Manong Unyol - SuiteImpact Photography Contest: Think Green
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Photo credit:

Photo credit: Gilda Tarlit

This photo was exhibited in Glorietta 4

     Social media photo sharing sites have made photography ubiquitous. Although many rely heavily on their smartphones to quickly and easily shoot and share, many of our colleagues choose to bring their DSLRs everywhere they go, looking for the perfect shot. Playing to this trend, our SuiteImpact Team teamed up with Haribon Foundation, a membership organization committed to nature conservation, and launched an employee photography contest. Nearly 40 employees participated, showcasing their beautiful work. To help prepare the participants for the competition, the SuiteImpact Team provided free basic and advanced photography classes.

     Of course, the SuiteImpact volunteer photographers did not fail to deliver inspiring and thought provoking photos promoting NetSuite and Haribon Foundations joint campaign on environmental awareness. A training room was turned into a photo gallery, where all submitted photographs were available for viewing for a full week. All employees were encouraged to view the photos and vote for the “Employees Choice Award,” a special award to be given to the photo with the most number of votes.

     After careful deliberation, the panel of judges, which consists of NetSuite Philippines and Haribon Foundation executives, chose the top three photos, with the 1st place win going to QA Engineer Gilda Tarit

     The winning photograph, which was aptly titled after the man in the photo “Manong Unyol,” shows a man cleaning up trash near a waterfall. Gilda snapped the photo while following Manong Unyol during one of his environment preservation missions.

     The winners were awarded a full-year membership with Haribon Foundation and will be the official endorser for NetSuite’s Adopt-a-Seedling pledges to the foundation worth Php10,000.

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Posted by Rhoda Navarro, Global Employee Engagement Specialist, NetSuite Philippines
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