Dampalit Falls - Los Baños Laguna
Renante MinaTuesday, July 14, 2015 1 comments

     I was invited by my partner(MaryangLaagan) in their team building in Los Baños Laguna and she mentioned to me that they will visit Dampalit falls, I was excited to witness, because all I know about Los Baños is known for hot spring resorts.

One of the landmarks

     One of the reason why I’m interested to this waterfall because it is said that the name Dampalit was mentioned by Jose Rizal in his journal when he visited the Niagara Falls. Rizal also said that the Dampalit Falls were more mysterious and charming even though it’s much smaller than the Niagara Falls. And now I’m searching what journal of Rizal mentioned this waterfall and he compare it to the other famous waterfall outside the country.

     Saturday morning I met her and her team in their office after their shift, at 5AM we rode a bus in Cubao going to Sta. Cruz Laguna. For less than 2hours we arrived in Laguna, sorry I forgot the exact name of the place where we bought for our food, past 10AM when we arrived in Miramonte Village in Pansol Calamba Laguna where they rent a resort. After we fixed everything for that day and took our lunch everyone was excited to witness the waterfall. From Miramonte Village to Dampalit Jump-off it’s only 15minute of jeepney ride.

Paved trail

     Along the trail there are community staying nearby that you asked for help in case you feel you are lost in the area and you can’t find the right way going to Dampalit falls.

Dampalit waterfall

     How far the Dampalit falls from the main jump-off, for only 30 minutes of hike but it depends on your pacing and don’t worry for those who are not a fan of adventures the trail is paved, and not too steep not like other waterfalls that I visited before because lot of challenges that need to hike for 2 or more hours in a muddy and steeply trails before you witness the majestic and alluring waterfalls. 

     The environment that surrounds the Dampalit Falls is quite refreshing which makes the place ideal for picnics it has a shallow catch basin, and good for non-swimmer but don’t expect too much.

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How to get there from Cubao

Ride a bus going to Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Tell the driver to drop you off near Camp Eldridge. Get off the bus in front of Lalakay Elementary School, just opposite Camp Eldrige. From there you can walk to Dampalit Falls, I think more or less 30 minutes of hike it depends on your pacing. 

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Tal | ThePinayWanderer said...

ang liit ng falls, hehe. familiar lang din ako sa mga hot springs ng los baños pero matagal na yun mga outing na yun, orient buko pie na lang pinupuntahan ko ngayon dun hehe.