Mt. Marami Maragondon, Cavite
Renante MinaWednesday, December 11, 2013 16 comments

     What I know about Mt. Marami are more on negative feedback, just like what I heard from other mountaineers because of the muddy trails like Mt. Romelo, you need to watch your every steps because of the shit of cows and horses on the trail, and also lot of intersection on the trail that other mountaineers they always complaint. When I’m browsing images on Google about Mt. Marami to what views I should see, I was captivated with the rock on the edge of the peak where the mountaineer sitting/standing at the rock I got envious when saw that I promised to myself I will climb that mountain before the year end I don’t care what I’ve read about the negative feedback all I want is to have a picture at the edge of that rock and to experience sitting at “Silyang Bato”.

     I received a message from my friend she asked me where is my climb because she wants to climb again because she don’t have a climb for almost a month now. She suffered illness after her Talomo-Apo climbed. I suggested Mt. Marami to her fortunately she agreed with my suggestion and I asked a favor to her to invite our other friends just to lessen expenses.

Muddy trail

     We set our climb at Sunday so others are free for that day. I chose 3:00AM of Our meet-up at Coastal Mall Metro Bus Station because according to barangay official at Ramirez the last trip of a jeep going to Naic is 5:00PM, I just made sure that we will not be late, and we can catch the last trip of a jeep at the terminal going to Naic, and 5 participants joined in my event, I already assured that this is gonna be a quickie day hike for us.

     We departed at the Coastal terminal at 3:30AM and only 1hour of travel time going to Naic without any traffic. We took our early breakfast at Naic because we are not sure if there’s a carinderia near the registration area (Barangay Ramirez), because it’s too early when we were there at jeep terminal going to Magallanes we have no choice but to wait because the first trip is 7:00AM and “punuan system” the jeep will depart if the all seats are occupied, the jeepney driver offer his service for only 600.00 he will bring us at the main jump-off at Barangay Ramirez we have no choice but to grab the opportunity because we don’t know when the jeep will depart if the first trip is 7:00AM we will be late to our itinerary, because from Naic to Magallanes another 1hour of travel. At 6:30AM we arrived in Barangay Ramirez at barangay hall we registered and we paid 20.00 each for registration fee, that time no guides were available, fortunately the 2 kids offer their self to be our guide for only 500.00, because the lowest guide fee is 500.

     At 6:45AM we started of our hiking at the paved road until we reached the muddy trail, and I remembered my hike in Mt. Romelo one of the muddiest trail I experienced I set on my mind that the scene would be the same because at first part of the trail the muddy trail welcomed us, because the trail used by the hikers were also used by the horses and cows one of the cause when it will rain the hikers will experience the muddiest trail just like an “quicksand” when you step on it.

     If you are first timer to hike in Mt. Marami I suggest hire a guide because there’s lots of intersection on the trail that’s confusing. Fortunately we have 2 guides, lead and sweeper (at the back). I also suggest hike early because the trail is open, it is gonna be a big challenge to you or to your group if you hike late during sunny day you will experience scorching heat just like what I've read to other articles, and bring enough trail water because there’s no water source along the trail and I will not recommend to get trail water at the river because of discoloration I’m sure the water is contaminated, not safe for drinking.

     Halfway of our hike we noticed a dilapidated bamboo bridge from there we took our photo ops and rest for a while because we have enough time. After 30 minutes of staying at the bridge we continued our hike, after a few hours of hiking when we were closer to summit it started drizzling.

Shallow river

We crossed a fence with barb wire

Summit :-(

     Cool breeze and thick fogs covered the view from the top of the mountain we just waited for more than 2 hours and we were hoping we can witness the magnificent view from the summit unfortunately past 12noon the rain poured and strong wind occurred at the top of the mountain heartbreaking moment we decided to leave the summit that we never witness the 360 views. It was coincident Arman wearing printed famous quotes on his shirt “The mountains will always be there” I think not perfect time for us and there’s a reason to be back.

Alone sitting at Silyang Bato

Perfect timing I captured the bird flying around the peak of Mt. Marami

How to get there:

  • At Coastal Mall terminal ride an aircon bus going to Naic Cavite 64.00 each.
  • From Naic at Petron station, walk a few meters on the right side of the highway to the jeepney terminal to Magallanes, before BPI. Jeep from Naic to Magallanes – 37.00 each and the travel time is 1 hour. At Magallanes ride a trike going to Brangay Ramirez 60.00/trike.
  • If you want to rent a jeep from Naic directly to Barangay Ramirez(registration area) good for 18 seaters, I will recommend kuya Teng for only 600.00 one way.

Kuya Teng: Jeepney driver
Contact #: 09294791162

Marlon Mendoza: Barangay Official
Contact #: 09982421045


Francis Balgos said...

muddy trails and river crossing!

Joy said...

Still nice pictures :)

Tal | ThePinayWanderer said...

ay sows, tinitingnan ko pa lang yun silyang bato ay nalula na ako, ano pa kaya kung andun ako. Hays, di talaga ako pwedeng mamundok, katakot! Pero ang ganda, sayang at inulan kayo. Ganda nung pangatlo sa huling pic. :)

Renante Mina said...

tama hahaha :)

Renante Mina said...

maraming salamat

Renante Mina said...

balikan ko to next year hehehe maganda puntahan mo to normal lang medyo nakakatakot pagtayo at pag upo sa silyang bato hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ren.

Reading your blog post about your climb to Mt. Marami feels like reenacting what transpired to our climb more than 3 years ago.

Ganyan na ganyan talaga. Maputik at maulan.

Renante Mina said...

oo nga eh ang dulas muntik nga ako dumaosdos pababa hehehe naakyat mo na pala to :)

Ian Limpangog said...

Wow...parang ang gusto kong sumama to one of your future climbs..

Alexi Lee said...


Alexi Lee said...

ilang oras yung trekking sir?

Renante Mina said...

hello alexi 3-4hrours depende sa pacing :)

Tanya Marie Salazar said...

Hi sir, may contact ka po ng guide? Plan namin this saturday. :) Thanks!

Tanya Marie Salazar said...

sir, may contact ka ng guide? how much? balak kasi namin this saturday. thanks!

Renante Mina said...

hi Tanya sa may barangay meron sila available guide lage nasa 500 ang bawat guide meron din mga bata nag guiguide doon same bayad din :) goodluck sa inyo 09982421045 barangay official po yan pa reserve nalang kau sa knya...

The Wanderer said...

manong nag dyhike lang po kayo dito?