Tourist destinations in Sison Pangasinan - Elias Cave, Tawa-tawa Cave and Antong Falls
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     I received an invitation from BP Resty if I want to join him to explore his hometown in Sison Pangasinan and we’ll hike. I’m hesitant to join him because all I know in Pangasinan was plain and more on rice fields. He said he will scout the area if it is worth the visit. He went home to his hometown and he uploaded some pictures and gave the name of the waterfalls, I researched and gave the link to my hiking/climbing buddies that I also invite to his event, as they said just like an ordinary waterfalls because we’ve seen other waterfalls in other provinces that amazed us. Because of the world “exploration” I got interested and surely I’ll have this guilt feeling if said no to him because that was his first time to make an event and he always update me about the event and he prepared it for almost 2 weeks and for sure I’ll regret if I will pass his invitation. 

     My buddies and 2 other participants was also invited by Resty, we met at Victory Liner, Cubao and we leaved at the terminal exactly 4:00AM unfortunately we have only 4 vacant seats available we have no choice but to grab that opportunity and I sacrificed myself to sit at the aisle  because it would be much better to be early than to be late hahaha.
Our sample itinerary:
Sison Pangasinan

28-29 Saturday and Sunday
time: 8:00-9:00AM.

Day 1: Explore new mountain in Sison, Pangasinan
Day 2: Side trip to Antong falls, lunch and swimming.

Group picture with barangay Captain Richard

     At 8:00AM we arrived in Sison Pangasinan but because we have no idea to where our drop-off point was the conductor of the bus decided to drop our group in North Cement Corporation arch luckily that was the exact place of  meet up with sir Resty. 

     In our drop off point there was a carinderia and we took that opportunity to have our breakfast while waiting for sir Resty and decided bought some food for our pack lunch so we’ll not cook along the trail. When Sir Resty arrived in our meet up he already rented trikes that will bring us directly to Barangay Labayug drop off point going to Mt. Caraballo and to the caves. For less than 20 minutes of trike ride going to Barangay Labayug. When we’re at Barangay we were oriented by Barangay Captain Richard about our safety and we’re guided by Kuya Domeng. 

     At 10:00AM we start our hike, Kuya Domeng gave an idea, he said the trail is wide and also used by the cars; while we were walking on a slight steep part of the trail I felt sudden jolt of pain on my back and my knees and a lot of sweat was loss on my body because of almost 6 months without any major hike and I carry a heavy backpack that I never usually do.

Kuya Domeng

     We interviewed Kuya Domeng unfortunately we got minimal information to our destination and we are the first group he guided because there were no mountaineers who usually visit the place. The name of the mountain is Mt. Caraballo but we will not reach the main peak because he said it will take 7hours of hike. I was wondering if we will not reach the peak what would be our main destination is? Sir Resty said we will visit the 3 caves but the problem was we have no idea where to pitch our tents. Before 12:00PM we arrived in a dilapidated hut but no one of our group want to eat because we were full. According to our guide it would take an hour of hike to reach the caves from the hut.

Take 5

Tawa-tawa cave

     At 1:30PM we reached the caves, the first cave we visited was the Tawa-tawa cave it was quite small. Our guide narrated to us that they used the cave as hideout during the World War II by the Japanese soldiers because the locals in the area they found a lot of weapons inside the cave.

inside the Tawa-tawa cave

stalagmites and stalactites of Tawa-tawa cave

Other part of Tawa-tawa cave

     After we explored the Tawa-tawa cave, our guide said there’s another cave which was more stunning it was the Elias cave according to the locals they named Elias because that was the name of the person who discovered the cave. 

Entrance of Elias cave

     The hole of the cave which was too small it was just exactly for one person, Sir Ryan and I decided to wait them outside the cave, I’m so exhausted and starving. We waited for almost an hour and we were worried because we didn’t hear any noise from them and that time was drizzling. After they explored the Elias cave they said that it was very beautiful and still unspoiled because the stalagmites and stalactites have a crystals when the lights stroked the minerals. I felt envious and I regretted that I didn’t push myself to explore the Elias cave. 

White rocks

     At 3:00PM we took our late lunch and planned where to pitch tents. Finally the group decided to pitch our tents to the second hut. When we reached to the hut, Kuya Domeng went home because he have meeting to the barangay and he’ll back tomorrow morning.


     Thanks God the rain poured heavily and I decided to have a bath to refresh my body because my body’s too itchy because of the wild plants that we encountered along the trail. We took our early dinner and social at 7:30PM we finished because we have only one bottle of brandy bitin na bitin talaga,

Good morning Pangasinan

     Our wakeup call was 6:00AM because we will leave at 7:00AM luckily when were ready to leave kuya Domeng was already there at the hut and waiting for our group. 

Selfie with kuya Abi

Movie time

     Sir Resty and Kuya Domeng went back to the hut because they forgot the tarp, we waited at the gate for almost 30 minutes.

Crossing bamboo bridge going to barangay

     Some participants decided we’ll just wait them at the barangay office but my concern was I can’t remember the shortcut of the trail if we will follow the wide trail we were not sure how long it will takes. When we noticed establish trail going up, we tried our luck but that’s the not the right trail, fortunately there were locals in the area and thought us the right way going to barangay. Thankfully weren’t lost and we reached at the barangay safe and we waited sir Resty and kuya Domeng in the barangay. 

Group picture with the barangay tanod

     After a li’l rest of sir Resty and group had picture with the barangay police, the group decided we will have our sidetrip at the waterfalls. We went to Antong Falls in Barangay Inmalog I think 10-15minute ride in a trike, all the locals knew this place because  it is one of the local attraction in Sison Pangasinan.

Registered at barangay Inmalog

     At the barangay Inmalog we registered and we hiked for almost 30 minutes, we crossed a hanging bridge, a farm of vegetables and rice fields.

Hanging bridge going to Antong falls

Rest mode

     We had our photo ops at the signage I thought the first waterfall I saw was already the main highlight but sir Resty said marami pang maganda doon sa taas, my only reaction was WOW. 

First part of Antong Falls

 First part of our adventure going to registration area

     To reach the main registration we need to cross the small portion of the river, and the current of water was too strong and you will also need balance skills to step on the slippery stones, I’m so lucky I have my trekking pole a real big help for me. To reach the registration area it was so challenging, the locals said during rainy season they do not allow visitors because the current was too strong and very deep. Although I don’t have idea to the place I know this waterfalls is clean because I noticed the water irrigation was so clear going to the farms, no doubt the waters coming the Antong Falls was so clear. We paid 10.00 each and there are also rules and regulation in Antong Falls and they open at 8AM and they will close the waterfalls at 4PM.

River crossing

Mini waterfall at my back

     While they’re cooking for our lunch, we went down and look the small cave and have our photo ops but we didn’t expect sir Red tried to cross the other side and he looks like he’s drowning and we were in shock, we were watching him and forget to ask help to the locals, he can’t move to his place because the water coming from the waterfall was too rapid, thank you God he survived.

Other waterfall in Antong Falls

Other waterfall again in Antong Falls

     After our lunch sir Resty said we will visit the main highlight of Antong falls we will pass other 7 waterfalls. I brought again my trekking pole and wore my shoes, I thought we will hike in a trail but I was wrong.

clear waters of Limmingaling Falls

Limmingaling Falls

Going to our main destination

     We climbed boulders which I’m not expecting and some parts of the huge rocks were very slippery and you will need an assistance to grab you to go up. I thought going to the registration area of Antong falls was the most challenging but I was wrong because the water falling adventure so far was the most adventurous. 

Boulders in our background

     All the views are picturesque, the clear waters, the huge structures of rocks, the trees surrounded in the area, and the cascades of the waterfalls.

Finally we reached the majestic waterfalls of Antong

The hidden part of Antong falls, the amazing form of stalagmites and stalactites on her background

How to get there to Antong Falls:

  • If you are coming from the city of Manila, just board a bus bound for any of the following destinations: Laoag City, Baguio City, Vigan City, La Union, Candon City and Abra. You can find many of these bus stations in Cubao or Pasay City. These buses will pass through Sison, Pangasinan where the Antong Falls are located. estimate fare 300+.

  • You need to get off at the  of barangay Paldit. There’s a connecting road there that leads to the barangay of Labayug where the Northern Cement Corporation (NCC) is located. At the road intersection, hire a tricycle to take you to the barangay of Inmalog estimate fare 20.00 each. If you reach Inmalog, you can just ask from the locals there or inquire at the barangay hall as how you can get to the falls. source: fishprofessor

  • If you want to visit the caves(Tawa-tawa cave and Elias cave) of barangay Labayug  hire a trike directly going to barangay Labayug estimate fare 40.00 each.

  • You may contact the barangay Labayug, contact number 09267111595  and inform the barangay officials you need a guide and mention the name Kuya Domeng. Guide fee 400.00

Photo credits to Gilda and Red

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