3-1-2 Luzon challenge has been cancelled
Renante MinaThursday, December 19, 2013 10 comments

     What you feel if your set climb has been cancelled and you are physically and mentally prepared? They send me a link about the weather forecast and the first word I read was “HEAVY RAIN” in Mt. Pulag, a very sad news, due to bad weather our team leader don’t want to pursue our 3-1-2 challenge the top 3 highest mountains in Luzon because he don’t want to risk ourselves in danger because his concern is the very cold weather almost 5-10degrees temperature it can cause hypothermina(is a condition in which core temperature drops below the required temperature for normal metabolism), unfortunately I already bought the tickets a week ago going to Baguio. The group is now planning where to go. Any suggestion please…

Our sample Itinerary:
Day 0: Dec. 20, 2013
11:00 ETD Manila to Baguio

Day 1: Dec. 21, 2013 Mt. Timbak traverse to Mt. Pulag Akiki Jump off
04:00 ETA Manila Participants
06:30 ETD Ride Bus going to Km. 54 Timbak Jump off
10:00 ETA Timbak Jump off
11:00 ETA Mt. Timbak summit
11:30 ETA Timbak mummy key keeper. Early lunch
13:00 ETD Start Traverse.
             4hrs trek ratrat
17:00 ETA Kabayan Central "secure tricycle" to Akiki Jump off
17:30 ETA Akiki Jump Off
18:00 ETA Akiki Ranger Station. dinner.
19:00 Lights off prepare for day hike Akiki.
          option: Pagmaaga pa push to Eddet river camp site.

Day 2: Dec. 22, 2013 Mt. Pulag via Akiki-Tawangan day hike
00:00 Start trek from Akiki Ranger Station.
06:00 ETA Mt. Pulag Summit
07:00 ETD Summit to Tabayoc via Tawangan Trail
          lunch along the trail
15:00 ETA Brgy. Tawangan
17:00 ETA Lake Tabeyo.
          Setup camp and register
          Secure guide for Tabayoc
          Dinner social.

Day 3: Dec. 23, 2013 Mt. Tabayoc
0500 Wake up call and prepare breakfast
0800 Start trekking
1000 ETA Mt. Tabayoc summit
1030 Start descent
1145 Back at Lake Tabeyo

Abangan saan kaya mapupunta ang naudlot na akyat……


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Renante Mina said...

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