Kamay ni Hesus barangay Tinamnan Lucban Quezon
Renante MinaWednesday, March 26, 2014 4 comments

     After we visited the Cagbalete Island our group decided to change our route instead of Lucena we will take the Lucban bound route and to try the famous delicacy in Lucban the longganisa fortunately sir Irog suggested to visit the Kamay ni Hesus and I became interested because many devotees visit this place especially for those who are sick to heal from God because of their faith. As ma’am Weng said for those who only interested will join to visit the Kamay ni Hesus and as respect to the others we didn’t force to join the others because not all the participants were Catholic and others were tired. I never hesitate if I will go or not, I guess this is God purpose why we change our route, to remember him and to be grateful all the blessings we received, that we met new friends through our adventures.


     It all started on October, 1998, when Rev. Fr. JOEY AYALA FALLER, attended the International Charismatic Renewal Congress (ICCRC), which was held in Rome. It was at that time when FR. JOEY FALLER and CHARLES WHITEHEAD, President of ICCRS saw a vision of a huge building that was filled with so many people who was suffering from different ailments/illnesses. While Fr. Joey was alone with these people amidst the crowd. It was then that he realized that GOD was with him all along and that it was a “MISSION” for him sent by GOD to build a “HEALING CENTER”

     A “HEALING CENTER” which was meant to heal the sick-physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. A “MISSION” envisioned to him by GOD. With such a big task he was adherent at first on how to fulfill a “MISSION FOR LORD”.

     FR. JOEY took the chance of conferring the vision with the former Bishop of Lucena, BISHOP RUBEN T. PROFUGO. And much to his surprise it was not just only approved but Bishop RUBEN even offered a piece of land in Lucena, to fulfill his Mission of building a “HEALING CENTER”.  Thus, “KAMAY NI HESUS MINISTRY FOUNDATION, INC.” was then formed it is a non-stock, non-profit corporation which Fr. Joey himself founded with his close associates and friends in mid-1998. KHMFI was formed to assist in the fund raising of not just a “Healing Center” but a “Church” and “RenewalCenter” for the Diocese of Lucena. source: lucbankamaynihesus

Adan and Eve

Noah's ark

My buddies light candles with colors different kinds to signify.

Stairs going to statue of Risen Christ

Last supper

No matter how old or weak you are if have you faith nothing is impossible


Breathtaking view at the hill

Regular Healing Masses
Kamay ni Hesus Healing Church
Brgy. Tinamnan, Lucban, Quezon

Saturday and Wednesday
9:30AM - Healing Mass

9:00AM - Regular Mass

Saturday Anticipated Mass

Every Sunday
7:30AM / 9:00AM / 10:30AM / 11:30AM / 4:00PM

Reminder: Observe silence and please wear appropriate clothes to visit the religious site.


naks said...

it's only fitting that after a day's journey one should at least give thanks to our Creator...

Balut said...

Ok here we go again! One of my greatest frustration - going to this place :( Very near and yet seem so far for me. Haist! one of these days I promised to visit that place.

Btw, since you have been hopping from one place to another I'm sure you have in your collection a beautiful church that you want to share with. Will you be my guest blogger for a special post?

Renante Mina said...

YAH TAMA sir :)

Renante Mina said...

go ma'am :) thanks sa invitation sana makapg share ako sobrang busy pa talga ngayon...