Calaguas Islands Camarines Norte
Renante MinaFriday, May 23, 2014 17 comments

     I always hear Calaguas to fellow travelers as they said one of the best beach in the country, my buddies in #teamborawan set an event in Calaguas, because of financial crisis I can’t decide if I will join with them, I checked in the internet the photos what can I see in that place, I was surprised because of blue clear waters of the sea and almost perfect white sand. At the last minute before the event I confirmed that I will join because there are many reasons why I will not past for this event, and one thing is I miss the bonding with them, and for this time Kenneth LagaƱa of Mr.Bratpacker organized this trip.

     Fortunately I do research and read some other comments about their feedbacks to Calaguas majority of their concerns was very expensive rate of boat rent. I copy all the possible contacts of boatman who can offers a lowest price and I gave to our organizer, because the boatman he transacted, when he update the boatman a day before of the event, the boatman increased the price for almost 50%. Garapal lang talaga kapag pera na ang usapan.

     We rode Superlines Transportaion directly to Paracale one of the main jump off going to Calaguas. Our itinerary got ruined because of the faulty aircon of the bus they need to wait the technician from Cubao and we stranded for almost 2 hours to their bus stop in Laguna. At 8:00AM we arrived in Paracale and waited Kuya Ernie our contact for our boat going to Calaguas. We bought food supplies in the market and kuya Ernie instructed the trike driver the right way and the trike he admitted to our group that the boat rental are not organized and too expensive they charge to their clients thanks to his sympathy to the other tourists especially those who have tight budget and they want to witness the beauty of the Islands.

     Fortunately that time the weather was good the waves of the sea not too rough because going to Calaguas already part of Pacific Ocean which means the waves are bigger and unpredictable. Just like what we experienced in Cagbalete Island the worst boat ride ever. 

     When we docked the island I can’t explain my emotions I was awestruck I thought what I’ve seen in the pictures is not true I’m doubting because maybe they fix in Photoshop hahaha because the waters is so clear, finest perfect white sand, no establishment and pure camping. As my mind said prefect for beach bumming and everyone was taking their own selfie shot as we landed in the Island. I’m pretty sure travelers who love natures will love this place because it offers different activities like beach bumming and hiking. I hope this Island will remain unspoiled not like the other popular beaches in the Philippines already commercialized and a lot of establishments built, the hiker as he mentioned to me way back year 2010-2011 as he said you can only count the number of visitors visited the island but as of now Calaguas already popular as beach destination in the Country.

     I felt sad because of disturbing music at the beach front, I heard also to other campers that there’s a mobile bar in Calaguas which means beach party happening in the island I’m not in favor with this, it doesn't mean I’m an antisocial, I also go to bar but I think there a specific place where you can set, but not in this place because not all who loves beach bumming want a beach party there other people want to unwind and feel the tranquility of the place and escape from congested area of the metropolis. Be responsible and don’t be selfish. To other tourists visiting Calaguas please don’t entertain this kind of activity in the Island and please don’t make it happen to Calaguas what happened to some other part of the beautiful islands of Philippines that they are now crowded, polluted and full of establishments.

     I seated at the shore waiting for the sunset and gazed for a moment, because I want to capture the perfect sunset because a lot of swimmers obstructing the view. I invited sir Albert and King my hiking buddies who also there in Calaguas joined the event of ma’am Tiger Lila, to hike and to capture the sunset at the hill, we hired a kid guide in the area unfortunately he doesn’t know our purpose why we hike going to the hill.

Kid guide
Hills in Calaguas

Perfect landscape

Mahabang Buhangin seen at the hill epic fail we didn't witness the sunset

     When we are the edge of the hill covered with high trees and cogon grass the kid said wala na po tayo makikita diyan I was dismayed. It was an epic fail. Our hike going down very hasty just to capture the sunset at the beach unfortunately the sun already hide.

Good morning Calaguas

     I woke up early and little bit dizzy because of hangover, after we cooked for our breakfast. I walked at the beachfront savoring the moment because in a few hours we will leave the island and back again to reality of life.

     The group decided to leave in the island before lunchtime and to have sidetrip in Bagasbas beach in Daet Camarines Norte also surfing destination here in Philippines, fortunately the group are invited by the Mayor of Daet to have a dinner with him.

"The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or too impatient. One should lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach--waiting for a gift from the sea." - Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Suggested itinerary

Day 0

2000H ETD Cubao Terminal

Day 1

0600H Arrival in Paracale, Breakfast
0700H Buy necessities (food, water and stuffs)
0800H ETD Paracale to Maculabo Island
0900H ETA Maculabo Island, Free time (optional)
1100H ETD Maculabo to Mahabang Buhangin
1200H ETA Mahabang Buhangin, Set-up Camp, Prepare Lunch
1300H Lunch
1400H Free time
1630H Preparation for dinner
1830H Dinner / Socials / Games
2200H Lights off

Day 2 

0700H Wake up call, Breakfast
0730H Free time
0930H Prepare Brunch, Pack up
1030H Brunch
1130H Wash up, Final Pack up
1300H ETD Tinaga Island to Paracale
1500H ETA Paracale, Wash up
1730H Get ride back to Manila or Early Dinner

How to get there:

  • Ride a Superlines Transport bus directly going to Paracale (Cubao terminal at the side of Victory Liner) estimate travel time 9-10hours. Estimate fare aircon bus 515.00. take note: much better you have reservation, for your convenience.
  • From Paracale bus stop you will ride a trike going to the port estimate fare 20.00 each. At the barangay of the port you will pay 20.00 each for registration (manifesto).
  • From the Port to Calaguas Islands(Mahabang Buhangin) estimate travel time is 1.5-2hours it depends how rough the sea.
  • Inform your boatman you will stay in LGU because it is cheaper in entrance fee 20.00 each.

Note: If you have a lot of time you can visit Daet Camarines Norte for you to experience surfing, paragliding and other activities in Bagasbas Beach. 1-1.5hours of time from Paracale to Bagasbas Beach. visit their site

Kuya Ernie
Contact Number: 09471109451
Capacity of his boat good for 15pax
Estimate boat rent roundtrip 7,000 - 7,500 negotiable
For smaller group ask him if they have boat exact to your group estimate boat rent 3,000.00


naks said...

Nice trip sir Mina..been hearing all the buzz about those mobile parties in calaguas..
Sana nga lang matigil or kahit papaano mabawasan man lang yung ingay..
May lugar para sa mga ganung aktibidad..

Angel Caronongan said...

gandaaaa... sayang di nyo nakita yong sunset sa Mahabang Buhangin.
sayang naman at hindi ako nakasama! san next trip?

Joy said...

Nakakatuwa naman, kasi I was born in Paracale, but I never been to that place:)
Such a nice place talaga, pero like you said, very dissappointing na nag build sila ng mga bar.
I remember when I was a child, walang ganyan mga beer houses.
But nong bumalik ako dyan just to see bayan na sinilangan ko ay puro beer houses na sa mga beaches:(

Renante Mina said...

sana nga sir dapat di yun tangkilikin sayang ang lugar baka matuld narin siya sa iba... ang ganda ng Claguas wala akong masabi pwede ko siyang ilgay sa top beach destination ko sa mga nabisita ko..

Renante Mina said...

oo sayang talga hahaha...bundok o beach ulit suggest nalang kau at iset natin yan ng maayos hehehe

Renante Mina said...

nakakalungkot naman yan ma'am sana nga di lang masira ang ganda ng camarines :) pero ang ganda talga ng calaguas

Arnie Monacillo said...

Andaming mga invitation dito pero di ko pa din nararating. Isang paraiso na dapat kong makita. Huhu. Hopefully summer next year.

Sir ganda ng mga shots mo!! Lalo na ung nasa taas ka ng hill, covering the entire stretch of beach sands. Deym..

Renante Mina said...

puntahan mo na sir pero dapat off season para lalo kang mamangha sa ganda ng calaguas ang ganda talga jan

Tal | ThePinayWanderer said...

wow, ganda! at ang ganda ng mga kuha mo manong unyol. anyway, kasama mo ako sa pag-hope na sana nga di masyadong maging commercialize ang lugar na ito, masarap pumunta sa isang beach na tahimik at mae-enjoy mo ang nature.

Renante Mina said...

salamat ma'am tama ka sana di to masira at magaya ito sa iba pero meron na siyang sign na mababago sa Calaguas ang mobile ban...

Marco said...

Sikat nga ang Calaguas...lagi ko itong siyang naririnig, but I never been there. Sana pag makapunta man ako doon hindi pa sya crowded.

Marco said...

Ganda nga dyan! Sana lang pag makapunta ako dyan hindi pa sya crowded. :)

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Anonymous said...

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Sobrang ganda!

Roger Puertollano said...

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