Cordillera Adventure 2014
Renante MinaFriday, August 8, 2014 3 comments

     I’m planning a Cordillera adventure for 4 days for this year 2014 and try to attempt again the Luzon 3-1-2 challenge, the three highest mountains in Luzon, (not in chronological order the Mt. Timbac estimated elevation 2,717 MASL, Mt. Pulag estimated elevation 2,922 MASL and Mt. Tabayoc estimated elevation 2,842 MASL). On my 4th day in God’s willing, I want to have my city tour and I’m planning to buy some clothes online for this trip and I found a great selection of cool Vans t-shirts and shoes at Zalora that can I use for my city tour.

Mt. Timbac

View in Kabayan Benguet

Akiki trail (Pine forest)

Mt. Pulag campsite

     One of the reasons why we didn’t finish the 3-1-2 challenge before was because of the bad weather that we encountered during our hike. In our estimation the temperature was ranging from 5-10degrees, almost zero visibility because of the thick fogs that covers the trail and the heavy rains that can cause flood on the trail and the cold wind that blows to our wet clothes that made us chill. Due to our lack of preparation and information, the team decided to abort the last mountain that should have completed our 3-1-2 challenge.

Supposedly this is our itinerary:
Day 0:
1100 ETD Manila to Baguio

Day 1: Mt. Timbak traverse to Mt. Pulag Akiki Jump off
0400 ETA Manila Participants
0630 ETD Ride Bus going to Km. 54 Timbak Jump off
1000 ETA Timbak Jump off
1100 ETA Mt. Timbak summit
1130 ETA Timbak mummy key keeper. Early lunch
1300 ETD Start Trek
1700 ETA Kabayan Central "secure tricycle" to Akiki Jump off
1730 ETA Akiki Jump Off
1800 ETA Akiki Ranger Station. dinner.
1900 Lights off prepare for day hike Akiki trail.

Day 2:Mt. Pulag via Akiki-Tawangan day hike
0000 Start trek from Akiki Ranger Station.
0600 ETA Mt. Pulag Summit
0700 ETD Summit to Tabayoc via Tawangan Trail (lunch along the trail)
1500 ETA Brgy. Tawangan
1700 ETA Lake Tabeyo Setup camp and register (Secure guide for Tabayoc, Dinner social)

Day 3:Mt. Tabayoc
0500 Wake up call and prepare breakfast
0800 Start trekking
1000 ETA Mt. Tabayoc summit
1030 Start descent
1145 Back at Lake Tabeyo


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Hi Mina pabili rin ng shirt sa Zalora!!! Hahaha! See you bro around!


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