Mt. Pulag Akiki trail - Bob Marley to Infinity!
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     In a world of adventure, aside from running, wall climbing, rappelling, (eating and drinking in between, hehe) mountain hiking is one of those things that I got addicted to since I became single. LOL. What’s with this venture? None whatsoever in particular. All I need is some time alone, fresh air to gasp, escape far away from the metro and above all, I want to be with nature!

     Just to hear the terms “sea of clouds, hanging bridge, pine trees, killer trail, layering and fogs”, I am more than excited to conquer the third highest peak in the Philippines-Mount Pulag in Benguet, I really consider this as first on my bucket list this year and yes, it was last February 20-22, 2015 when I had my “me time” and sniff into my addiction again!

Day 1 – The Tough Me! (02/20/2015)

     Done with the registration, securing guide, stretching/warm-up, prayers and preparation of food for our early lunch, gears, heavy bags-and all. We started trekking on steep trail of Akiki around 10:30am in February 20. The first hour was damn hot literally that I had to catch my breath since I don’t have enough training prior to this climb. I need to tap my shoulder and say that “I can do this”! We had our lunch when at Eddet River.

     We rest-refresh-recharge for a while and continued the trekking around 1pm at “killer trail” as what they call it. Pucha! We have to have “Take-Five-Every-Five-Steps” because the trail is getting “steep-ierrr?” I’m thinking of Bob Marley’s words of wisdom and song the whole time to help me keep going and think positive. It’s almost 4pm, its getting colder yet we are still at the middle of the trail. I’m tired and wanted to cry but not showing it, though my Buddy noticed it. He let me rest while eating chocolates as our sugar rush. He crack jokes, share thoughts, realization and experience from our previous climbs which got me motivated and say “I will never give up for my dream climb”! It’s almost 6pm when we reach our camp site at Marlboro. As we pitch our tent, my Buddy enlighten the group when he said that this is his only climb he felt brokenhearted. Not because of a certain woman but for the steep trail and a never ending trail. Haha. Thank God for the strength!

Day 2- My Infinity Friends at Infinity Trail (02/21/2015)

     I felt revived after a long night. We never had the chance to have our socials because of the rain. The atmosphere is amazingly beautiful because of the fogs all over. Everyone is preparing breakfast having our winter jacket and bonnets on. 

     We share our experience from the previous day and all realized that we’re 8 in a group which means endless. Everyone made fun on “infinity” and crack jokes that we’ll be heading to infinity trail! Haha! After breakfast, we break camp and continued our day through the mossy forest by 10am. We had our quick lunch at Helipad and carry on trekking.

     This time, the trail is not that steep and it felt much colder because of the moss all over the trees. I may be felt tired but I am lucky enough to see, feel and experience every formation in that woodlands. Comparing from the previous day? I am much ready to get up, stand up and will never give up what I had started! Naks!

     The golden-brown scenic view of Grassland is near approaching. Of course, I won’t let this chance without a picture! We pitched our tent at Saddle campsite, prepared our dinner and thank God we had 30-minute socials. Rain gently falls, again… early good night!

“You’ll never know how strong you are…until being strong is the only choice you have”. – Bob Marley.

Day 3-This is it Summit! (02/22/2015)

     Wake Up call is 4am. Kape pa more! The fogs is too cold to handle that I need to wear my 2 winter jackets on same as the stars brilliantly shining above us that are too many to see. Amazing! We started to ascend and in less than an hour, we are already at the summit. As if we are all waiting for the film to be played in a theater and don’t want to miss any scene. At around 6:20am, the star of all stars has arrived. The term “sea of clouds” and sunrise is right before my eyes now, surreal! I still asked myself, am I really here at Benguet at this very hour? Breathtaking!

     And yes, yours truly was able to conquer this first highest peak of Luzon Mt. Pulag via Akiki-Ambangeg trail. Thank God for all the strength, I AM LUCKY to be with these infinity friends. I am fortunate for a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience His masterpiece and am still willing to go back trekking the same trail hopefully with the person who loves adventure and outdoor trips like me… someone maintaining this blog. <3

A mountaineer by heart…
As we head back to our camp site, break camp and took Ambangeg trail back to Baguio
 I had too many stories and pictures to share but only had one wish when I’m looking at the stars above us. That is – hope EVERYONE is responsible enough how to take care of our dear Mother Nature for the next generation. Thanks,

Guest Writer: MaryangLaagan <3

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