay Hugom, 40.00 each.

Guide fee: - 350.00
Registration fee: - 35.00


Angel Caronongan said...

ang ganda ng falls <3
Kaya ko ba akyatin yan? mukhang super (extra) challenge kahit minor climb lang -_-

Joy said...

Nice adventure again and awesome pictures:)

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

ibang klase ka talaga...

Manong Unyol said...

yap sobrang ganda nga eh ng falls nakakarami na ako collection ng falls..

Manong Unyol said...

salamat sa walang sawang pag subaybay sa aking adventures:)

Manong Unyol said...

hahaha maraming salamat :) nagbalik lang ulit ilang months kc di naka akyat na miss ko lang talga

naks said...

balik-bundok na naman sir mina...
good luck sa mga susunod pa...

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Ahngelo said...

good day sir.

sir baka po pde mayron kayo irefer sa min guide.

salamat po.


Manong Unyol said...

hello Ahngelo marami po naka tambay na guide po dun meron po silang mga sked sino naka tuka na mag guide sa araw na yon..

Alexander Duca said...

Hi Sir. Few questions po:

1. May terminal po ba kaya sa Cubao na going to Robinsons Lipa? Dun po kasi kami manggagaling. Malayo ang Buendia.

2. Yung iba pong naka-akyat, may binanggit na Mang Lizardo's Place, dun daw po sila nagpalipas ng gabi. Yung campsite po ba na tinulugan niyo is yung summit na or they call Niyugan campsite or kila Mang Lizardo?

Thanks po.

Renante Mina said...

hello sir sa cubao wala po pero meron sa Kamuning malapit sa GMA station Jam Liner name ng bus. about sa campsite sa mismong pinaka summit na kami tumuloy kc mas maluwag doon sa may puno na may bato na pwede mong gawin na mesa... goodluck po sa akyat yung guide compulsary po 300 registration fee 35.00

Alexander Duca said...

Sir thanks! Last questions po:

1. How much po ang fare from bus terminal to Rob Lipa?
2. Hindi na po ba kayo naligo sa dagat after? Or is it just an option.
3. How about sir pabalik to manila?

Thank you so much! :)

Cristina Guevarra said...

Hi po ask ko lang po, kaya po ba mghike ng mghapon lang - mt. daguldol then side trip sa naambon falls, kya po kya ng maghpon lang yun?

thank you! -Cristina

Renante Mina said...

Yes kaya po :) kaso ang lau ng biyahe lang kasi papunta ng daguldol..