Buntot Palos/Hiden Falls sidetrip to Panguil River Eco Park
Renante MinaThursday, October 16, 2014 3 comments

     My friend Gab asked me if it is advisable to hike by a first time hiker the Buntot Palos or most commonly known by the locals as Hidden Falls because he will invite his girlfriend, I said to him yes, although the trail is not so steep, but the problem is that the trail is very slippery and muddy when it is raining, just like the other trails like Mt. Marami, Mt. Batulao and other mountains, the same trail usually used by the horses.

     I went there last January 2014 with the renowned travel bloggers and other new friends and I’m confident because I already scaled the trail, and it is also advisable to a first time hiker who is physically fit and he can invite his girlfriend without any experience in hiking.

Registration area going to Buntot Palos/Hidden Falls

     We met at Starmall Crossing Edsa around 5AM and he brought his car, as I said to him I’m not familiar with the road going to Panguil Laguna, hahaha because doing commute is much better because you only inform to the driver where your destination is, sila na ang bahala hahaha. Fortunately our mobile phone has GPS (Global Positioning System) application, because we were not familiar with the road we don’t know when if we will take the left or right when there’s an intersection, because sometimes our map locator was not accurate, we used our instinct luckily we found the right way.

     At 7:00AM we arrived in barangay Balian, we registered and paid 20.00 each for registration fee, and the guide is mandatory because there are bad reputation in the area like theft incident, during my first visit in Buntot Palos/Hidden falls the locals’ advised us that we should be watchful with our things and be vigilant, because a week before there were victims again by the thieves, and by that the barangay required a guide, good thing is they have radio communication and you will feel more safer.

First part of the trail

With the locals

Water station

     As I saw again the waterfall, I was amazed and it is true that it is sweeter than second around because we were only group at that time, very peaceful and alluring to take a swim in a cold water of the waterfall. 

Infront of the huge waterfall

Barangay Natividad going to Panguil River Eco Park

     At 10:30AM we decided to leave early and to have sidetrip in Panguil River Eco Park, exactly 12:00PM we arrived in Eco Park in Barangay Natividad we paid 65.00 each for our entrance fee. There are many activities can do in Panguil River Eco Park like water tubing, swimming and trekking, but we decided to observe first if it is worth to try their activities and we were interested with water tubing unfortunately the river was not rough that time so we decided and cancel our water tubing activity, what we did was we walked around the park and to see the Ambon-Ambon falls unfortunately, you need to ride a bamboo raft to get there in the falls sad to say that we didn’t witness the magnificent Ambon Ambon Falls. 


Hanging bridge

For more information and inquiries about the Panguil River Eco Park contact
09153795866 / 09328684844 / 09157711502

How to get there by commute: via Tanay Rizal

1. At Chowking Edsa Central, ride a Jeepney bound for Tanay Rizal.
The drop off point is Tanay Market, Jeepney will stop at the Terminal. Estimate fare: 55.00 each

2. Ride another Jeep bound for Siniloan, Laguna.
The drop off point is Siniloan Public Market estimate fare 44.00 each, then ride a trike

3. From Siniloan Public Market, Ride a trike tell to the trike driver you will drop you in mountaineers registration in Buntot Palos estimate fare 20.00 each

Take note: Please hire a guide because there are thefts incident happened in that place not safe if you will hike without a guide. Guide fee 300.00 per group.

Watch our video here: Buntot Palos/Hidden Falls


Humberto Dib said...

Great blog.
Greetings from Argentina.

Elal Lasola said...

Sana makasama ako sa mga gala nyo po malapit sa Manila. Gusto ko rin puntahan falls like this na malapit lang :D

jekoy palaboy said...

ganda ng paguil river. nag water tubbing ba kayo?