Exploring the hidden destination the falls and beaches of Abra de ilog Occidental Mindoro
Renante MinaMonday, February 17, 2014 12 comments

     I marked my calendar that I will travel at the end of January and I won’t let it pass the holiday season. I put on my list the island in Quezon the Alibijaban Island or Abra de ilog in Mindoro but my first option was Alibijaban Island because of the negative feedback that I’ve read, I change my plan and I chose Abra de Ilog because the last time my other buddies visited Mindoro unfortunately due to bad weather last year I decided not to join with them. A week before the end of the month of January I forced to join with me my other close buddies and fellow travel bloggers especially those who don’t have any scheduled trip in that date, it was also part of my bucketlist to ride a ferry, and this time this is the perfect time to explore Abra de ilog. I browsed the internet what great attractions to visit in the area unfortunately there’s minimal information I got, I decided not to make an itinerary because I don’t have any idea even my friend who’s staying there he never explore Abra de ilog because his busy managing his business a juicy roasted chicken. I just printed all the possible natural tourist attraction the caves, beaches and waterfalls.

     Thursday evening after our work we decided to meet at Jam Liner Edsa kamuning fortunately not that crowded unlike the past holidays, supposedly our plan we will leave at the terminal at 10:00PM but we don’t expect Sir Dennis of Love Mindanao will encounter a heavy traffic in Edsa we waited for almost 2hours hahaha. 12:00AM we departed at the terminal bound to Batangas Port, Exactly 3:00AM we arrived in Batangas Port. 

     While waiting at the boarding area I felt excited and nervous because it would be my first time to ride a ferry. When we were there inside the ferry while watching how they load the cars I observed that they never put a rope or locks at the wheels of the small cars only the trucks, my only concerned that time was, what if huge waves strike the ferry and the cars will slide at different directions and it can cause the ferry to sink. Hmmmm I think much better to be prepared all the time.

First Day

My first Roro trip experience

     When I lie down in a bed and to take a sleep I experienced seasickness I felt dizzy, what I did was and I went up and look outside to watch the horizon and I waited until the daylight. Almost 4hours we travel at the sea too slow and I’m awake all the time and the noise of the engine annoyed me. I envy my other buddies because they can sleep and they’re snoring hahaha.

Abra de Ilog Port

     At 8:00AM we arrived Abra de Ilog port, I was amazed I never thought that the ferry can reverse when the ferry docking at the port, it was my first time to witness that hahaha. (Ignorant)

Trike we rent

     When we arrived at the house of our friend Freddie we hurriedly went to trike terminal to ask the drivers the best place to visit in their place. We showed it to them our printed copy unfortunately some of the destinations were not familiar to them, I’m pretty sure tourism is not active there, not like with their neighboring town.

Small community seen at the top of the hills surrounded by Mountains of Mindoro

     We chose Sibay falls as I read from other article waterfalls are one of the most visited and loved by local and foreign adventurers in Abra de Ilog. Our trike drivers went to Barangay Lumang Bayan to get a permit because of the war, the group of rebels and militaries, and ambush incident. Their concerned was our own safety. We explained to the Barangay Captain we are group of travel bloggers and we are promoting the place, as we mentioned to him we are group of traveler, he ordered to his staffs and they gave a guide to our group, we were thankful we are guided by Mangyan (indigenous people live in Mindoro) in Bisay falls.

Mangyans we met on the trail

Rice fields

House of Manyan

     At the foot of the mountain we passed a small community of Mangyan in our hike, the skeletal structure of their houses are made up of bamboo, wood of a tree cut into small pieces and anahaw leaves as their roof. 

We cross a stream on our hiked 

Pool or Falls? it's up to you to decide. hahaha..... sorry guys lahat tayo wala idea malay ko ba kung Pool or Falls :-)

     We hiked for almost 1.5hours to reach the Bisay Falls. It has a spacious pool, very clear and ice cold waters just like what happened to us we were chilling when we dipped in the water. The place offers solitude, quietude and serenity. Before we leave, we pick up plastics around the area left by the other tourists or locals who visited the falls our concerned was to prevent the deterioration of the natural resources.

Dipping in ice-cold water of Bisay waterfall

On our way to Boninay beach

You can stay in Boninay beach resort

Waiting for the sunset

     After we hiked, we visited the coastal part of Abra de Ilog the Boninay Beach, from there we relaxed our feet into a very tiring hike, and the others took their nap. I never close my eyes and watching the sun to hide; I wanted to savor every moment.

Second Day

     Second day we visited 2 popular natural destinations in Abra de Ilog the Agbalala falls and Apias falls. You have two options to reach the Agbalala you can hike at the mountain or at the shore but our group opted to hike at the shoreline; good decision we made, I was stunned with the huge rock formations, different colors of pebbles, and the splash of the waves at the cliff. We consumed almost 2hours just to have photo ops, although the weather is not good for that day because of the tropical storm hit Visayas but we still enjoyed its the serenity of the beach. 


Face your fear, splashing by the waves (c) Albert The Backpacker

Small cave at the shore

On the Cliff

Walking at the shore

House of Mangyan near the shore

Agbalala Falls

     For more than 2hours of hiking at the beach we reached the waterfall, we were surprised the magnificence of Agbalala falls. The jaw-dropping waterfall it is about 115 feet tall with 45 x 75 feet catchments pool. We slipped on the rocks, we’re splashed by a big waves on the cliff. I must say worth it all the effort to visit the Agbalala falls and it offers jam-packed adventures. 

Jaw-dropping Agbalala Falls

Apias/Apyas Falls

     After we visited the Agbalala falls we visited also the near waterfall, the Apias/Apyas falls frequent hang-out among the local, it is about 4.57 tall, with a depth of 1.22m, 1.83m top to water surface perfect for the non swimmer like me and you can enjoy the ambiance of nature. We were thankful to our very kind trike drivers for guiding to our group.

Third Day

     On our third day we were thankful that the weather was already fine due to bad weather last Saturday because of the typhoon hit Visayas that also affect some part in Luzon. I’m very grateful with my buddies we made our adventures memorable even for a very short time to a place without any idea. We left Abra de ilog full of happiness and unforgettable experiences.

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Nanzy Melgazo said...

Wow mas astig ang travel mo bro. Ganda nitong pinuntahan mo. Thanks for dropping by the way sa blog ko.

Renante Mina said...

maraming salamat walang anuman :) goodluck sa mga darating na gala... cheers

Elal Lasola said...

Wow. Is this far from San Jose municipality? Been there for the island hopping. Never knew na may falls pala somewhere. Great find. I miss trekking tuloy.

Renante Mina said...

Malayo pa ata yun gumala lang kami sa around abra de ilog. wala talaga kmi idea sa lugar san mga magagandang destination sa kanila...

Arnie Monacillo said...

Nakakatuwa naman dahil kahit papano, mga karatig na lalawigan sa Metro Manila eh may naitatago pang ganda. River, Falls, Seas, Beach, Whew sana lang hindi magiging Metro Manila in time na nawala na lang bigla napabayaan. Though I'm afraid kasi tumataas na ung population.

Renante Mina said...

yun ang nakakatakot yung masira ang mga natural resources natin. disiplina dapat ang kailangan para mapangalagaan ang natural na pinagkukunan...

naks said...

ganda ng lugar sir renan...
sarap maglakbay at magmuni pamunsan-minsan lalo na kung yung mga off the beaten path ang tutunguhin natin...

Renante Mina said...

oo sir maganda nga siya :) mas astig nga yung wala ka talga idea sa lugar poro supresa ang magyayari sau

Bernard Medrano said...

Thanks to this sir.. may idea na ko for my trip sa occidental mindoro..this coming march.. :) hoping i can join some of your trips ..

Renante Mina said...

welcome sir... sure you join can with me.. enjoy sa inyong travel goodluck...

Joed Villaruel said...

Nakakainggit naman po travel nyo. ang gaganda ng mga lugar. Hope marating din namin. Ask lang po magkano estimated budget nyo sa travel na ito. Many thanks God bless..

Renante Mina said...

hi joed less than 2k lang po kasama na ang mga foods nmin kc may tinuluyan kaming bahay... pero may mga matutuluyan nman dun na mura lang like sa Boninay beach I think 200 per day you can txt the #.