Buntot Palos / Hidden Falls - Pangil Laguna
Renante MinaTuesday, January 14, 2014 14 comments

I am Kiarra and this is my story

     On the latter part of 2013, I was growing sick and tired of my redundant lifestyle. Basically, for someone who works home based online, surfing the internet would be the most probable thing to do. I indulged on reading blogs, articles or write ups about food, travel and other things that fascinate me.

How I came across Renante Mina a.k.a Manong Unyol?

     One night, one blog caught my attention among the others. The page was full of places which I have never heard of. I began browsing and reading, stunned by the pictures I saw, FEAR embraced me. Who in the world would go to these places? …must be someone willing to die, or somebody who wants to be disconnected from the busy world. I don’t think I’m that extreme. I’m probably happy with a mouthwatering dish, an instagrammable cafĂ© or beach bumming somewhere. But my last view changed everything. A man and a woman were standing on a mesmerizing monolith in autumn colors overlooking a breathtaking ambiance with the title: Pico de loro. It looked as if they were close to flying. Feisty! I honestly fell in love with it. And so I took a leap of faith and message the author of “Adventures of Manong Unyol”. (In other words, I invited myself, an extremely impulsive, insane act). Luckily, this man was very accommodating, humble and kind enough to equip thus assist a newbie like me. I pushed my luck just fine.

The experience


     I couldn't sleep for days knowing I’ll be joining a large crowd of strangers and experienced mountaineers. How cool is that!? Stepping out of my comfort zone brings butterflies all over my belly. You know that feeling when you receive a present but are not allowed to open it just yet?

Panoramic view of Laguna


     Should I cancel? I’m starting to worry. What if they leave me because I might be too lame and slow? Will I be able to jive with anyone and understand their mountaineering terms? At the back of my mind I knew I had nothing to lose but something to gain from this experience. True enough, fear paralyzes. I met not just nice people but interesting ones from different walks of life. There is life and adventure outside my computer screens and stories to hear, places to witness. 

My hiking shoes

     Adrenaline was flowing all the time. When I saw the jaw dropping falls; a hammock, a good book and something cold to drink crossed my mind and I would already call it heaven! I guess I had to savor my heaven by soaking myself in the invigorating ice-cold water, instilling picturesque memories in my brain, crouching on a flat 5-feet-wide rock and napping to the sound of falling water and chirping birds. Roofless wandering on a Sunday… PERFECT! 

Buntot Palos/Hidden Falls

Adventurers..... Hikers...... 

The majestic waterfalls of Buntot Palos


     On my way up the steepest muddy path as we leave the Hidden falls, I literally felt FATIGUE, cramping legs, hyperventilation plus the desire to plunge! There were people behind encouraging me to keep going as if the path would straighten and the muddy track would be cemented. I was totally dog-tired and at the verge of giving up. I knew I looked haggard, all sweaty and messed up from the number of slips and slides. If I were alone, I would've given up and napped for awhile. It was way harder than it appeared on photos. It was like a never ending march!  I needed a push…I believe everybody does. It pays to know that some people would give you a lift or a little drive. And just knowing that they have your back means a lot. I remember an old guy from another group of campers who lent his hand just so I could jump off the other boulder of slippery rock on the stream. Do I smell camaraderie? And Chivalry isn't dead yet!

Me and Manong Unyol

     My favorite part? The entire trip costs ½ the price of a decent meal that would look palatable enough to be posted on Instagram. Can you imagine that price being stretched for an entire day of worthy experience and fun as compared to 1-2 hours of taste-bud-pampering? Don’t get me wrong, I do love being in a state of food coma.

~~~~End of the story~~~~

Thank you to all who joined the event especially to fellow travel bloggers:
Francis - PALA-LAGAW


Billy Palatino said...

Woah! Cool and witty write up! Til our next adventure Ma'am!

Arnie Monacillo said...

Wow, I love the write up. It's been pleasure to have you and having me for the kick off 2014 climb. More mountains to go..

Francis Balgos said...

Hi Kiarra,

This sure is inspired, and by this adventure nonetheless!
I took my damm awful time with the slippery trail,
wanting to enjoy the scenery as much as I can.
nice to meet you! :)


Joy said...

Nakakaenganyo nga sumama sa inyo. Sayang layo ko at mahina na tuhod. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

Elal Lasola said...

Fave ko ang trek with falls. Hope I get to have more treks this year. :D

Kiarra Ann Casusi said...

Kudos to all of us! Thank you for adding color to my world. Looking forward to joining your adventures newly found friends. :) Cheers.

Balut said...

Hi Kiara thanks for sharing your story here :) That was one awesome adventure and an awesome post ;) Hope to see more of your stories here :)

Angel Caronongan said...

Mina! Dalhin mo kami ritoooooo.... ang ganda! Alam mo naman mahilig ako sa falls... waaa :D

Ellaine Paculanang said...


we are planning to climb here next week and we are not familiar with the place. what should we do we would like to push ourselves to our limits and i know this will be exciting. So Guys please help us on what to prepare and who should we contact to guide us on the trail.

Thanks a lot

Renante Mina said...

hi ellaine you can contact this number 09472835415 his name Joy, he can arrange a guide.for your group, and please be vigilant because there are theft incident to that place... goodluck :)

Via Tanay Rizal

1. At Chowking Edsa Central, ride a Jeepney bound for Tanay Rizal.
Drop off point: Tanay Market, Jeepney will stop at the Terminal.

2. Ride another Jeep bound for Siniloan, Laguna.
Drop off point: Siniloan Public Market, then Ride a Tricycle

3. From Siniloan Public Market, Ride a Tricycle
Drop off Point : Brgy. Balian Hall or inform the trike driver to drop you in mountaineers registration in Buntot Palos

steven dela cruz said...

Wow ang ganda, isa sa mga article na nabasa ko sa online says na travelling is important at regrets ng mga mattanda na hindi nila nagawa sa bata pa sila. Thanks for this blog, this inspires me to travel and live life to travel and experience things. :) Congrats! :)

reed hne said...

Eto yung buntot palos adventure namin last May 8, 2014

Tnx to this blog


James Daniel Hernandez said...

Reed, pls let me know of the details of your adventures in Buntot Palos, most specially the hotel where you have stayed in the area. I need them ASAP. Pls reply to my email jamesdaniels1203@gmail.com..I hope to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

I went here last 1996, i was 26 years old during that time..even now, I still remember the place.. the hidden falls of Laguna :-) --> Ronanzki (send me some details about it now :-) cheers. --> 2thoyzki@gmail.com