Wawa Dam and Pamitinan adventure
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    My group created an event in Wawa dam in Rodriguez (formerly Montalban) Rizal because my group wanted a destination that is budget friendly and not far from Metro Manila, I already visited the place with my other buddies but we didn’t explore all the areas, only the dam, and I got an idea my first (visit the link Wawa Dam). When we talked with one of barangay staff in Montalban, Mr. Joni Delos Santos, he said that the place can offer caving, hiking and rock climbing. At first I’m hesitant to join with them for the reason that they don’t have an itinerary which means they don’t have specific place to visit. Sir Albert mentioned to our group page they will visit the waterfalls and the huge rock formation popular as rock climbing and rappelling in the area.

     Because of my 22days of being a Tambay mode in our house (Jobless) and no choice but to escape from the boring world in our house, I gave an idea to our group if we can visit the cave and the mountain, as they said they will check if swak pa rin sa target budget because we’ll need a guide.

     Our meet up is in Jollibee farmers near the stairs of MRT-Cubao Station because the FX terminal going to Montalban is in front of the fast-food chain and the fair is still 50.00 each and then we ride jeep directly to Wawa dam with a minimum fare.

     We arrived in the area at 9:00AM, our first activity rock climbing unfortunately we don’t have equipment. Sir Albert said we will try if we can do it without equipment. After we crossed the hanging bridge we asked the locals around the area where to find the huge rocks, where the adventurers do rock climbing and rappelling because you need to pass the village to reach the huge rocks.

Rock climbing

At the edge

Huwag tutularan naka shoulder bag hehehe peace Rada

     After our photo ops in the huge rocks we decided to visit the Barangay office to ask how much their guide fee going to the cave, fortunately all the participants agreed we’ll visit the cave but we need to take our lunch, and to visit the waterfalls across the river.

Man made waterfall

Crossing the bamboo bridge

Mahogany trail going to waterfalls

(c) Gilda

(c) Gilda

     After our lunch we hike less than 30 minutes to reach the waterfalls to be honest I’m li’l disappointed to the waterfalls because the color of the water was brownish and quite dirty. Less than an hour we stayed there, at 1:00PM we leaved the falls and back to barangay office and to decide if we will pursue our spelunking in Atiminan cave, one of the historical site in the Philippines, this cave was also used by Andres Bonifacio during the revolution.

Going back to barangay office

Pamitinan cave

     We haggled at the barangay about the guide fee with no specific amount, good thing they dealt with 400.00 for 2 guides, 50.00 each for rent of the helmet. At 3:00PM we started our hike at the side of the mountain, we left our bags at the barangay office unfortunately that time drizzled and trail was very slippery and the loose rocks also add to the challenge.

     When we were at the entrance of the cave I noticed a pipe going inside the cave which was distracting to the attention and to the natural view, and also the vandals that curves to the stone walls, a very disappointing that happened to the cave.

(c) Albert

     Going to the cave was quite challenging because of low ceiling. The guide also said that during rainy season they do not allow tourist to go inside because there are other parts of the cave that the water will rise and are very deep.

I'm thirsts (c) Albert

     At the last challenge inside cave they called it bulwagan because going up was very narrow, the other participants push through and what to see in bulwagan. Jc, Jerry and I decided to wait them and we were accompanied by one guide, after a few minutes 4 of us decided to wait them outside the cave because the area of the space is very small, it was suffocating inside and was too dark.

Group picture with tropang bangag (c) Rada Gallantes

      At 5:00PM the group finished the adventure, we were very thankful for the whole day we enjoyed the trip in cheapest way and we were all safe. At 5:00PM the group finished the adventure, we were very thankful for the whole day we enjoyed the trip in cheapest way and we were all safe.

Expenses to Pamitinan cave:
Helmet rent: 50.00
Guide fee: 400.00 (2 guides negotiable no fix rate)
Entrance to cave 5.00

For more info and stories about Wawa dam and Pamitian cave visit this link:

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