Tambobong Beach Dasol Pangasinan sidetrip to Snake island, Ship wreck, Cabacungan cave and Simimbahan
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We live on a beautiful island why still ruin - Yogy Prayoga

     The heat is on! Summer is near approaching, tan lines is so in... and when we say summer, beach mode activate! 

     A perfect place to spend vacation at the unspoiled beach of Dasol Pangasinan, here's my story and how my trip started in Dasol Pangasinan. Tambobong beach in Dasol Pangasinan is one of the place I always wanted to visit after my Cabongaoan beach trip in Burgos Pangasinan 3 years ago. I’m a big fan of exploring a not so touristy beach plus a very challenging ride that complements my kind of adventure.

     My partner and her friends' "panata" is to visit Patar beach in Bolinao, Pangasinan every summer. When I heard about that from her, I asked her to invite her friends not to go with their usual panata but we'll explore the other part of Pangasinan, the Tambobong beach. This destination is not so popular which means less tourist not like Patar beach that gets crowded during peak season. We invited our friends who loves going to the beach but sad to say only 2 of them confirmed to our DIY mini event.

     We had no itinerary or back-up plans and where to go if the rain heavily pours for the entire weekend. We only bring our tents and hammock, and reserved 1 open cottage at R. Paradise Resort. The most affordable place to stay. It's your home away from home. Naks! :-)

Tambobong Beach

    R Paradise Resort cottage

     We consumed more than 5-hours travel going to Alaminos Pangasinan. Then we waited another bus for almost 20-minutes going to Sta Cruz that will pass the Burgos Market, so kind of us for the extra patience. Hehe.  Then from Burgos Market, there are tricycles for rent going to Tambobong beach minimum of 3 pax for 300.00php, the road condition going to Tambobong beach is 70% paved road and 30% rough road.

     So I expected a dusty and bumpy ride but there’s another way going to Tambobong, the Dasol road which is more convenient for those who have car but not advisable for a tricycle filled of passengers because the road is steep according to our trike driver.

     Past 8AM when we arrived in R. Paradise Resort Tambobong beach, James warmly welcomed our group, a trusted crew of Madam Vivian (ehem, single yan, hehe), he told us that she will be back before lunch and just went to her other business in Alaminos. Importante kami? Haha. In front of the resort are their 3 cottages, good for barkada and family for picnic.

 New found friends

     After we set our backpacks inside the cottage and checked the vicinities of the resort, we decided to walk along the stretch of the shore and ofcourse started our photo op and selfies. Hehe. The ocean is so calm, and the weather is nice, believe it or not the sea shore is so naturally clean, no plastic bags or dump of garbage at all. The long stretch of a light brownish color sand adds the exquisiteness of Tambobong beach.

            My beautiful partner, ehem.

Walking around the shore

Talisay tree


     The Empi light for our socials, the gust of the wind coming from the sea and the serene view in front of us had completed our day, great place to unwind. This is another perfect amazing view for all of us.

  With the whole crew of R. Paradise Resort

Chitchat with the owner of the resort Madam Vivian

     We met Madam Vivian, the owner of the resort, she is so approachable and very open to her personal life, hahaha, you want to know about it? Meet her at the resort and you'll find out. Hehe. All the staff of R. Paradise are accommodating to their guests, plus much cheaper rental of cottages and no hidden charges. This resort is highly recommended for those backpackers like us but ofcourse expect change of rentals during peak season, they have a/c rooms too, though some area are under renovation due to road widening.

    My youngest sister, Star.

#ILoveMyCountry #Philippines

Our room for the night not a 5 star but with the Billion Star

     After our inuman session before dusk, instead of renting a room, we set-up our tent, and thankfully Madam Vivian allowed us to pitch our tent at the shore. Kampay to that because we saved money but with limited privacy, Oops! No green minded, haha... its because of barking dogs, crowing roosters and mosquito bites outside the tent, this is all part of the adventure. At 9:00PM we decided to sleep early for the preparation of our island tour the next day. Our call time is 8:00AM and we need to wake up early to cook our food for breakfast and lunch.

Colibra/Snake Island

     When I stepped out from the tent next day, the morning breeze adds to my excitement, yet a little bit nervous while looking at the sea because “I will face again my fear”, sea sickness is always a big challenge for me. Around 8:00AM our boatman Kuya Edgar informed us that the boat is ready for our tour, still, I’m a bit hesitant to ride because I felt the strong gust of the wind and the sky is kinda cloudy. But I need to conquer my fear and I noticed that the water is calm and everyone is excited except me, KJ naman kapag panira trip, hahaha.

     Our first destination was at Snake Island or Colibra Island, according to our boatman, they called it Snake island because that time when the island is not commercialized for tourist destination the sea snakes is visible in the area, sea snakes slowly disappeared then since their habitat is already disturb. Now, locals rarely witness snake in the island.

Pak na pak

Cast away

Cabacungan Cave

     Our second destination was Cabacungan Cave, we hike for 10-15 minutes just to reach the cave. We get through in the small cave, had our photo op then went out. Be extra careful because the splash of waves inside the cave is a bit mad and powerful.


Breathtaking view

Hiking on the hill going to the cave

Cabacungan Cave

Fresh catch fish, fish hunter at the back using spear gun

Ship wreck

     Our third destination was the Ship wreck, the boatman said that the ship was owned by the Taiwanese that carries a huge kilos of Shabu in 2002, if he recalls it correctly, and intentionally ditched the ship.



Challenging part of the cave to witness the simimbahan

Huge structure of rocks

Tarzan boy

     And the last of our destination was the Simimbahan, they called that as simimbahan because the huge structure of the rocks looks like the fa├žade of the church. If you want to go there to closely see the structure, please wear a sandals or slippers because the rocks are sharp and be aware of the ceiling that can cause head injury.

     The most challenging part of this adventure was when the boat machine suddenly stopped and we got stuck in the middle of the sea. I was in panic mode, we call the caretaker of the resort for a rescue, thank God there's signal but they are not answering the phone. I even used my whistle but ofcourse no boat is near us so its still useless. Fortunately after 20 minutes of waiting, floating and being blown by the wind in the sea, we saw small motorized boat, we literally waving our hands, I even used my colorful dry bag so that they can see us! Luckily he stopped, willingly helped us and pulled our boat unto the mainland.

     I may sound over reacting, the people around me are just calmed not me. Again, I am at the middle of my fear, I conquered it once again and thank God, You answered our prayer. I've been to Calaguas, Cagbalete, Alibijaban and even experienced riding a lot in a boat but my fear is the still the same, lakas lang ng loob at walang makakapigil sakin, haha. I always thank God for guiding me in my adventures. Lesson learned for this trip, have a contact person in the mainland and bring your emergency kit.

How to get to Tambobong Beach best way by Commuting:
  • Ride a Five Star Bus in Cubao going to Alaminos Pangasinan estimate fare is 390+.
  • From Alaminos Pangasinan Victory Liner terminal, ride a Victory Liner going to Sta Cruz inform the driver/conductor to drop you off in Burgos Market.
  • At the Burgos Market hire a trike going to Tambobong the fee is negotiable but the regular fee is 300.00 good for 3 persons.
Bus fare from Cubao to Alaminos  - Five Star (Aircon) 393.00
Bus fare from Alaminos to Burgos Market - Victory Liner (Ordinary) 30.00
Trike rent - 300.00 good for 3pax (oneway)
Cottage - 600.00 overnight
Boat rent - 800.00
Life vest - 50.00 each
Dock fee Colibra island/Snake island- 100.00

R Paradise Resort
For more inquiries please call
Ms. Vivian:
Contact Number 09954583537

Trike Driver
I recommend kuya Sevillano he is nice and honest to his passengers
Contact Number: 09081382232

Mr. Edgar
Contact Number: 09205406131


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Wow. Incredible!

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wow! this is a good summer itinerary :) thanks for posting :) u have great pictures there! :)

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From Alaminos Pangasinan take a ride and drop off to Public Market, Dasol, Pangasinan and hire a trike to Tambobong beach. There is a new concrete road going to the beach. If you have your own transport take the road from baranggay Bobonot turn right around 6 kms from Burgos Pangasinan just past the Dasol Community Hospital. Enjoy your holidays

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Wooooow! Thank you next stop... Virgin beach naman! Just want to share my experience in Cagayan just bought a house incagayan de oro house and lot it was a great experiencein Cagayan!