Ace Water Spa and Paluto nga po sizzling at Quezon City
Renante MinaFriday, January 23, 2015 4 comments

     Perfect day, perfect timing for the invitation of Sir Albert to me, because of a very long vacation that I only stayed in our house. At 3PM we arrived in Ace Water Spa almost 4hours we enjoyed the 25 different massage system, 6 hot herbal pools and the sauna, unfortunately I don’t have a picture inside the building because it is prohibited to take picture. Eating time is allowed after swimming time only. 

Spa Service (4hours)

Promo rate                             Regular rate                                             Rentals
Adulsts 550.00*                     Adults   680.00               Men's Trunks 100.00        Towel    150.00
Kids      250.00*                      Kids       340.00              Swimsuit         200.00

Paluto nga po sizzling (Cashier area)

     And we felt starving after our water massage and sauna experience at Ace Water Spa in Quezon City  and Sir Albert mentioned to me that a lot of good restaurant along Banawe so we decided to visit the area and we opted to eat at “Paluto nga po sizzling”, my first impression was just like a video bar operates only at night time and I saw a lot a case of beer, and in the area and I felt cramped because of the space, fortunately the food they served to me was scrumptious and affordable for only 80.00 with rice.

     Has a wide array of food items to choose from, ask for the menu album. Tasty food, 24/7 Variety of food choices and big servings.

Sweet and sour pusit

Vegetable pusit

Branches to serve you at 24hours
Banawe (serve with liqour)
#873 Banawe Ave Quezon City  (Corner Del Monte Ave, beside Causeway)
Tel.. 261-4719

#1040 Asuncion St. Tondo Manila
Tel. 241-3995

Plaza Morga (serve with liqour)
#1245 juan Nolasco St. Tondo Manila
Tel.. 245-9424

#1538 Velasquez St. Tondo Manila
Tel. 261-4713

#1336-38 Maceda St. Sampaloc Manila
between M. Clara & laon Laan St.
Tel. 261-4718


Joy said...

nakakagutom mga foods:)

Marco said...

Never been there yet! Kainggit! Sarap ba?

Renante Mina said...

oo nga eh namiss ko ulit kumain doon :)

Renante Mina said...

sakto lang din pang masa :)