Reunion with classmates in Tagaytay
Renante MinaTuesday, October 8, 2013 7 comments

     These boys were my classmates when I was in college since first year to fourth year, we treat each other not only as classmates but also as brothers in a one big family because in I.T society in our school only one section and this is how deep of our relations developed during our college days, helping one another during the time of our struggles although not as financially and encouraging each other to finish all the challenges given by our professors. I remember during the time after we passed our major exams or projects one of our classmates will be the host of our inuman session as reward to ourselves.

     After we graduated in college everyone become busy because of our job. For more than one year we don’t have a social. Lasquite set an event in their house in Tagaytay and to celebrate all birthday celebrants in September. I never hesitate if I will join because this is my chance to meet them again.

My classmates

     The day of the event the gang were almost complete only one was absent my group mate in thesis hindi pinayagan ng magulang hanggang ngayon pa rin ba? hoy ang tanda mo na hahaha no other than James for short tinatawag naming siyang “Bakla” hahaha mahabang kwento paano siya tinawag na bakla. I want to make clear we are not bullying him just only a joke baka isumbong ako sa magulang niya hahaha. When we arrived in their house in Tagaytay very foggy and also drizzling that time, we have no choice but to stay in their house, watching movies and waiting the evening to have our inuman session.

Taal Volcano seeing at the Picnic grove

     Fortunately the rain stop and the fog was vanished we decided to walk around the park to unwind and to see the scenic view of Taal Volcano. We went in Picnic grove, known destination in Tagaytay, for only 30 minutes of travel from their house. Paying 50.00 each for our entrance fee. At the Picnic grove perfect place for family bonding and to witness the picturesque of Taal Volcano. Sheds and tables are available.

Table – 100.00
Picnic huts – 150.00
Family sheds – 300.00
Pavilion – 500.00
Viewdeck hall – 2,500.00


Zipline area

     Picnic grove one of the best park I ever visited in the City as of now because of the nature ambiance, cold fresh air and overlooking at the famous Taal volcano. Inside the park you can also try the horseback riding and if you’re adventurous you can try also their zipline.

Weekday rate of zipline and cable car
200/person – one way ride
300/person – two way ride

Weekend/holiday rate of zipline and cable car
300/person – one way ride
400/person – two way ride

Hanging Bridge

     After our walking tour we decided to start our inuman session in their house. Our first topic during our inuman was more on funny past experiences and then suddenly they tackled the creepy stories, the others sharing their stories I felt uncomfortable and observer on my surroundings because we were at the veranda. Ang nakakatawa ay akala ko ako lang takot pati rin pala sila noong may pumunta para umihi ayun nagsabay sabay na, wala naiwan sa mesa hahaha mga matatakutin din pala.

Another great weekend for me, bonding with friends in college


Joy said...

Always touching to see again old friends. Very nice place out there:)

San Josenyong Gala said...

Ganda! Kelapit-lapit ng Tagaytay, hindi ko pa nalilibot... Sana next time, makapunta na ko sa Picnic Grove... :)


Naalala ko biglamga college friends ko. Madalas kami dito sa Tagaytay nung araw. Masaya reunion nyo looking at these pics. :)

Manong Unyol said...

salamat ma'am :) iba talga kpag magkikita ulit kau ng mga frens mo noong college nakakatuwa lang naalala mo mga pinag gagawa nyo na kalokohan :)

Manong Unyol said...

oo nga sir puntahan mo na to lapit lang ganda rin tinatanaw ang taal with ur luv hihihi :) sweet

Manong Unyol said...

maraming salamt :) yap maganda rin tagaytay malamig pa :) at malapit din sa metro manila

Melo Smith said...

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