River trekking and Falls hopping in Mt. Balagbag - San Isidro, Rodriguez Rizal
Renante MinaThursday, October 31, 2013 20 comments

     I almost forget I have an invitation from Rommel San Josenyong Gala to hike in Mt. Balagbag together with his circle of friends in Bulacan. Fortunately he texted and reminded me about the time because as always I’m not active to check my notifications in my facebook account. As Rommel said majority of our companions are newbie in hiking but I didn’t feel any worry even majority of the participants are newbie because I believed with Rommel he can guide us and I’m been there once as I scaled the mountain even kids can hike that because the trail is wide, not too steep but the only concern is very hot during sunny days because the trail is not forested.

     I invited Ella also a mountaineer and a blogger, it’s a long time since we last saw each other the first mountain have been with our Tarak traverse one of the challenging traverse I’ve done so far. Because she’s from Navotas we decided to meet in Monumento the day of our climb because that evening we celebrated the post birthday of our buddy sir Erwin at ma’am Weng house near in Monumento. I chose Novaliches Bayan as our way instead of Commonwealth because it’s far not like in Novaliches and cheaper fare.

Start of our hike in the river

     Our meet up with Rommel and his friends are in Tungko Jollibee the common meet up of all hikers who want to climb in Mt. Balagbag and Mt. Maranat. At 7:00AM we arrived in Tungko we were too early. Ella and I didn't expect and also surprised that I met also my other friends in Jollibee sir Jorge, he also mentioned me in facebook they’re also invite me in their Mt. Balagbag climb, as what I have said to them I’m not always active to get online on my facebook, in their route is only the traditional trail. I want to suggest with them they will come with us to join but I remembered in our itinerary our route is river trekking then we will climb the summit of Mt. Balagbag so I never pursue to mention with them maybe they only want is to climb the summit of Mt. Balagbag.

     At 9:00AM Rommel decided he will wait the two participants because they came from other sides of Bulacan, those who were already presents at the meet up our guide will be Sol also from Bulacan buddy of Rommel when they climbed Mt. Balagbag our route will be river trekking and we will meet at Kaytitinga waterfall with the group of Rommel those who were late.

     We rode a jeep going to Licao-licao for 25.00 each I think the travel time is 30-45 minutes nothing to worry about the road was paved the only problem there’s no network signal of cellphones along your way to Licao-licao. we dropped in Ancestral Domain Karahume Cadt. Almost near the jeep terminal in Licao-licao at the outpost we registered and start of our hike, at the middle of our hiking Sol got confused which way to the river fortunately there’s a locals that he can asked they instructed the trail way down to the river.

My only chance to take a picture while on the river

     I thought I can manage wearing a jeans on my hike I’m so dumb that I underestimate of our hike, I thought our river trekking were only below my knees but I was wrong when I dip my feet, on my jeans absorbed the waters and it became more heavier and it was hard to lift my feet every time there’s a huge rocks on the river, I will never do it again and lesson learned for this hike.

First mini waterfall

Second mini waterfall

Otso-otso waterfall

     We passed the 4 waterfalls one of the waterfall they named it Otso-otso waterfall and others are only mini falls, Rommel and his group they tried to fetch our group in Otso-otso waterfall they called it Otso-otso because at the aerial view it looks like an 8(eight) shape.

The last mini waterfall before the Kaytitinga waterfall

Almost near at the Kaytitinga waterfall

     Exactly 12:00PM we reached the Kaytitinga waterfall from there we took our lunch and sojourned. I never expected there’s an enormous waterfalls because the first time I visited only the Otso-ostso waterfall because it is most common to the hikers. 


     After we took our lunch we plunged into a unpleasantly cold water of the falls, we climbed the steep portions of the huge rocks where the waters flow, I was awestruck when I look where we came from, tranquility of the place that allures me, anything that is connected with nature that can always relieve my stress and painfulness of my heart when I have major problems.

With Ella

Wide dusty trail

     At 2:00PM we packed-up and ready to assault the summit of Mt. Balagbag, my only concern was were too late ascending to Mt. Balagbag and I don’t have a flashlight, one thing that I don’t to be happen again on my hike to be caught on dark without my own flashlight. A guy in civilian calling our group, he was asking if we were going to helipad we will register first and we paid 10.00 each, one of the participants asked a receipt but the guy who administer at the registration area seems like no one heard.

Very tough young girl

Gate before the summit

     As I observed with our pacing was hasty because we need to catch the last trip going back to Tungko because the jeep is only until 6PM. As we entered at the gate, a few meters we saw a group of people assembly infront of the small house, when we were at the registration area and again they collect another 20.00 for our registration fee, we mentioned to them that we already paid 10.00 at the barangay outpost we thought nothing to be pay anymore, why there’s another fee to be pay because the last time I went there only one registration fee, although they explained to our group about the regulations, fucking fat guy irritating on my ears he joined with our conversations he arguing with our group, and he was drunk I guess. We just paid the fee so it will not create a trouble to our group to that fat guy.

     We just follow the other trail as they said that is the shortcut going to the summit but I think not, it just delayed because of the sharp luxuriant high cogon grass.

Group picture at the Summit

     At 4:30PM we reached the summit finally we took our rest and waiting for the sunset unfortunately that time it was cloudy 10minutes before 5o’clock we decided to descend not to be caught on dark.


How to get there:

  • For the Southern part area like Baclaran and Makati ride a bus with a signboard going to Tungko, Jollibee as your landmark at Tungko find the jeep terminal going to Licao-licao.
  • For the Manila part area like Taft and Quiapo ride a bus or fx going to SM Fairview. At the SM Fairview ride again a bus or jeep going to Tungko, Jollibee as your landmark find the jeep terminal going to Licao-licao.
  • If you are from near Novaliches Quezon City area at Novaliches Bayan there are jeeps directly to Tungko find the jeep terminal going to Licao-licao.

Note: Our waterfalls hopping under the municipality of San Jose Del Monte Bulacan.


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woot! pwede to sa long weekend.

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San Josenyong Gala said...

See you sa mga susunod na trips sir!

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At dito ko lang nalaman ang tunay mong pangalan. REYNANTE. Lol.
Salamat uli sa isang masayang adventure.

Joy said...

Very nice and relaxing views. Beautiful Philippines:)

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Nice account of the hiking experience, bro.

But you really got me with the beautiful pictures there. They all look so alive and I can't help letting you know that.

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We will climb this mountain, too!

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yap ganda rin nito :)

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Hello Sir Reyn "Manong Unyol" ____. ikaw pala ito a! hahaha! lagot ka! patay ka sa amin pag nalaman mo kung sino ako!!!!!

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May parking lot ba dun for private car?

Renante Mina said...

sa may licao licao terminal po may mga space doon na pwede mag park pero walang kasiguraduhan kung pwde niyo ibilin sa iba para mabantayan nila yung car niyo po :)

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Kaya po ba ng tricycle or motorbikes ung papuntang licao-licao? May mapagiiwanan po kaya kami ng motor?

Renante Mina said...

Kung hanggang sa Licao Licao terminal kayang kaya naman sementado naman yung road.

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Meron po bang guide? Magkano po kaya babayaran?

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Hi! I want to ask if pwede syang puntahan on the spot?