Golden Mosque in Quiapo Manila
Renante MinaMonday, October 19, 2015 2 comments

     Unexpected walking tour, with tropang bangag organized by Weng of biyaheng Jologs and JC of JekoyExpress, I’ve been in Quiapo for many times but this is my first time to visit the Golden Mosque a place of worship for followers of Islam. 

     Masjid al-Dahab (or The Golden Mosque; Filipino: Moskeng Ginto) is situated in the predominantly Muslim section of the Quiapo district in Manila, Philippines, and is considered the largest mosque in Metro Manila.

     The Golden Mosque acquired its name for its gold-painted dome as well as for its location in Globo de Oro Street. Under the supervision of former Philippine First Lady Imelda Marcos, construction began on August 4, 1976 for the visit of Libya's President Muammar al-Gaddafi, although his visit was cancelled. It now serves many in Manila's Muslim community, and is especially full during Jumuah prayers on a Friday. The mosque can accommodate up to 10,000 worshippers.

     The mosque incorporates a mixture of foreign and local influences. Its dome and erstwhile minaret are patterned after Middle Eastern structures whereas its geometric designs borrow much from the colors and variations of ethnic Maranao, Maguindanao, and Tausug art. The curved lines are based on the serpent motifs in Maranao art. The mosque also exhibits stained glass panels by artist Antonio Dumlao.

     According to the mosque administrators, the minaret was torn down due to problems in structural integrity at the time of former Mayor Lito Atienza. There are already plans to rebuild the minaret as donations from all over the world are pouring in to reach the target of 12 million Philippine Pesos.

     At the main gate of the Golden Mosque we standby and chitchat with the owner of store and we asked her if they will allow us to get inside the Mosque as she said YES important is the proper outfit and of course a big respect to others faith.

The owner of the store lent a hijab to our friends (a veil that covers the head and chest).

Halal food

     Exactly 12PM when we left at the Golden Mosque and we were hunting good restaurant offering Halal Food fortunately we found it. 

Wash your hand before you eat :)

Please don't disturb me 

     To be honest this was our first time to try Halal food except Weng and JC because Mindanao one of their favorite destination they already visited Basilan, Cotabato, Davao, Lanao Maguindanao, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi, Zamboanga, Cotabato, Dapitan, Dipolog, General Santos, and Pagadian they have a lot of wonderful and dreadful experienced in exploring the Philippines and they're also aiming to visit the 81 provinces before they reach the retirement age. One of the highlight  is using your bare hand in eating food, because In Muslim tradition, they practice eating with their bare hands.

     Muslims generally observe modest dress, but the variety of styles and colors have various names depending on the country.

Photo credit: JC Sabio & Racky Bernardo


naks said...

me and my wife frequented the place before we got married in search of DVDs, PS2 games and 2nd hand digital items...swerte mo pag nakakuha ka ng maganda-gandang item...

anyway, considering my wife is a Muslim, we haven't check the golden mosque...sayang

thumbs up sa mga adventures mo/n'yo sir renan...

Renante Mina said...

salamat sir :)