Isaw Haus - Ortigas Avenue Extension, Taytay, Rizal
Renante MinaThursday, August 13, 2015 1 comments

     I have a friend who invited me two years ago to have "food trip" in one of the popular resto in Taytay yet I can't barely recall the restaurant's name. My wife to be once mentioned this good restaurant somewhere also in Taytay because of its affordability and tasty food they served to the customers. It's almost lunch time when we get there with her family after our traditional massage  "hilot" at Binangonan Rizal.

Kubo(hut) minimum of 5pax

     The "Isaw Haus" sounds familiar to me when she's describing their famous cuisine "isaw" (chicken intestine). The picture got clearer and confirmed when I saw the place - it's the same resto we used to eat with my friends two years ago!

     Fortunately that time, the place was not crowded and there’s a parking space available. Instead of sitting in a common table set-up, we chose the kubo type that can accomodate 5 to 10 persons. It's not only the food that I enjoyed but it's also the bonding time with her family while eating those mouthwatering food. I felt so happy, although they’re not complete (she has a big happy family with seven siblings), still, I am blessed to experience one of my first - spending time with her and most specially to my future in-laws. Sipsip ba? Haha.

I'm with her Family

     We ordered their budget group meal cost 614.00 good for 4-5pax that includes pancit, binagoongang fried rice, fried chicken, sisig and iced tea plus solo additional order of kare-kare. Yum! We waited for more than 30-minutes, their service was a bit slow yet I considered the delay since it was raining. The kubo's was separated from the usual table set-up so it needs 2 waiters to serve the food; 1 serving the food while other 1 will assist to cover using umbrella due to the rain. Unfortunately, we didn’t try their famous isaw, we forgot to order their specialty and we're already overwhelmed with the food servings.

 Canton with Lechon Kawali

 Binagoongang fried rice

 Kare kare


     Surprisingly, the long wait was very reasonable--the food tastes good but just minus points for the slow service. Also, during peak season/sunny day would be no sufficient parking space for the motorists since the place is a resto and offers car wash beside it at the same time. Nevertheless, you'll go back because of their food.

How to get there:
At the left side of Robinson Galleria if you are facing the mall, ride a bus going to SM Taytay and tell the konduktor to you'll get off at Isaw Haus. It's at right side if you are from Robinson Ortigas. If the konduktor/driver is not familiar with that restaurant this is the coordinates 14°34'49"N 121°7'59"E, try to use your google map, the place is located at the boundary of Taytay and Cainta Rizal, Ortigas Avenue Extension along the highway.

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