Camp Sandugo wall climbing at Market Market Taguig City
Renante MinaMonday, September 28, 2015 5 comments

     Five months ago was the time when we visited the ROX, an outdoor boutique in Taguig. She saw a little kid do a wall climbing, she was amazed while watching that little kid, I felt that she wanted to try. After we leave the area she mentioned to me that wall climbing is one of her bucketlist and said that she want to try that soon and asked me to promise her that it will be my treat. Hmmm, demanding na partner, hehehe joke lang.

      Our monthsary is already near, I want to surprise her and I've been thinking long what’s the best activity we can do aside from travel and hiking. Fortunately, she mentioned again about wall climbing so I got an idea to surprise her with that kind of activity. Perfect for rainy season, indoor activity--safe and also extreme!

     I deceived her that we will jog in BGC Taguig and so she wore her jogging outfit, honestly I don’t have any idea if there’s oval or park for runners in BGC, hahaha. When we arrived in Market Market Taguig we went inside the mall and she said ano gagawin natin dito, I didn’t answered her, she was clueless while walking inside, all she knew we will jog around BGC. I already knew Sandugo Camp offers indoor wall climbing in Market Market and it is one of the highest indoor wall climbing in Metro.

     We were in front of the big wall, she was surprised and again she was amazed while watching the climbers. At the counter we registered and we chose single climb for only 50.00 with belayer, the responsibility of belayer should keep the rope locked off in the belay device whenever the climber is not moving. As the climber moves on the climb, the belayer must make sure that the climber has the right amount of rope by paying out or pulling in excess rope. If the climber falls, he free-falls the distance of the slack or unprotected rope before the friction applied by the belayer starts to slow their descent, so that a falling climber does not fall very far.

     When my partner started to climb, I walked unsteadily and I felt nervous because this is our first time to try wall climbing, for less than 10 minutes of climbing she reached the top.

     She’s very fast! Great job! After her, it’s my turn, my hands were so cold and my knees were shaking. First part of the wall is easy because it has bigger rocks to hold on, 

     But when you reach the middle of the wall, it is more challenging because it is hard to fit your hands and foot because of smaller rocks as you go higher. I almost gave up, I’m already tired, my hands were numbed and it’s hard to move up to lift my body every time I step upward.

     I rested for a moment and motivate myself, if my partner can do it, I can do it ofcourse! I will finish the challenge as much I can and finally I reached the end of the wall and I felt so happy after that. I climbed technical mountain with rope segment but this experienced is different. I’m so proud of my partner, we both made it and it’s a bliss for me because I was able to crossed out one her bucketlist. Haha!

How to get there to Market Market
Option 1. From EDSA, ride a bus southbound to Baclaran or Ayala or take an MRT and get off at Ayala and look for the jeepney terminal (under MRT station) and ride those bound for Market Market (this might be hard to spot these days, though).

Option 2. From EDSA, ride a bus southbound to Baclaran or Ayala or take an MRT and get off at Ayala and look for the bus terminal of TheFort buses (at the gate of Forbes across Shell Station) bound for Fort Bonifacio. These are air-conditioned buses that go around Fort Bonifacio, ask to be dropped off Market Market.

Option 3. From EDSA, ride a bus southbound to Baclaran or Ayala or take an MRT and get off at Guadalupe. There are jeepneys in Guadalupe that are bound for AFP Housing and Fort Bonifacio Gate 3. You can ride either of the two, both of those routes passes by The Fort/Serendra. If your destination is by 3rd/5th Avenue, ride AFP Housing; if it's on the other side of the The Fort/Serendra (meaning along McKinley Parkway), ride Gate 3. In any case, both jeepney routes passes by the Market Market.

Option 4. From the C5 area, ride an FX or jeepney going to Kalayaan Avenue and go down at the intersection of Kalayaan and C5. There are jeepneys bound for Market Market from that corner.

Camp Sandugo Climbing Wall Rates
Unlimited Climb - Inclusive of harness and chalk box
Adult                                                Php 140.00
Child - 13 years old and below    Php 110.00
Child - with instructor                   Php 310.00
Adult - with instructor                   Php 340.00

SINGLE CLIMB                                Php 50.00

Operating hours:
Monday to Friday 12Noon to 9:00PM
Saturday and Sunday 12Noon to 9:00PM

Camp Sandugo:
5th floor of Market Market near the cinemas and timezone.


yccos said...

This is one of my fave spots at market market!! Every climb would cost three days of body pains, but its good pain. We also tried the one in BGC kaso mej mahal. Dunno if its still pa. :)

naks said...

wow...nagpunta pala kayo dito sir...
malapit lang ako sa market...staff house lang...
btw, nice job getting one of your GF's bucketlist crossed out...sweet...hehehe

Renante Mina said...

tama ka :) talgang ang hirap sumakit din katawan ko di ko maiangat yung mga kamay ko after

Renante Mina said...

yes sir mura po kc siya at masaya na nakakatakot din lalo na sa first time :)

Aiyu said...

Air-conditioned ba yung place?