Balete Tree in Maria Aurora
Renante MinaWednesday, April 23, 2014 2 comments

Roadtrip to Aurora (Balete Park)

     I’ve been hibernating for a quite long time because of my busy work, even in the weekends. Wednesday afternoon I received a message if I want to join with their roadtrip going to Aurora and Pampanga our budget will be 1,000.00 each back and fort, share for gas, toll fees and foods, at first I’m hesitant because I’m not sure if my mom will allow me to travel because it’s Lenten season. After my work when, I arrived in our house the first word came from to my mouth “ Ma may biyahe ako.” saan “Aurora at Pampanga manonood ng ipapako sa krus” fortunately she permitted me, spontaneous travel indeed.

     We leave Manila at 12:00AM Thursday midnight to evade from heavy traffic. No Google map and GPS(Global Positioning System) and only our instinct because one of our buddy have been there but almost 10years ago hahaha. When we were at the NLEX our buddy got perplexed we passed the right exit because they open a new road in Expressway, we’re lost for almost less an hour fortunately there are signboards but we don’t know where we will be our exit and also the the funny thing was the signboard we saw was “Manila” baka daw makauwi kami ng Manila pabalik hahahaha

     After the paved road we were wondering how the bus can pass this narrow rough road. Our ride was very adventurous zero visibility, and the rain poured that adds challenge to our ride slippery, bumpy, steep and muddy road I’m so thankful we were safe as what I noticed in the area it was prone in landslide. After we passed all those challenges we found out that road we used was the old road going to Aurora. (Baler-Bongabon road).

     Sir Albert gave an idea the tourist destination in Aurora before we will go to our main destination in Baler unfortunately only the Balete Park was the only destination we’re able to visit.

Signboard going to Balete Park

This is what happened to the car when we used the Baler-Bongabon road (old road) very muddy

Free Wi-Fi

Vendor selling suman at the Balete park... Sarap

At the park they collect an entrance fee 10.00 for adult and 5.00 for the kid. 

Underneath the Balete tree

     While we were at the Balete Park I’m so curious, I asked a local who administer the registration fee, how old that Balete tree? as she replied to me 1 Millennium years ago which means in conversion 1,000 years ago, I have doubt that tree was 1,000 years ago just to answer my curiosity I checked it on a google thanks to free wifi at the park hahaha this what I researched in wikipedia - A balete tree locally called "Millenium Tree" in Barangay Quirino, Maria Aurora, Aurora province in the Philippines is claimed to be the largest of its kind in Asia. It is estimated to be about 600+ years old and 60 metres (200 ft) tall with its roots about 10 metres (33 ft) to 15 metres (49 ft) in diameter. 


Balut said...

OMG! it's scary to be in that old tree! Lam mo naman kung anong tumitira sa Balete tree no? ha ha

P1K for that adventure? Ang mura ha!

Renante Mina said...

siguro kung nag iisa sa balete tree nakakatakot talga hehehe pero noong andun kami medyo marami tourista :)