Mt. Timbac - Kabayan Benguet
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3-1-2 Luzon Challenge

     I posted on my blog that our 3-1-2 Luzon challenge has been cancelled due to heavy rain in Mt. Pulag on the date of our climb. After a few hours I received again a message from our team leader that we will push through our 3-1-2 challenge because according to the website we used as monitor, they update their weather forecast in Mt. Pulag the heavy rain turned to rain shower so we were hoping and there’s a chance it will not rain.

    One week before of our climb we already bought tickets from the Victory Liner because we already expected the crowd of the passengers because of the holiday season, at 11:30PM we departed at the bus terminal in Cubao and exactly 6 hours of travel time we arrived in Baguio. From Baguio we met our buddy in their house just to leave our other clothes just to lessen our stuff going up to the mountains. We rode a bus going to Bontoc the bus terminal located at the Barangay Sto. Nino Slaughter Compound and we informed to the konduktor we will drop at Km. 55 the jump-off point of Mt. Timbac and the fare is 90.00 each and almost 3 hours of travel from terminal to Km 55.

Bilisan niyo habulin natin yung bus....

     Unfortunately when we already there at the Km. 55 jump-off point of Mt. Timbac and preparing ourselves in a hike we noticed our stuff which included our foods for lunch and dinner and also the pants of our team leader were left at the luggage compartment of the bus, without hesitation we just tried to stop other cars that pass on the road just to hitch, fortunately the truck stop and one of our buddy pleaded to the truck driver and she used her angelic face hahaha and we can hitch to his truck and we will catch the bus on the road to get our stuff fortunately the driver agreed to our request. Unfortunately the rain poured and we were chilling outside the truck.

I got it.....

     After an hour we saw the bus (D’Rising Sun) at the Abatan at the public market “parang amazing race ang eksena sobrang adventure nakikipag habulan sa bus” our team leader ran on the road while it was stuck on the traffic just to get our stuff at the bus he almost near unfortunately he didn’t catch the bus, the truck driver tried his best, beeping loudly and we were waving our hands just to see us at the side mirror and to stop the bus. They assigned me to get the stuff on the bus as I told them “hindi ko alam itsura nun basta daw bag na Merrell” but when I got it they said “may nakalimutan ka di mo nakuha ang pagkain” I thought our adventure was success “yun pala epic fail parin’ hahaha

At the Abatan restaurant

     Exactly 12:00noon at Abatan and took our lunch, because the effort we do, our team leader he treat our lunch hahaha. Going back to the jump-off of Mt. Timbac we rode a van we consumed again another 1 hour of travel and our itinerary has been ruined because of the stuff we left at the bus hahaha.

Jump-off of Mt. Timbac

Ascending at the paved road

We hitch again 

     Few minutes of walking on the paved road we saw a truck, and again…… and again…. the first on our mind was to hitch again when the truck were near to us “puwede makisakay?” fortunately the truck stopped and without any hesitation we hitch again hahaha we were thankful because we saved time and energy, the truck driver dropped us at the mummies cave registration area.

Inside the truck with the chickens, bawal ang maarte lalo na kapag libre hahaha...
Photo credit: Gilda

Vegetable farm

     Our team leader also our guide for our Mt. Timbac and he climbed the mountain for many times so we don’t need a guide and we save 500.00 for the guide fee. Unfortunately the weather was not that good because it was raining and very foggy.

Mt. Timbac landmark
Photo credit: Gilda

     Mt. Timbac also known as Mt. Singakalsa is the 3rd highest mountain in Luzon and 9th highest in the Philippines according to Pinoymountaineer with the height of 2,717 meters above sea level and it features the village life of the vegetables farmers, mummies and views of the cordillera peaks. We reached the summit at 4:45PM unfortunately when were there at the summit the rain poured heavily and we have any choice but to descent quickly because we were wet and chilling on the trail because the temperature almost freezing and try to find a great place where we can set up our tents or house to stay for that night.

Jocelyn house

     We met a local at the mini store at the area and asked who’s offering a home stay and they recommend the house of Jocelyn at the foot of the mountain we tried to find it unfortunately the person we were trying to find is not there only her son in their house we pleaded to him if we can stay there house for 1 night fortunately pumayag siya. A very hospitable and generous man he offered to us their stove to cook our foods and thick blankets at night.

The farmer in Atok Benguet

Sea of clouds

     At second day we woke up early and prepared ourselves going down Kabayan way to Mt. Pulag via akiki trail the difficult trail of Mt. Pulag. We were thankful that our second day God gave to us the great weather we saw the panoramic view at the foot of Mt. Timbac, fortunately another forms of sea of clouds we witnessed from the mountain, as always I’m so bless I don’t think we can witness this sea of clouds because of the bad weather when we were at the summit.

     At the registration area going to the mummies a local asked if we want to visit the mummies for only 30.00 for the registration fee we just grabbed the opportunity and to have a side-trip because one of the main highlight/tourist destination of Mt. Timbac. They put gates because according to the caretaker they stole the mummy I think for 1 month they returned the mummy and I remembered during our social last night with JB the son of owner of the house when they stole the mummy they believe that’s the reason why everyday was raining in their place. According to the caretaker the mummies is hundred years old and they mummify only for the elite families according to her.

The caretaker

Coffins of the mummies

     Along our way to Kabayan fortunately the road is wide and 70-80percent is cemented and as estimation of our team leader the road we hiked was 32kms what I likely most the place is bucolic.

Where we came from


How to get there by commute:

1. Ride a bus going to Baguio, company buses route to Baguio

Victory Liner Cubao
683 EDSA Cubao Quezon City
(02) 727-4688 ; (02) 410-8986 ; (02) 727-4534

Victory Liner Pasay
651 EDSA Pasay City
(02) 833-4403
(02) 833-5019 to 20

Genesis Transport Inc
704 EDSA cor New York St. barangay E. Rodriguez Sr. Cubao Quezon City
(02) 421-1413, (02) 421-1422, (02) 421-1425

Dagupan Bus Company
New York Street Cubao Quezon City
(02)727-2287, (02)929 6123

2. At Baguio ride a taxi tell the driver you will drop you in Slaughter House Compound.

D'Rising Sun Buses, departs 5:00AM -1:00PM. Tell to the Konduktor of the bus you will drop you in Km. 55 and the fare is 90.00 and 3 hours of travel.

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I'm hoping to trek Mt Timbac again this 1st quarter. :)
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Benguet has equally stunning mountain sceneries just like Mountain Province. Gaganda ng mga views. This is a good eye-opener blog to discover Benguet.

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