What makes you happy
Renante MinaTuesday, April 8, 2014 5 comments

"The purpose of our lives is to be happy"
Dalai Lama

Feel free to comment and share what makes you happy.


Francis Balgos said...

Like a post card!
Just one picture is enough for blog post really. :-)

Balut said...

There's a lot of things that makes me happy and BLOGGING is one of them :)

Nice pic!

Ian | Going Places said...

I agree! And travel is one of them because I get to have "experience of a lifetime"!

jhoannamarie pareja said...

What makes me happy??? Travelling. Adventures, mas okay yung unplanned, like anything goes! Meeting new people. Learning about their food and culture. Exchanging ideas with those that I meet along the way. Those are the things that make me happy. Priceless, indeed.

Paula O said...

So refreshing. Nothing but green!