SULOng SULU: A school-year-ender collection drive for used school supplies for SULU
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     My good friend Ian Limbonis is asking for support for his project so instead of binning your used pencils and pen to trash, think of the kids who'd be happy to use those spare lead and ink.  Read his writeup about his outreach project in Sulu and visit also the other links. - Manong Unyol

As I go along in my trips, i realized travelling is not just a leisure; Although, yes, it starts that way. The more you explore and seek, the more of this earth that you see.. Pollution, Poverty, Violence, etc.- not always a great beach, falls, river, mountain, etc.

Thus, as someone given the opportunity to travel and see the remotest unheard of places, and as a human who is capable, it is but a struggle with guilt and conscience, to not act or do something.

Meantime, along with a Youth Group, KBS, in Sulu, We are working on rebuilding aschool in Brgy Tanduh Dagmay, Patikul, Sulu. We will be raising funds to finance the construction of seats, boards, doors, ceilings of the classrooms. It will be a co-created project in that we will involve parents in the community during the actual renovation.

Beyond the renovation, with the limited livelihood and the jacked up prices of goods in this secluded area, students don't have resources such as pens, pencils, pads, amongst others.

I remember, back in school, at the end of the school year, we wouldn't even bother about those pens, pencils, crayons we used. They would be left hanging somewhere until they eventually get in the garbage bin. It has been customary to buy new pens, notebooks, crayons, watercolours, rulers, bags, for the new school year.

For this, we’d like to coordinate with various invidividuals, and groups, especially student organizations  in gathering USED pens, pencils, crayons, erasers, pencil cases, bags, water colors, sharpeners, and other school supplies at the end of the school year (last day of classes).

Either that we request each class at the last hours of classes on the last day, or possibly, put up a drop box where students can leave their scrap school supplies.

Why used? Why not… so long as they write, so long as they can color, then they can be used; We would rather use the funds for rebuilding the school, or paying for the salaries of additional qualified teachers and volunteers. Besides, in the essence of recycling and climate change, we’d like to maximize our resources.

How You Can Help?

1. Share and spread the article on your social network. Be part of the news.
2. If you know anyone working in a school, or is part of an organization, please refer the site and our contact details. We will love to talk to them about receiving any used school supply.
3.In case it is not feasible to donate your used school supplies, tell your classmates, brothers and sisters that the used ones still work and can be used for the next school year. If you buy new ones instead, you increase the demand, as well as the prices :-) and the more that these people can't buy theirs.

For questions and any other means of help, please contact:

Ian Limbonis
fb: ian limbonis
viber: +63918 662 5987
skype: jibmaxatnewroad
mobile: +63949 977 5837

Nash U. Abdulhadi
Chair, Kusug Batu Sug
mobile: +63917 971 6659


c/o Weng Bulaon
Neptune Celphone Accessories
3rd Floor, Caloocan Central Mall (a.k.a. North Mall; LRT Monumento Station northbound)
0925 755 5055


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