Mt. Pulag - Akiki trail - Kabayan Benguet
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3-1-2 Challenge

     After we crossed the bridge, I thought the trail was easy unfortunately more on ascending and open, we experienced a scorching heat going to Kabayan, while on the trail all of us were craving for very cold soda and starving. For 5 hours of hiking descending on the trail of Mt. Timbac thanks God we reached the Kabayan Central and our guide in Mt. Pulag via Akiki trail was waiting us. At the Kabayan there’s a carinderia and mini store where we bought foods. My other buddies always mentioned they want to go home because they knew how difficult and how steep the Akiki trail. "Pero sorry guys walang uwian" hahaha 

Akiki Jump-off

     The name of the trail is onomatopoeic in origin, derived from the small bird whose high-pitched chirped sounds like "Aki-ki-ki...". It is unsurprising that this trail would be named after a bird call, because Mt. Pulag is a bird sanctuary, home to 143 species of birds. Source: Pinoymountaineer. Akiki trail most commonly name this by the hikers as "killer trail" because of the steep of the trail.

     We rent a truck going to jump-off of Akiki for 200.00. A 20 minute travel to a dusty and bumpy road to akiki jump-off made me dizzy. My heartbeats like a drum when I saw the signage “difficult route”.  At the registration area we paid our fees (Entrance fee, Camping fee, Green fee and Cultural fee) 

Registration area

     At 4:00PM we started our hike the first part of the trail were more on descending going to Eddet River. 

This is not a chair hahaha.... Any idea why they made this one?

Sunset (fail)

Pine forest
Photo credit: Gilda

     Halfway of our hike down to Eddet River my right foot slipped on the edge of the trail I don’t know what happen next I’m very thankful that I was able to hold on the grass. My feet hang on the cliff,  the only words came to my mouth was “Pa tulong naman” fortunately our team leader saw me and he quickly grabbed my hand and lift up me from the cliff. That was my second time, the first one was in Mt. Arayat, and despite what happened to me I never said the word “Quit” instead I will keep that as a lesson and charge to my experiences. I believe it’s only part of the test how dedicated I am to my passion, to explore the wonderful creation of our God.

Eddet River
Eto ang itsura ng muntik mahulog sa bangin

     After we crossed the hanging bridge at the Eddet River that was the starts of our challenge the zigzag steep trails. At first one hour of our hiking ascending to Marlboro campsite little was bit okay and had after our merienda break on the trail, we continued our hike on the steep trail, my feet was numbing because of the cold weather and my back was aching because of the heavy load on my bag, I lay down every time we rest on the trail and dragged myself on the ascending trail going to the campsite. Along our way to campsite we were not talking, the only sound you can hear from us were our “deep breathe”. Finally we reached the Marlboro campsite at 9:00PM I can’t imagine, I passed the steep part of the Akiki trail and the challenging part was we did it at night trek.

Marlboro campsite
Photo credit: Gilda

     Our plan was we will continue our hike at 2:00AM to witness the sunrise at the summit, unfortunately the rain poured, our guide and our team leader decided we will resume our hike at 6:00AM because it’s too useless if we will hike too early.

Mossy forest
Photo credit: Gilda

     After the Malboro Campsite we entered into mossy forest of Akiki trail fortunately there is no leeches along the mossy forest hahaha. 

Waiting my buddies "selfie"

My Buddies

Summit of Mt. Pulag
Photo credit: Gilda

     At 8:30AM as we reached the grassland we encountered heavy rains, strong winds and very foggy almost zero visibility. We already expect that this will happen to our climb because of the weather forecast we used as monitor. At 10:15AM we reached the summit we took our pictures on the signboard at the summit as evidence we reached the summit of the highest mountain in Luzon.

Ambangeg campsite

     When we were at the intersection of Ambangeg trail and Tawangan trail our guide asked again if we will push our traverse in Tawangan he gave as an option if we will choose the Tawangan we can climb the Tabayoc the second highest mountain in Luzon, if we will choose the Ambangeg we will abort the Tabayoc, but because of situation happened to us we were chilling and wet, majority of my buddies chose Ambangeg. Very sad we did not finish our challenge. Although we did not finish still I considered as one of the adventurous of my hike.

Ranger station

Van we rent at Ranger station

There's a rainbow always after the rain....

Sidetrip Badekbek Sulfur Spring

3-1-2 challenge failed :( 
Mt. Tabayoc - 2 be continued hahaha
Visit this link: Mt. Timbac Kabayan Benguet 

For more info's you can contact Sir Teddy about the guide fee and other fees will be pay, 
Contact no. 09461441936.


Marco said...

good to know hindi ka nahulog sa bangin. ingat, ingat. :)

Francis Balgos said...

That wasn't bad..
taking the walk in the park in Ambangeg is probably ok.
You already have Timbac prior to Pulag. :)

Arnie Monacillo said...

Though I know Akiki is a killer trail. Someday I want to experience this traverse. Good job Unyol. Another success mountain top. :)

Joy said...

Thanks for free trip to the mountain:)

Jherson Jaya said...

Astig yung selfie mo parang ikaw! nyahahaha...

CheeNee said...

minsan sama ko sa mga hike mo..

Balut said...

"onomatopoeic " - bagong dagdag sa vocabulary.

Ang ganda nung rainbow at parang katakot yung Sulfur Spring

Renante Mina said...

oo nga eh maraming salamt hehehe :)

Renante Mina said...

babalikan ko to kapag maganda na panahon sususnod laking pag iingat na

Renante Mina said...

oo sir subukan mo to ang astig pero mas magnda wag ka mag night trek tulad ng ginawa nmin

Renante Mina said...

thank you din ma'am :)

Renante Mina said...

hahaha ang hirap mag selfie jan hinahangin hehehe

Renante Mina said...

oo naman ma'am :)

Renante Mina said...

oo nga eh sana noong nasa taas kami doon siya lumabas nakaka asar lang hehehe said...

ganda. feb 1 ako nandito.

Renante Mina said...

nice goodluck sayo :)

Ryan Sanchez said...

awtsss saklap nama ng ulan na yan.... thank god ang akiki ko sobrang ganda ng weather nung gabi lang mahirap nag 1degree kame. nagyelo mga tent but the sea of clouds pays it off.. after ^_^